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Costco Stores’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


999 Lake Drive

Issaquah, WA 98027 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-313-8100

Corporate Fax Number: 1-425-313-8103

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Corporate Stock Symbol: COST

Costco is a famous for their big-box wearhouse retail stores. Costco offers general merchandise for the home, clothing for men, women and children, along with grocery items. Costco is one of the premier retailers in the US.

Costco’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-220-6000. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

costco corporate office headquarters hq

  • Please do not cancel "My Pillow". I love Costco and Mike Lindell. Have been Costco customer since it was Price Club (Sol Price started company) in San Diego. Mike Lindell is good American.
    Thank you.

  • A much deserved Compliment to Vicki B and Kim S in the OPTICAL Dept. at COSTCO in Irvine CA. As a result of they're Outstanding Customer Service and knowledge of Their Department, I will Use COSTCO OPT from now on. OUTSTANDING Customer Service, Great prices for current Technology and products makes this Costco my #1 choice. Thanks to VICKI B and KIM S. They should be acknowledged for being Top Level ASSETS to Costco. THANKS a Bunch, Sincerely, Martin C. Invoice date 9/7/2018 #01904150 2019

  • I am a huge fan of Costco for many years. For couple years bought Kirkland Artichokes in Water, until you stopped selling this and changed to putting product in oil, so stopped buying. Couple months ago I found Del Destino brand artichokes in water and bought. Opened and love them. However, noticed after week in fridge, there was a white milky substance on artichokes, in water and sides of jar. Since they tasted ok, wasn't concerned. However, after this last jar, I would like to know if this is safe and what substance is. I contacted Costco on Facebook with my concerns AND WAS TOLD TO CONTACT MANUFACTURER MYSELF. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WORSE, WHAT IF SUBSTANCE IS NOT HEALTHY?

  • Shame on Costco again raising it's membership fees. Alas, a multi-billion $ company (78.18B) whose stock value increased from $151.01/share on 12/6/26 to $177.98 on 3/2/17. Shameful greed and a slap in the face to its customers who've made it so wealthy!

    ALSO, it appears Cosco really doesn't want comments since the Captcha process does not work clearly and easily for us. Simply keeps providing new words

  • We heard from an employee in Maplewood MN that Costco is "looking for land" in the Eau Claire WI area. Is this true? If so, by when? If not, WHY NOT?!!

  • Costco in Mission Valley off Friar's road in San Diego has recently moved all of its produce to the far right of the store where the alcohol used to be. The store has now moved all the alcohol prominently in the center of the food department. There it all sits with all of its bright, sparkly enticing bottles under your store lights… rows upon rolls of alcohol… it is truly a massive and large display. Healthy food pushed to the wall, alcohol placed front and center. Thank you for your conscientious attention to the effect you have upon children, adolescents, and college students. Alcohol over healthy food… really? Is that the message you want to send to impressionable young people? The message I get loud and clear is that Costco promotes sales over ethical and responsible store marketing. Sell your alcohol, but do it with wisdom and responsible consumerism.

  • I purchased eye glasses from Costco approximately two years ago in Green Bay, Wi and the lens of the glasses are peeling. I have had glasses for over 40 years and NEVER have I experienced anything like this. After contacting both the Optometry dept. and administrative dept. both said that this is common. I know don't ever buy glasses from Costco.

  • Who had the bright idea of eliminating the American Express Card for purchases. I am fully aware that Costco was advertising the use of Visa but no statement stating the Amex will not be accepted. You are a major business why would you not accept all major credit cards?

  • The COSTCO ANYWHERE VISA (CARD BY CITI) seems to be untrustworthy. They constantly refer to the word Eligible purchases and the Costco Cash Rewards Program Terms stinks also with all the Certain Non-Qualifying Purchases.
    We as consumers will never know exactly whether some of our purchases qualify and for what percentage. Absolutely No Good.

  • Your new Citi Bank Business Card does not have travel insurance included. But the regular Citi Bank Costco card does give travel insurance. Does not make sense to me. But if you have a business, you better use the regular card to have the travel insurance.

  • So far, totally UNIMPRESSED with Citi = had a problem setting up payment, was dinged $$ for returned payment due to issue with their web site & rep (who was very good) couldn't get fee removed. Takes too long for charges and payments to post, website is very slow to access.

  • This conversion to Citi is an unmitigated disaster. Citi does not know what they are doing; long waits to speak to someone; credit cards that don't work and they don't really know when the replacement cards will be sent or received; system going down and being asked to call back after several hours and after waiting extended period of time to speak to a representative to get one who again does not know what is going on … called Costco Customer Service and was told the deactivated account was active and then maybe I should just get a different Visa card …. and I have been working on getting this addressed since Monday … and I still don't really know what is going on … so why should I be a Costco Customer?

  • Do you plan on opening another Retail Costco in the South Orlando or perhaps the Kissimmee Fl area? The two Costcos that are left in this area are now an extra hour to get to.


    FROM: CAPT MIKE F MCKENNA, J COSTCO # 111764311152


    DATE: JUNE 14, 2016






  • Are you planning to put another store in Surrey, BC? I hope so because parking is horrendous and so are the lineups to pay for purchases. I don't have a membership there for those reasons. Who wants to have to wait for someone to leave, to be able to park?? Crazy! Burnaby has 2 and one of them isn't busy. Surrey is larger (& busier from what I've heard) and yet has only one. Something wrong with that.

  • Costco is sending out email for us to get a quote from Ameriprise for auto insurance. I have done that and am thinking of switching to them for my auto& home owners insurance. But read some many reviews on line advising people to not use them and many bad experiences.

    I trust Costco to check out any companies that you recommend to us and have used your recommendations in the past. Can you tell me anything about Ameriprise that prompted you to pass them along to us customers? Would like to switch to them as it would save me lots of money.


    A Costco customer

  • My wife and I stopped at Costco to do some shopping. I told my wife to go ahead, because I was talking to a co-worker who needed help with a company problem. While I was communicating with my co-worker I noticed a young lady sitting in a car a short distance away. My conversation took quite a while. The young lady hadn't moved once. After I finished my phone call, I approached the young lady's car and asked if she was O.K., was everything O.K. She replied that she was doing lot security and was suppose to call for assistance if she noticed any illegal or problematic actions. I thought of my daughter being put in such a position and told myself I must make Costco aware of the foolishness of their actions. I approached the young lady to see if she was O.K. I could have been a molester, robber, murderer or any other sick S.O.B. Can you imagine the legal problems you would face from the parents of a daughter who was put in such a high risk situation. Spend a few dollars and put trained men, or women, who know how to protect themselves or hire a security firm to monitor your lots. I'm sure you've heard of the phrase "penny wise, pound foolish. Protect your workers and your assets, get young untrained people, especially females out of dangerous situations.
    A Costco customer

  • I'm ABSOLUTELY disgusted and just plain upset. I've been buying frozen Ajinomoto brand Japanese style noodles for my family for awhile now from Costco. Five minutes ago I'm recycling the box which contains six individual servings ONLY to see it's made in China!!?? I feel betrayed and poisoned! Food of ANY TYPE, spices included are inexcusable. I travel to and from Beijing 4 times a year staying for nearly three weeks at a time in business. ANYBODY who says their food is ok to purchase is just flat wrong. I personally oversee factory setups in both food and plastics (sometimes only feet apart btw) and the conditions, chemicals, preservatives, water ect ect even in the "good" centers are changed immediately after the powers that be hop on the plane again. Costco, I'm a capitalist, too big business and understand business as a whole. This is inexcusable, whoever ok'd this and I'm sure other deals in the food based sector should just be thrown in jail. Needless to say my family's done shopping there and I truly hope you strongly reconsider your dealings. There's no reason at all to ruin a great reputation. Easy come, easy go in this business of retail.

  • You folks have a pretty darn good deal on your pizzas, and they are tasty and you have top quality stuff on them. It comes across and we (your customers) are appreciative of that. HOWEVER… I have one major complaint but first, I need to ask a question: Why do you hand out business cards with photos of your pizza on them and the stores telephone number for ordering a pizza ONLY to have the customer HAVE to stand out there and WAIT IN THAT LONG LINE to PICK UP THEIR PIZZA? What is the POINT to having a "Pick-up window" if the CUSTOMER has to stand in that LONG line to GET IT? The WHOLE IDEA of CALLING IN to order a pizza for PICK UP is so that the customer does NOT HAVE to wait in that long line! Don't ya think? The way you have it NOW it is nothing short of INSANITY! It makes NO SENSE AT ALL! It SHOULD be: The customer calls, orders their pizza, they come by later and walk up to the "PICK UP WINDOW,” PAY (RIGHT THERE AT THAT "SAME" WINDOW) and then walk to their vehicle and take that pizza HOME with them. SIMPLE AS THAT! THAT is how it SHOULD work. The "customer" should NOT have to come there expecting to get their pie and be told by some dimwit on the other side of the counter that they "Have to go get in line!" THAT is ABSURD and you NEED to CHANGE that RIGHT AWAY!

  • why do you guys focus so much attention on a persons appearance when they come through the doors for an interview, a persons body language and those scenario questions when the most important things are how hard of a worker is this person, is this person going to be on time for work everyday or is this person going to show up for work everyday?!?!?! you can get some smooth talking person who is unreliable but you hire them because they can answer your scenario questions to your liking or you don't hire a real hard worker that is reliable because he was fidgety or did not answer your scenario questions to your liking why do you do it this way?? this is why alot of people can not find work!!!

    • The above complaint is one of the dumbest comments I have ever seen.
      Does he think hiring is based only on the person's appearance?
      Does he not think the person's appearance isimportant?
      Perhaps he is the type that would be ok with being served by a slob.
      Most customers would not!

  • I just called Sandy, Utah concerning a product which I can not fine at my local Costco. I shop at the Kapolie costco in Hawaii. Yes, I just called almost a costco store almost 3,000 a way concerning a product. I do have family living in Mesquite, Nevada (shop at St George, Utah) and Salt Lake city.
    Currently I am living with my daughter her husband and children. My brother called to tell me he found my Lucky Black liquorice at the Sandy store. I called them to see if it was true and they said they only get it as a seasonal product. I have never seen it at either of the costcos I shop at, on the west side of Ohau. Is there any way we can receive it here? The product number is 234083. If not could I be informed when it will be sold again in Utah. I have family who will pick it up and keep it until I travel to visit with them again. At my age (67) I find I need this for medicinal purposes. You will understand when you reach my age. Thank you Barbara Fassio

  • To the Corporate officers,
    Maryville, Ill.Is offering incentives to business that would be interested in coming there to develop their town. The surrounding towns are saturated with Sam's, Walmart, Home depot, Lowes, all the leading grocery stores and restaurants. The majority of the population is upper income and were resistant to the idea of over development .Since there is no Costco within 50 min of any of the neighboring towns,Your store would be a good fit on so many levels. Re; revenue, jobs, square feet. it would take up providing the maximum to all the above. There was a City Council meeting about 1 month ago on the subject. And it was decided then they would offer incentives to the right Company. So I wanted to bring it to your attention because we do not have a Costco around here. But throw a rock and you will hit a Sam's (NOT my first choice) Thank You for you attention Cynthia Seamen

  • Because the world is starting to ban glyphosate (component of Roundup), have you considered stopping the sale of Roundup in your stores? I know politically you might have concerns but the global market is banning, and there are many studies now showing the harm to people and the environment.

  • I have been buying my RX eye glasses at Costco now for at least 10 years. I still have 4 old pairs at home. The last pair I bought along with my husbands went bad after like 6-8 months. The anti reflective coating failed on both glasses. We did not notice it until it was a year and they would not re-do our glasses. I have 4 old pairs with the same coating from Costco and they did not do that. They are all still intact and I am pissed. I will not go back to Costco for glasses anymore. My husband has since gone to a Dr. here in town. I will need to do it myself. BEWARE of the glasses you get at Costco. They are not the same as usual and do not hold up. I am very disappointed.

  • Costco Lake Elsinore, CA has stopped carrying regular vitamin water and regular Snapple and Arizona ice tea as well. They only carry diet. Diet is not good for you. Every time I shop there, their is something else they discontinue. I will be taking my money to Sam's Club.

  • Thank you Adrian from Customer services at Costco Headquarters for resolving my issue so promptly regarding our Samsung TV and thank you to the amazing management of the Oxnard store for expediting the process. There is an happy ending after all after having waited so long for this problem to be resolved. The final result is that we bought another TV from Costco, more expensive and you ended up with a very happy, relieved customer who practically lives at Costco . Thank you Costco for not disappointing us.

  • I think there should be a "Boycott" of Costco,until those 2 managers are fired. Larry Resnikoff and Glenn Johnson have created an atmosphere of hostility,frustration,and outright cruelty that is NOT permitted in most successful companies.I just retired after 30 years in a major worldwide company that does not tolerate this behavior in the workplace because of its effect on morale and productivity.My company always had classes on DIVERSITY that were required for all employees.
    I believe this matter at this Costco should be scrutinized very closely from upper management that hopefully understands how this situation could get out of hand,and the consequences thereof, the bottom line being loss of money.

    Costco worker says management mocked his Tourette’s
    New management at a Long Island Costco was so cruel to a longtime employee with Tourette’s syndrome that he had to be hospitalized over the incessant taunting, according to a new lawsuit. Christoph…

    • AMEN. I will be boycotting and encourage all my friends and family to join and share. My grandson has Tourette's and has difficulty being in public. People like these 2 idiots only reinforce that fear. They should be ashamed.

    • Donna Williams, while you may be a great advocate for your grandson w Tourettes, you "idiot" remark reveals insensitivity to people w intellectual developmental problems.

  • I would like to see Belgian trufles made in Belgium and not Canada.
    Also is it possible to import Duc D'Or truffles in the large box.
    Many Belgian families livin g around the detroit area.
    Mt ET

  • The prices are not that great. They limit your method of payment and leave it up to you to bag/box etc. We all know this. BUT-did you know how much they contribute to liberal/progressive programs to enable them to take from those who work and buy votes for power disguised as charity? I'm on this site solely to get the address to mail my shredded membership cards. Take a hike Coctco.

  • How is it that when 1037 FC supervisor is out on sick leave the store can bring employees from other stores in taking away regular employees hours and letting employees from other stores get shift preference when myself a 10year employee from 1037 can't get the 9-5:30 shift
    This seems very unethical to me and I speak for all the others from the food court who feel the same

  • Costco Management:
    On July 5 we went shopping at your Coeur D’Alene Idaho store. We had a great deal of difficulty in finding many of the items which eventually made up our $700+ purchase. We were continually looking for staff members for directions to the new locations of products which we have been purchasing, as Costco members, for the past 26 years. We normally appreciate the many good and fairly priced products offered for sale. Our main attraction to Costco is that for the past 26 years we have been able to go to any Costco store and easily find those items we were shopping for. All stores change product lines and individual items from time to time but Costco has generally had the same product zone layout. During the time that we have had our membership we also ran several small businesses and have spent many tens of thousands of dollars at Costco stores.
    We shopped at WalMart and occasionally Sam’s Club as well. The WalMart “White Hats” decided to start rearranging their stores as though it was an ongoing game of musical chairs and also decided to fill their otherwise adequate aisles with massive traffic stopping displays. We called the company and were told, that although they had received thousands of similar calls, that they, the white hats knew best and the decision to continue to rearrange merchandise and block aisles would continue. One of the stupidest marketing moves since “new Coke”. I am no longer a WalMart customer.
    We truly have enjoyed shopping at Costco BUT if your white hats want to continue to re-invent stupid you will lose customers. Your very polite store staff said nothing about our frustration but the look on their faces told us that their feelings about finding items mirrored ours. We have absolutely no desire to play Costco’s new game of musical chair stupidity or dodge aisle displays in order to continue shopping there.
    Adding this pointless confusion and frustration to the recent decision and backtracking on Dinesh D’Souza’s book is really making us consider our continued support of Costco.
    Your North Idaho store is a great place and has some wonderful people but this does not overcome the very disagreeable shopping experience which we had there.
    Please, put things back where we can find them, stop playing such public politics and allow us, your means of support, to continue to enjoy our Costco shopping. We would hate to leave but . . .

  • I found out about this yesterday after Costco reversed their decision on D'Souza's book. I shredded my Costco card anyway. Why would I EVER want to set foot in the Linwood Costco in Kansas City, Missouri again now that I know who they really are??? It's amazing how the left preaches tolerance YET, AMAZINGLY, THEY ARE ONLY TOLERANT OF THOSE WITH WHOM THEY AGREE!!!! The store will have to get along without my dollars!!

  • How to ruin what people were rooked into thinking is a great company by getting political, removing D'Souza's book. Shame on you. There's nothing the American people hate more than political Hollywood and political companies.
    Count me out of your business forever. Everyone I know will hear about this. Word of mouth is very powerful.
    Even if you put it back on the shelves, it's too late. We know what kind of a monsters you and your cronies are.

  • I spend a good amount of money on a weekly basis at your establishment in Brandon, Florida. But you can kiss that revenue good-bye. When a publicly traded corporation decides to practice censorship because of one directors opinion then it's time to move on to a different store. I will continue to make known to all of my friends what is happening with the removal of D'Souza's book. Thank you Jim Sinegal for promoting communism in this country. If you don't like a book Mr. Sinegal then don't read it, but don't decide what I read.
    Thank goodness we are a nation of choice and I have Sam's club and BJ's as alternatives to your socialist store.

  • so your company decides not to carry a book being critical of barrack obama. i guess your company must have your head so far up barracks ass that you keep anti obama books out of your store. well thank you because now you are keeping me out of your store. socialism at its finest. how is socialism working for you costco. oh by the way i bet you are carrying hillarys book which is full of lives. i thought you liberals were tolerant but only if people kiss your ass

    • Precisely why I stopped shopping there when they replied to my stance on not renewing my card after reading the money donations by large corporations to the political parties.

  • Costco has a business model that runs itself. The warehouse I worked in had an alcoholic, BOB KYLE supervising foods. Kyle got fired from the grocery store as a manager for drinking on the job and he fell into Costco. Bob later got promoted to Eastern Regional Marketing Manager and if he is alive is probably due for a liver transplant. Being on the road traveling he can now drink all he wants while on the job. Like I said the business runs itself. ED PELLITIER was our party all night Merchandising Manager. He would brag that he had not slept in two days and often stated during business hours that he wanted to to go to Desert Storm so he could kill someone. His wife was the warehouse pharmacist and if Ed was not a coke addict was certainly being pumped with stimulants provided by his wife to keep him going during the day. The Membership Manager who was fired for stealing money, also cheated several of his own people by not paying them for the hours they worked. The Warehouse Manager, DAVE BRUNNER, was a fired Price-Club warehouse manager and was later relieved of this Costco warehouse. He now manages a warehouse out in California, but I don’t know how he puled that off. The Receiving Manager was a hot head and quite capable of potentially clearing the place with automatic gun fire. The assistant warehouse manager TOM DALEY couldn’t even stay out of trouble but passed it off onto Kyle. The both of them were in the car going down the road drunk with Tom at the wheel. When they were pulled over Kyle took the DWI for him and spent the next few weekends doing time. We all knew what was going on and the managers were covering for Kyle keeping it quiet that he was in the weekend lock-up. When you are in jail and suppose to be at work at Costco you automatically loose your job and a double standard had to be established. At the top of this scrap heap was a Harvard educated senior vice-president whose first name was Richard was charged with insider trading after selling his Costco shares when he knew the stock was about to tank before the general public knew. A northeastern liberal who thought he was entitled. He graduated in the top 10% of his class, and never learned anything. Yelling and general discord was the order of any work day with management believing that when you place people under stress and pressure you get more work out of them. They also quit before the company has to pay the higher hourly rate and preserving a larger bonus for managers for keeping payroll low. Brookfield, Connecticut warehouse 1992. Yea, Costco is a great company unless you have worked there.

  • Costco's new avocados from Brazil are not good. They are stringy with fibers running through them. They were also brown inside as though they were refrigerated too long before getting to their store. I asked an avocado grower once why some had the fiber strings in them and they said because the trees are not taken care of properly. I am extremely familiar with avocados as I eat them daily. I understand the many varieties as well as qualities and these new Brazilian avocados are not good. Unfortunately, Costco is not buying them from California anymore. Isn't it sad that we can't even get US grown avocados anymore unless going to a farmer's market? Most stores carry the cheaper avocados now from countries that don't take care of their trees. I won't be buying Costco avocados anymore.

  • I just this morning submitted a job app. for my local Costco. Because I'm physically disabled (loss left leg to a
    un-insured DUID driver) I was hoping to get a part time job at Costco to supplement my SSID. When I went to speak to the manager of my local Costco to explain my position, needing to have a bar stool type chair available to occasionally sit down to ease some pain while STILL doing my job, I was told that Costco DOES NOT HIRE ANYONE that needs to sit down even occasionally as I need to. The Asst. Manger, named Russ then had the nerve to brag to me saying they actually have 2 deaf people working there.So I guess if you're physically disabled, Costco doesn't want to hire you. And to think I'm a dues paying member of a business that post by their front door that they are a EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. I guess you are, but not if you're disabled.

    • What they are doing to you may be illegal and with the employees that work there Costco frequently ignores labor laws. There is an Employee Agreement hand book, but it is almost always used against the employee by management, and not for the benefit of the employee.

  • I am appalled at the fiction tag put on God's Holy Word and the blatant "I don't care attitude" of the person it was reported to. I will not only never shop at Costco again, I fully intend to tell everyone I know about it and let everyone know I fully intend to boycott them.

  • Bowling Green KY is a rapidly growing city, around 100k people. with major universities, restaurants, corporations (i.e.: Corvette Plant, GM, Dixie,major Hospitals, etc), with large incomes: located between Nashville TN & Louisville KY on I-65. DESPERATE desire for a Costco to enter our city. We do hope you look into locating a Costco in our wonderful city – you will never regret this decision.

  • August, 14 2013
    My wife Sonia Palma, her Documents was stolen when she came out Golden Gym, her car glass was broken, police came to make a report,inmidiately everything was close, but some checks remain with the person who broke the vehicle, come to cosco, Giant and many other stores to make purchases some paid and some Not, Bank blocked. but still they had access to costco, to purchase merchandise, under my wife name, now there is a bill under my Sonia, name. please costco we need some help.she din't purchase anything….. is in your hand to resolve this problem. how we can get copy of the video, to see the camara, if I have to do it by the court to clear my name we will do it. but please don't Ignore this message i extremely important.please thanks.

    • Seems natural for an administrator to remove degrading comments. COSTCO answered a comment I made when they asked me to renew my expired card. It was during the 2012 elections. I found out how much money they donated to the political party I do not support and I made that a part of the reply on why I was no longer renewing my dues. they let me know that who they donated to was their business. I told them that it was my cash they were using. Haven't shopped there since 2012. Today I got a letter to join as an executive Member and get a $20.00 Costco Cash Card. KMA Costco. I will never shop your stores.
      Raymond Romero LV Nevada

  • It does not matter what my name is -THERE'S SERIOUS PROBLEM! COMPLAINT
    This is a serious problem and business owners and managers do not have time for this crap when dealing with their business or expense reports. I work for a company to where my District Manager is required to present an expense report every month. He oversee different states and we shop at Costco consistently and every time he lose a receipt I have to call to obtain it. What really irks me the most is, every time I need to retrieve a receipt I am asked for the membership number which is fine, but what we bought during that time of purchase is ridiculous and obscured. We buy everything at Costco and to ask a stupid question like that is unbecoming of this company in trying to obtain a receipt for business owners and non business owners to go though when they have spent thousands of dollars. I call the corporate office and left my name and as a matter of fact on the phone right now regarding this is and this is just as bad. The lady called me back and as I am explaining she cut me off and transferred me. I know I am not the only on going through this and I am getting sick of it every month. Just spoke with another young lady will not say there name but what happened to customer service, damage control of losing a customer or customers or problems solving to resolve these types of issues. Not happy with this company right now at all. We the community and businesses are the one that keeps this company running and in business. Listen to what your customers are saying or complaining about.

  • Today I received a Costco 30-Day Free Membership with "Strong Values" suggested, which we will not employ.
    Years ago, my wife and I were card carrying members. We were, and still are prevailing members of BJs Wholesale.
    The point why we are no longer card membership of Costco Wholesale, breaks down to one reason ( your shopping hours are very limited). Closing at 6:00PM is ludicrous! Most of the populace leaving work, dont' have a likelihood to shop. At leas your opposition BJ's Wholesale Club stays open up until 10:00PM.
    We always found the caliber, and expense of your products comparable with the other storehouses.
    To improve the volume of clinentele, I would urge extending your store hours, so we all have a chance to stock up. This way you should develop more profit, and happier patrons



  • I've just learned of a new smartphone app called "ShopKicks". This app lets you collect points at retailers registered with their service including Costco, Target, Walmart and many others.

    I began using it recently and find that there is no wireless connection in Costco stores on which this app will work. My 3G and 4G signals do not connect in any of their warehouses. Additionally, they do not have WiFi available in their buildings for customers as many other retailers provide.

    ShopKicks is used to get customers into a store while collecting points for entering and scanning product UPC codes inside the store. This is a win/win for the retailer as well as the customer. The app worked fine in Target and Walmart today but NOT Costco.

    My wife and I were doing our monthly shopping and would have purchased more if we would have been able to scan the products we normally wouldn't purchase for the points we were collecting. These items were like a 40oz box of Wheat Thins Original as well as Quicken 2013.

    It was obvious that other customers had tried scanning products in the store as well because other items that could have been scanned were left on shelves with the UPC code pointing toward the isle.

    Setting up an open, shared WiFi access point isn't difficult and costs very little but could produce additional revenue for Costco warehouses as more and more iPhone, Android phones begin using this app to collect points to earn rewards from their scanning and shopping at ShopKicks retailers.

    I hope corporate reads this comment and implements my suggestions. Thanks. We love Costco and will still shop there but won't be spending additional money on items we would otherwise not buy as we would if we could scan them for our app points.

  • Lady in front of me at register check out was trying to pay for her items, and the man cashier, took her check and said let me see your driver's lic., she showed it to him and he yelled as loud as he could, need a check approval, screaming to top of his lungs. The elderly lady who was shaking, Parkinsons I think, was embarrassed the cashier kept yelling out, check approval. He told her to stand aside, while he waited for manager, and all her items still laying on the counter, wanted me to check out. I wouldn't do it. I told him you haven't let her finish and I could not get my purse on the counter to pay anyway. The cashier got mad. I was not going to let the cashier shove a little old lady out of the way trying to pay for her merchandise. Rude, disrespectful, ugly cashiers at Costco. They done me almost the same way. Won't even let you put your money in your purse before there pushing you out of the way, to get to the next person in line. Greedy nasty.

  • Went shopping at Costco couple days ago and needed to go to the ladies room, and a cashier yelled at me, you can't take that cart with you, so loud everyone in the store stopped and looked like I had stolen something. And the girl that was standing cashier said the same thing. I needed to buggy to lean on and I only had a 35 pound bag of dogfood in the cart. That would be pretty hard to put in my purse. I was shocked and embarrassed how rude and ugly the two were. I told them to call the manager, and they never did. As a matter of fact I never could find a manager when asking for one. They treat their customers like crap.

  • Our Executive Gold Star Membership Annual Renewal Notice just came in the mail. We have been members for years, and will NO LONGER, because of the radical co-founder Jim Sinegal support of the most radical president in the history of America. I call for everyone that believes in our great country to drop their membership ASAP. Since he believes in the Socalist party, and I believe in the free party, thus I'm free from Costco how about you!!!!!

  • Can Someone at COSTCO please explain why COSTCO stopped selling item number 164803 (Arcan Professional-Quality Aluminum Floor Jack — 3-Ton). Many people are looking for this item on-line and wondering why COSTCO stopped selling it. I have requested this item several times from the branch managers in Lewisville, TX. They said many people had asked for this item, but it does not show in the warehouse, so they cannot place an order for this item. There are many items COSTCO bring only one time or twice and then stop selling them. For instance: "Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT" is one of the items that COSTCO stopped bringing. When we approached the manager and ask for this item, he said it wasn't selling good, so COSTCO stopped stocking it. When for the first time we purchased a box of "Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT" in COSTCO a full pallet of this item was on the store floor. My children loved it after trying the "Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT". Few days later we went back to COSTCO to purchase more boxes of this item and they were sold out. So if this item wasn’t sold well why a whole pallet was sold out within less than 5 days? We love COSTCO. Their prices are great. I hope someone from COSTCO would read my comment and hopefully start selling the items again. You may googol the first item (Arcan Professional-Quality Aluminum Floor Jack — 3-Ton) and you will see how many people are saying they bought it from the COSTCO and it is a great jack. COSTCO has started bringing Arcan Professional 3.5 Tons Floor Jack, but it is not the Aluminum version of it which makes it very heavy.

  • Generally, I'm pleased with the items I'm able to purchase at our local Costco in Charleston, SC but in the last six months the quality of some of the produce being sold, particularly fruit (at full price too) is very disappointing. It is overripe or rotten, smells and has visible mold. Pretty disappointing from a company that prides itself on quality.

    I also wish they would sell more reduced and low sodium items for people with dietary restrictions.

  • I'm so upset that Costo does not post my comments, when I made an objective remark about them, and I was not critical. So, why does Costco only posts what it wants and not what the commentator writes? Now, I see why there are so many prejudice employees at Costco.

  • I am an executive member at Costco. I appreciate the opportunity of being a member and I also have car insurance through Costco. Generally, I am satisfied with the service; however, I have experienced multiple mistreatment by Costco employees, cashiers, photo dept., or even the parking help, and baggers at the cashier registers. Last week, I had a bagger ignoring to move other empty shopping carts to pay for my products; in the end, she appeared angry, and she grabbed an electronic box and a pastry, and she dropped it back on my cart after I Paid the cashier. I would not want any other person dropping my property, which I had already paid for, that appeared to be angry and taking out on a customer. I informed the supervisor, and I told him that I was sure that they had cameras and they could review it for credibility. And, on 11/26/12, a male cashier appeared upset and he would not answer my question, because he was so busy talking with the customer after my turn, and when I asked him again, he snapped at me, and he still would not answer my question about the coupons on three sale items, and I was ridiculed by him, and he was discussing with the other customer his version and I got pressure from that other customer in addition to the rude cashier. I asked cashier to call a supervisor, and while delaying and continuing to discuss with other customer, the manager approached the cashier, and I told him that I wanted to cancel what that cashier did and if I would pay to another cashier who would treat me with the respect that I gave Costo generally. The manager was very polite and he rang up every item, i.e., television, blood pressure monitor, Ensure, Medical Disposable Gloves, etc…almost $400.00 in one visit alone, but, I usually buy everthing at Costco, from food, supplies, gasoline, car insurance, etc…. So, how can Costco not counsel their employees after someone files a complaint, would puzzle me because we are the people who shop at their warehouse. So, furthermore, I recommend that Costco take more serious its customers and counsel its employees to leave their prejudice beliefs, their anger, and other personal problems outside of Costco Warehouse, because if some of their employees are experiencing those above excuses and they expect the customers to feel sorry for them, we are not sympathetic of cruelty behavior, since we are Americans first, and we are of different cultures people who have jobs, and we work hard, and we have our own personal problems, so we do not accept any type of ABUSE, DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, OR ENVY because we are not working rather, we are shopping, and Costco employees should be grateful that they have jobs, when there are many other people who do not have jobs and they deserve better, than employees who are at Costco for the wrong reasons complaining because they are at work, resenting the job.

  • We recd my 2% Costco rebate check and they noticed I downgraded our Mdshp from the Exec ($110.) level) to the $55., level – my reason is that now have to shop Sams Club to get the items Costco doesn't carry any longer. Hey, guess what? Wew save $ at Sams that outweighs any 2% from Costco.

    • Sams Club carries on the food side over 99 percent is just supersized Walmart stuff. Costco I think takes the approach of differentation but analyzing how much to serve the needs of a buyers allocated region and the price point of what the total costs would be to fulfill the wants of the customer. That is why you would find some larger items that are carried in the store for health conscious people and taking some business away from organic retailers like Whole Foods and specialty items from Jungle Jim type of retailers. If Costco does not carry it any longer it is probably because another "food" retailer is carrying it.

  • Is it true that Costco supports the Democratic Party across the board? Who do they think their customer base is? What other country can spawn such a business over decades, so why support the policies and the end-runs the are promoting the deterioration of this great country (yet another fallen hero . . . what a disgrace)

  • I have been a pro-Costco person in the area for a long time, but disappointed that I read you gave $225K's to one party..the Obama campaign..well, I guess for a while we will seek other places to shop..I know you think so what..a little drop in a bucket of water..
    I would think you would try to support both parties to some degree…your customers are not all Demo's or are they????


  • I have shopped at Costco numerous times and stood behind "Free-bees," who happen to be victims of unemployment who are also homeless. Before you start to lash out the less fortunate and at Costco with you "99% Democratic party supporter crap" #1. Your not the only one who shops at Costco. And
    #2. Costco doesn't need people that are going to threaten to stop shopping at Costco every-time things don't turn out "their" way! Hopefully your never in the "FREE-BEE" predicament.

  • My Letter to Costco

    To Whom it may concern,

    I have been a loyal Costco customer for several years now. I spend a considerable amount at Costco each month including business supplies and gadgets. Is it true what I am reading on the net that Costco has supported the Democratic party 99% of Costcos donations?

    I will research this further, I sure hope this is false information; if it is not it will be the last time that I EVER shop at Costco.
    Sams Club here I come……..
    I am also a very influential convincing person with many friends that shop at Costco, believe me when I tell you that it will be part of my life long campaign to take them with me. Don't you realize that the people that spend the most at your business are probably not the Liberals which encompasses SOOOOO many people on free-bee's. Good luck in the future!

    Richard Fusinski
    Cottonwood Arizona


  • This morning (8/25/12) I was out and about running errands before the storm hits (Issac) and decided that I would stop by my local Costco located at 7171 Cypress Lake Drive
    Fort Myers FL 33907-6521 (239) 415-3806 to fill up my car. As you can imagine the lines for gas were long but I didn't mind; I was just glad my husband wasn't with me because he doesn't have the patience to wait. Anyway, I was third in line and thought I had gotten there quick enough. I looked in my rear view mirro and saw the person behind me pointing to a vacant pump in the next lane that no one could get to, no one but me that is, because of the individual pumping gas was taking a while. I decided that OK maybe I should go around the person pumping gas to keep the lines moving quicker. To my surprise, the gas pump attendant came up to me in a tone of voice unbecoming a sales person and said, "you can do that and I'm can't allow you to pump gas!" I said excuse me and he said you heard "you cut in line and I'm going to allow you to pump gas!" I said, I didn't move because I want to beat anyone to the pump; I moved to keep the lines moving faster. Honestly, I am 59 years of age and in all of my life shopping (and I've done alot of shopping) I've never had any sales person be as rude as he was. I asked to speak to his supervisor, and that was even worse (LOL). Now, they are both yelling at me as if I were a 10 year old child. And of course, at this point, I'm yelling back. My husband loves Costco, and I think from now He'll be the only one from this family shopping there.
    I thought this might be an isolated incident because people tend to panic when they think doom (like a hurricane) is about to happen, but after reading other comments posted regarding Costcoc employees, I think Costco may need to rethink their customer service skills training. Unless of course, it is the corporations intentions to have employees that don't give a s#$& if customers return to shop at their stores!!!

  • If non members can buy prescriptions from Costco, you need to have it posted in plain sight (which you don't at all) that you do not accept checks. I have been a member for 17 yrs. and just let my membership laps due to the bad treatment at your Superior, Co store. Guess I'll move my prescriptions now because of this. When you make it difficult and inconvenient then it's time to say asta la vista and take my business somewhere else, Target and Walmart come to mind. I don't get this kind of treatment there. They absolutely treat people better on there worst day than you treat customers! When I was in retail customers meant cha Ching.

  • I am probably silly for making this comment but here go's.
    There is a company named "Medtech Products, Inc. Jackson, WY 83001 USA. They have made a product for many years that we use and like better that all the rest, in fact they make the only "good" ones we have ever found. The product is "ezo denture cushions". We do not know the story on why they are gone now but if I had the funds to buy this company and get them started again, I would! There are alot of older American's that used this product and really are very disappointed that they are gone now. It is the old story, "If it is good, it usally goes away". Hoping Costco will take a look at this and see if it is possible to save this company.We love Costco. Just got a great vaccuum there.Most of all we love our country and are so sad to see company's going under. Thank you

  • Living in Penna. Lehigh Valley area, I was traveling to N.J., Del. and Philadelphia to shop at Costco.
    I just left my membership expire because traveling in this economy had to be considered.
    I love Costco and if any possibility of a Costco would be coming to the Lehigh Valley in Penna., I know it would be a positive plus for everyone.
    Thank you
    Brenda Corell

  • Greg Clouthier
    Two products I wish Costco could place in their stores. Stevia, and Truvia. Dieabetic could really use these product to cut down on carbohydrates as well as anyone else.

    Thank you

    Member since 1986

  • I hve been trying to find good quality of french beans in Costco and I noticed that they have a brand called Alpine, The beans are allways brown and the bags with water inside of them. I live in California and Im desappointed of this product. Costco shuld look into other suppliers. I hope this company can supply better product for thanks giving or I wont be to happy about it. every time I have a complaint I cant speak with anyone in that company. What about that for customer service?

  • America The Beautiful, I was at Costco. ( ) I had seen Four Employees walking through the parking lot. All Four are taking turns turning over one cart just to empty the trash into the Brand new,"Eco-Friendly" plant life in the brand new Auto Mall Row Fremont,California. I looked around and noticed they dumped all the trash in every cart through-out the whole lot. litter every foot and a half of the whole lot, the wind was blowinng , Litter is blowing every where. They would look at the cart then decided who will over turn it into the "Eco-Friendly" plant life . one cart at a time . Right then I knew Costco in Auto Mall , Fremont, California. is not getting my money. , If you are bored and wish to show your " 4th of July " thankfulness to Our homeland, go to Costco and watch the America the Beautiful show every night closing time… Great show , Company Trained , a Must see . Please Don't Litter , Keep America Beautiful …

  • While it may make us feel good to write here, HOW DO WE KNOW THAT COSTCO READS ANY OF THIS? Has anyone gotten any feedback as a result of posting here?

  • I shop at the Burlington, Wa Costco and find the staff great, but when I'm looking for something I can't find floor staff.
    Wish Costco would carry more healthy foods, suger free, low salt. How about a Health food section. I travel the world and we are the fattest people with the poorest diet.
    Your roasted chickens used to be great, but recently so salty. I asked if you could get ones that were not seasoned. No reply

    Thank you for reading my input and hope you would take into consideration my comments. Pat from Oak Harbor, Wa

  • for your human resources department.
    I have been to your west valley Utah store I would like to say almost all of your employees were very friend and helpful but I'm sad to say you have a real problem in your bakery department and i was told her name was Chantalle an assistant manager in that department. I ordered a cake and was told it wasn't ready, the morning employee apologized and pointed out she was having to clean and sanitized the kitchen before she could make anything as the night crew left a mess a young male employee told me about the work ethics of this Ass. manager and he further told me other sad things that the other employees must endure I took this information to a manager up front I'm not sure I was taken seriously, now as a consumer but I pay for your store membership and It was only one cake but I wonder how many more cake orders will go unfilled i had to go to Safeway for our cake…they were prompt and did it fast…while i watched…I sure hope somebody looks into this problem but I'm pretty sure it will get swept under the rug

  • On or about April 10, 2012 I went shopping at your Lacey, Washington Costco. After an hour of shopping and loading my groceries at the check out, the employee informed me I was late with my annual payment. I informed the clerk that I didn't have the $110 at that time. I was told that I was "technically not a member and he could not ring up my food."

    I have been with Costco for 20 years and never has this happened before; neither have I been late with my payment, nor have I ever been told I was not a member. I went to customer service where I explained how long I had been with them and could they please give me a pass just this once; I was told that they could not.

    My income has changed, as has many American's. I am a victim of the layoffs and have only part time work at this time. I was shopping with food stamps which I now receive because I have lost over half of my income. I was so ashamed and humiliated when I was told I wasn't a member, after 20 years of being a member, nothing could be done to help my family get our needed groceries. I don't understand why Costco wouldn't be more understanding in today's economy and for a long-time customer.

  • Scrambled around to see if the Kirkland dry dog food I purchased was part of the national pet food recall in 39 states (so far). Diamond pet foods has a web page that lists the affected Diamond and Kirkland dog food products (which are among many others) and, thankfully, the bag I purchased wasn't among those contaminated with salmonella.

    From what I've read, it's inexcusable and completely unacceptable to me that the same S.C. plant was involved in this second round of contamination. Contamination occurred at this same plant before, apparently. And now it's happened again.

    I expect Costco to maintain high standards for quality control, health and safety. As such, I expect the relationship with this plant to be abandoned.

  • I shopped at the Costco In Perimeter ( GA ). I applaud Costco for stocking more organize product. Please do consider stocking nitrate free deli meat e.g Applegate farm product. It order to get nitrate free deli meat, I will need to get it in Whole foods. Since you do carry nitrate free sausages, please consider stocking up nitrate free deli meat. The dame customer that buys nitrate free sausages will also be buying nitrate free deli meat for their family. Thank you. I love the service both at Costco Perimeter and Costco Brookhaven!

  • I went to Costco today and bought a camera for my daughter. As I was waiting in line, a women with a hand-held scanner came up and asked me for my card and then scanned the camera. She left without saying anything like why she needed to do this. I assumed it was some promotion for their Executive Card but she just looked at me and left. When i was walking out of the store, the person who reviews the items and receipt asked me who the camera was for and then after looking at the receipt said "Are you kidding me?" then commented about how i could have bought a flat-screen TV for that money. While I enjoy good-natured bantering, I felt that this was out-of-line. I suggest customer service training at the San Leandro, CA store!

  • I called the corporate office to get a copy of my year end statement so I can make sure I had all my reciepts for my taxes and they refuse to give it to me because I'm not the IRS.

    I have news for them, the IRS is not doing my taxes.

    I can view the last two years of transactions on Dell, Amazon, my bank, my credit card, all other websites that I order from – except for Costco. They are hiding something and I think whatever they're doing may be fraudulent so I'm going to research and contact the local news and if I have to an attorney.

  • I'm so upset with costco in Fremont Ca. On December 17, 2011 I went to Costco to do my shopping. You see every 3 to 4 months I go shopping for my household. At these times I normally spend anywhere from $500.00 to $650.00 every 3 to 4 months. I will spend at least $350.00 to $400.00 at Costco, then will go around the block to Walmart and spend about $200.00 to $250.00. This way I do not have to shop until the next 3 to 4 months. Yes I will have to go to Safeway to get like bread, milk, eggs etc… but for the most parts, my household is set and my cabinets and closets are full and I don't have to shop once a week or twice a month. The way I like to shop, I consider myself a smart shopper and stock up for a few months. I hate shopping so I try to do it all at one time and to me it is easy on myself. Everyone knows that if you do not have a membership card or if you don't pay your dues, you are not leaving out of there with nothing!!! When I was at the checkout counter, I was told that my membership dues where due and it was due in Sept, 2011 so I paid it alone with my stuff and I also paid for some stuff for my niece. Today I sent my daughter to Costco to do some shopping for me and at that time they told my daughter that my membership was due since last Sept. 2011. Their records show that I have not been there since Aug. 2011, which they are dead wrong!!! Normally I would pay with my card, but that day I had just took closed my account at Union Bank because they had closed my saving account because I went in it too many times that month, I think I had went in around 4 times. You see I had 2 accounts open at 2 diffrent banks. A saving and checking at both,with Union Bank I would transfer money from my saving and put it in my checking to cover whatever I am using my card for. My other account is at a credit union where I have a checking and saving there too. At my credit union is where I pay bills with and just save. So on Dec. 17, 2011 I received a letter from Union Bank telling me they had close my saving account I was mad and I decided to go to that Bank on my way to Costco and close out my checking whick had $1,275.62 in it. I just said to myself that on Monday I would put that money in my credit union. So after I left the Bank I went to costco and did my shopping and when I was checking out, I was told about my membership dues, so I paid it. Today when my daughter was checking out again they tell my her my dues was due so she paid it with my card. She called me to tell me the extra she had to pay and I told her to go back in that store and let them know that I paid it already and gave them the date I paid it. Now I am the type of person that I don't keep grocery recipt because I don't really need to keep recipt like that, but I remeber that date because my niece took me and was running late for her dad's work X-Mas party which was being held on Sat. Dec. 17 in San Francisco. Costco Manager told me that their records showed that the last time I was in their store was in Aug.2011. So they would not do anything for me. I have been shopping like this at Costco for the past 8 yrs. Since I have been living here and it just seem like the smarter way to shop for me and my daughter. Costco I am soooooooooo upset with you about this issue and hope on Monday I can contact the corporate office and get this taken care of.

  • I shop at the Bedford Park location in Chicago. I average a trip to Costco twice monthly. I have a love/hate relationship with you. Once again you have me hooked on an item and you then stop stocking it! CHICKEN WINGS — why??? I asked one of the butchers what happened and was told they are constantly hearing numerous requests for wings and have asked management to again stock chicken wings, but have not been successful. Does corporate read/respond to our concerns? I'm also going to call your 800 Call Center number. I hope I haven't entered the 'black hole' of no response!!!

    • I go to Mexico often. I buy my tequila from costco. Best prices and best selection. 100% Agave for under $10 bucks a bottle on up. My debit card doesn't work there though. I always have to use cash.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I had my first visit with Costco in December when I was visiting In California. I loved it. I was very impressed with the value of the items you sell. It was very busy in the store but the checkout went smoothly. My question is why is there no Costco Stores in Southern Ohio? My home is located in Vinton County, It is a small community with a big heart. I am sure if you looked at this Area of Appalachia Ohio you would find that it has a high unemployment rate but If you looked a little closer you would find that It also has a very diverse and talented work force. Your only competition in the area would be from some Super Wal-Mart in Jackson, Athens and Chillicothe. There is also a wide choice of building sites in both Vinton and Jackson county. I am sure there are a lot of decisions to be made in deciding where to put a Costco. I just thought Southen Ohio might be one place you might consider.

  • At the Fort Oglethorpe Ga. Costco we are so limited on so many things.To get what you need you also will have to have a Sam's Club card to finish your shopping.And they don't care. I was interest in some Bakers & Chef'steam table aluminum pans and lids. They carry only one large steam table pan and one half size,No Lids. So I ask as I checked out why they didn't carry more things like this.
    They said I Don't Know "Good Answer"But I went to Sam Club and they did care. Now do you have a answer? I don't know that I will renew this card again.

  • I find costco unwilling to suppor non profit groups such as the Boyscouts. I was at Fredericksburg VA store to purchase items for myself and for the troop my son is apart of. I am the treasuer for the troop and wanted to write a check from the scouts account in which I was told they would not except becuase my name was not the check. I am only 1 of 2 who can write checks on this acccount. So I then inquired about a tax excempt card for the troop and since the individual troops do not recieved separate tax number it goes under the district I would not be able to recieve a card either. The person(s) from the district would have to make the purchases since the tax number is in thier name. I find Costco answers and unwillness to help a disgrace. I will no longer use Costco. The troop and I have a Sam's card for 15+ years and so they will continue to get my business and the troops. Now I have good reason for the extra time or miles it will take me to make my purchases at Sam's. Thank you Sam's Club

    • Costco cannot accept a check from someone whos name is not on it. For all they know you could have found the check and tried to use it. Believe me this happens all the time, you would be amazed at all the fraud people comit at costco. As for the tax exemption, all you need is to bring it to membership so it can be put on file. until you do that they would be on hook for the taxes if there was an audit.

  • I am so disappointed in my local Manassas Costco I may never shop there again. I am a local small businessman and last year was asked to help with a donation to the miracle children's network and I gave $300.00. I went back to them this week and asked for help with a donation for a members family that had their five year old daughter die form a brain tumor. I was looking for plate napkins ETC they gave me $25.00 and I was told that was all that was approved! Thanks Costco you all really stepped up this time for the community that serves you well!I ended up spending $200.00 on the items I needed so that's $200.00 less for this family in need.

    • I'm having issues with them as a small business owner as well. It's not related to your issue, but I feel completely disrespected.

      I called to get an end of year statement to do my taxes and they refused to give it to me because I'm not the IRS.

      I have news for them, the IRS doesn't do my taxes.

      Yes, I have my reciepts, but I was just going to use it as a double check. I can view two years order history on such sites as Amazon, Dell, most banks, credit cards (which of course Costco does not accept). I really think they're trying to hide something. I may contact an attorney since I have 4 days to do my taxes and no reciept for a Nikon DSLR that I ordered online in February (I should check my e-mail). Anyway, I just don't like the games.

    • So for your lack of attention to your books you want Costco to remember and look up everytime you frequented their establishment. Do you offer this to your customers in your small business? Get an accountant thats what they get paid to do.

  • i have been purchasing Palermo pizzas from Costco in the Brighton Michigan area and now they tell me they no long carry this item. Will they be bringing it back and if not why do they discontinue popular items?

  • I have allways purchase french beans from Los Angeles Salad Company, the quality was great and now I cant find it anywhere, it was replace by a brand New world farms, the quality is poor and the products decat=y fast. I live in Miami, I have family who live in Washington and they told me they have them there. Why we dont have Los Angeles Salad Brand Anymore? It was a great product..

  • I purchased an iTOuch 3 in July 2010 and learned today …they sold me a second generation iTouch…FRAUD…Costco doesn't sell Apple any more..I wonder if it's because they are SCAMMING customers…I am so upset. SHAME on Costco.

  • I would like to see CostCo sell products from Israel; in particular, I'm looking to buy Israeli CousCous as well as other Israeli items.

  • To Whom:
    In the past year I have noted that the frozen blueberries have risen 6.00. I sure feel that is a bit much..In speaking with some of my friends they have noticed the large rise in the food products they normally purchased..and like myself we are not purchasing those items any more. I fear you are going to price yourself out of business. It may just be cheaper to buy at Wal-martand theblueberries are not very good quality anyway. More like shoeleather.

    • Prices have risen worldwide on food products, especially handpicked fruit. Costco is number in food quality and price. Don't be a hater.

    • Trust me the quality of Costco produce has gone down a lot over the years…. while the prices are good compared to others I have had to return produce because of bad quality more often.

  • The Brandywine Store is nice but the office manager and day time manager need to be replaced. The office manager left her pocketbook and the office unattended when she went to get manager. Good thing for honest employees.