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Sams Club Corporate Office HQ

How to Contact Sams Club Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wal-mart Stores Inc.
702 Southwest 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716
Corporate Phone Number: 1-479-273-4000
Fax Number: 1-479-277-1830
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-964-1917

  • With gas prices surging upward, I have been using your store websites more often to check on supply status. In the past few months I have noticed the Davenport IA store is always showing out of stock on my of the items I wish to purchase. To my surprise, when I went in the store, there they were. Shelves full of items I was going to go else where to purchase. I checked the store website and it still shows out of stock on everyone of the items.

    Why is it that the store can not show what is and what is not in stock? It would be extremely helpful to me and other customers to know what is available when they go shopping. How many customers purchased else where because of your out of date website? I am not happy at the out of date site and I have purchased many items else where when I could have saved money at Sams. Many I should start checking Costco sites to check stock status.

  • I just got screwed by your Riverview, FL store #4801 Tire Department. I ordered tires paid for them online which I have a receipt from Sam's. The receipt states that credit cards aren't charged until your order ships or you pit up at the store. If you see a pending charge before this it's an authorization hold to ensure the funds are available, Which means when they finish the transaction the funds are released to Sam's and it has already been taken off my credit line with the credit card. After the tires where installed they now want me to pay for them, but remember I already have a receipt from Sam's and they put a hold on the amount with the bank. I tried talking to numerous people who they call the Manager of the Store which they were not. They were just department supervisors. They kept on repeating I had to pay after even looking at their own email receipts sent to me. I got upset insisting I paid. I told them put the tires back on car and they refused stating the tires I drove in with where rotten. They didn't know that I had them checked to find out how much wear was left, it was approx 350 miles. I will follow up with my bank, State of Florida Consumer Affairs and Sam's Corporate Office. Everyone should think before dealing with their Tire Department

  • I attempted to shop this morning at Sam's Club (12/07/2020), but was greeted with hostile Sam's Club employee(s).

    Apparently; and unknown to me, this morning was time slotted for plus card members?

    Both the women requesting store I.D. to enter and an elderly male store employee who decided to get involved both became confrontational with me when I asked: "Really?" in response of being told: "Your card is not a plus card."

    I am unaware of this kind of card or these special hours?

    The elderly man involved himself by using sarcasm: "Can't you read the sign on the door?" He continued with his aggressive insults and stance.

    I don't expect to be gained up on especially when mistakenly entering the store with special hours for special people?

    I will defend myself and return the attack. This man came close to a physical fight.

  • Sunday I went to the local Sam's just to be kicked out (very politely) by two (very polite) ladies who explained that only "first responders" could enter. So, my business is not as important as theirs to Sam's! (Incidentally, lately it is rare to hear a siren, or to see an ambulance/a police car!)

  • January 11, 2020

    Attention Please: A possible mattress delivery scam with XPO Logistics, Aurora, CO

    I am a prime customer member in Castle Rock, CO. I ordered a mattress online with the ‘white glove’ delivery included.

    Order was placed on November 9, 2019 order #3766420852.

    Received a call and email from XPO Logistics, which allowed us to choose our delivery date – we choose 12/7/2019. We received a confirmation email stating that it would be delivered between 9am-1pm. Around 8:30am on 12/7, we received a call from XPO stating that their ‘truck was in an accident’ and that they would deliver it on Monday, 12/9. I told them that we would not be available on Monday and would like other dates/times. He said he would let their manager know.

    On Monday, 12/9 at approx 8:50am, they showed up at our door to deliver the mattress. We were not home. We have a video doorbell and can prove that they did not make the delivery.

    I called XPO on Tuesday, 12/10 and they said that they would have to conduct a ‘dock search’ because it wasn’t recorded as brought back by the warehouse.

    I called XPO on Wednesday, 12/11 and they said it had not yet been received back in the warehouse. I continued to call them throughout the week with no additional information.

    I chatted with Sam’s customer service; they called XPO, and told me they would be conducting a ‘dock search’

    I called Sam’s customer service; they called XPO, and told me they would be conducting a ‘dock search’.

    This went on-and-on but by your customer, not your customer service team until 12/20, at which time they said they called XPO and would conduct a ‘dock search’.

    On December 21, a ‘warranty replacement’ was issued.

    We received a new call from XPO and scheduled a new delivery date of Saturday, January 11 (a full month from the previous scheduled date). Received a confirmation email providing a delivery window of 1pm-5pm.

    Today, January 11 at 8:25am received a call from XPO stating that their ‘truck broke down’ and they would not be able to delivery today. Wanted me to re-schedule during the week and I asked them to cancel the delivery.

    I emailed Sam’s customer service asking for a full refund.

    This is pathetic. I think the company you are using is running a ‘scam’, and you should be fully aware of what hoops and research your customers have to go through before finally getting help.

    I will not be ordering anything large again from Sam’s that requires a delivery.

    Please review all correspondence: Question Reference # 191218-007619.

  • I have been a loyal customer of SAM’s club for many years. Today I purchased a Microsoft product online and I need to return the product. It was only 5 minutes after ordering the product I try to return it. Initially when I called to return it, I was told the return would not be an issue, I just need to wait for the email and simply callback to process the return.

    After calling back a second time I was told to I would receive an email to process the return. I did get an email 30 minutes later, but the email state I could NOT return the product.

    This was very disappointing and simply not right. I decided to try to speak to a representative online and again was told I could not return the product.

    Very poor customer service and business practice. Not a company O would ever recommend

  • I am so frustrated at your Sams Club in Reno NV. I think the new management can't get the job done. You have taken Sergento Balanced Breaks out of the store forcing us to go to another store. I attempted to get help in the electronics department but no one ever showed up. Prices on items were missing and your self check has at least two not working and haven't for at least a month. I do hope you get your act together and get someone who can really manage the store.

  • You have now changed your corporate policy. So now we must stand in line and show our card to get IN, then stand in line to pay and again stand in line to get OUT! Why do we need to stand in line to get in? You cannot buy anything without a card. It is ridiculous. I have been a member for over 30 years but when it is time to renew I think I will go to Costco.

  • Hi, my girlfriend purchased your Member's Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Trash Bags at a local Sam’s Club. I believe these are the same bags we always buy. I love these bags. They are strong, they never break or leak. There is only one HUGE problem…for me anyway… these particular bags reek of perfume.

    I am hypersensitive to artificial fragrance. Perfume, aftershave, cologne, etc. Dryer sheets will almost put me in ER. Seriously, why do trash bags need to smell “good”? Am I supposed to take my trash with me on a date or something? Who makes the decision to put these caustic, eye-burning, chemical odors on everything imaginable anyway?

    I get a crushing headache every time I take out the trash. So I’m about to trash the bags themselves and buy your competitor's. Sorry, I really do like them. I would have already tossed them but it just kills me to toss nearly 200 bags.

    So, if you are keeping track, I’m for fragrance free everything.


    David Bonnette
    Amherst, OH

  • Why is Sam's Club in Evanston allowing dogs to come into the store where food is being served/sold and sampled? These are not the 'service dogs', these are people's pets! What is going on here! This needs to stop. I was just at the Sam's Club store in Evanston, IL this evening and this man was in their with his pet dog shopping and trying samples. People all around him walking up and down the aisles were not comfortable with a dog in a store where there is sampling, food and food being served.
    Sam's Club, you need to put a stop to this, allowing pets in the store! This is ridiculous and this so-called 'service/comfort pet' has gone to far! If you're not to do something about it; I guess I'll to relinquish membership. I along with so many other people do not want to shop and eat with the dogs!!!!!

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