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How to Contact Conns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Conn’s Corporate Address:

CONN’S, Inc. Conn’s HomePlus
3295 College Street
Beaumont, Texas 77701 USA

Conn’s Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-409-832-1696
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-877-358-1252
Conns Credit: 1-800-511-5750
Conns.com: 1-866-765-1513
Product Sales: 1-877-472-5422
Service Contracts: 1-877-472-5358
Jobs: 1-888-614-5627
Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: Conns.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: CONN
Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Conn’s Company Bio:

Conn’s competition includes ABT, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Best Buy, Sears, HHGregg, Amazon, Costco and Aaron’s.

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  1. hi bought a mattress set on credit two years ago paid it out within a year yesterday today I got a text saying that I had an interest payment of700 and some dollars apparently they said I missed the last payment which was $157. I asked why wasn’t I contacted by mail.i paid in advance they didn’t contact me but they could attach, the interest on i call to ask if they could work with me as far as getting some of that interest reduced because you can see I was making payments in advance in good faith. I was a good customer and all they could tell me was, they couldn’t help me . I am on a fixed income because I’m retired. I’m barely making ends meet, but I pay my bills on time.

  2. I have been trying for 3 months to get my washer fixed. It is leaking at the bottom. They sent a person out who replaced a motor. Guess what, it was not the problem. They sent another person out who said it needed a seal. He promised to come out that Saturday but no show. Then he called repair reps and told them I had vicious dogs within vicinity of washer and will not come out due to fear of being mauled. Repair person told me she will not send anyone out due to this complaint. Several days later repair rep called and said they will be sending someone out but it would be between hours of 8 to 1:00 PM. Told then it will have to be after 3:00 due to boss saying either you keep washer or your job. Now the people who were going to come out stated due to my frequent cancellations they will be closing my file. I am so upset. I am going to stop payment, file a complaint with Better Business Bureau, and try to get a hold of corporate office due to all call centers being located in the Phillipines.

  3. Purchased an electric range. Sales lady was professional, and this review does not reflect her. Everything else turned out to be the worst nightmare buying experience I have ever had, and I am 71 years old. When the range was being delivered they had put a 4 foot power cord on it. I live in an older apartment, and this cord was too short to reach the outlet. The guys who delivered the range told me that I had to remove the cord by myself, then take it to Conn's, and Conn's would replace it with the right one. After uninstalling the cord, I took it to Conn's, only to be told by the manager that they didn't have a 6 foot power cord and I was out of luck. I then told them to take it back, only to be told that I would be hit with a 15% restocking fee if I did that. I then threatened the manager with a lawsuit, citing the Texas Warranty of Merchantibility law. After that, I drove to Lowe's, bought the 6 foot cord there, and drove back to Conn's and turned the 4 foot cord back in, and was refunded the charge on the cord, which was almost 35 dollars. I was also refunded the haul away fee because the old range was not hauled away. This I can understand because the apartment I live in is very old, and there were roaches in the old range. However, I had to move the old range outside by myself. This was very difficult for me because I have heart problems and high blood pressure that I am being treated for. My whole body is very sore from the exertion I had to make. I've been a customer of Conn's for about 30 years, but no more. Customer service has gone into the toilet to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if one of their customers who also has health problems died because of having to deal with the same type of problem I had. These people are totally heartless…. Well, maybe not totally. They have a heart. It's a cash register. Conn's would make a great poster boy for corporate corruption. The only reason I am giving a one star review is because there is no option to give a zero. Now they have charged my credit card for the cord and haul away fee. I will be filing complaints for fraud with the Attorney General's Office.

  4. My husband purchased a 72 inch TV. They packaged it up so tight and incorrectly in the box, when I got home the wrapping cracked the TV screen. I immediately called them when I got home and now they say it isn't their problem. So I have a $1,000 TV that is worthless.

  5. my husband and I went Conns on Friday they seem alright until Monday night 6/21 when we got are delivery the delivery guys where awesome they did exactly what we wanted them to do since we was waiting on someone to come pick up the bedroom set we already had all the boxes where open the railing to the bed looks like rats was chewing on them the headboard is separating from the glue the dresser is missing a nail in on of the drawers there was cockroach wings in the box the railings come in been on the phone with the store customer services the Wearhouse back and forth for the last four days IT IS A JOKE TRYING TO GET SOMEONE TO PICK YUP AND WHEN THEY DO YOU GET DISCONNTED AND HAVE TO CALL BACK AND TELL THE SAME THING OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN WE ARE DONE THEY NEED TO COME GET THERE STUFF OUT OF OURHOUSE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM CONNS THEY ARE A WROSTLESS COMPANY

  6. n regards to the below written Yelp review that you responded to.
    I am writing this as I have received no help from Conns into this matter. I have spoken with customer service, the help line and what they told me was the highest management level.
    Here is my issue. My wife and I have lived in our home for over 12 years. We never had and signs of Bed bugs. We purchased a mattress from Conns in North Richland Hills approx. 6 weeks ago. Last week my wife was noticing bites on her arm. We did not ever in our wildest dreams think it was bedbugs. She went to the Doctor and found it to be just that Bedbug bites. When we got home I looked at the mattress and found it to be loaded with bedbugs in the seams, behind the Sealy tag and in the handles. We took action by buying beg bug killer from our local Home Depot. It did not work. We called an exterminator who told us that the infestation had to be there upon delivery as for it to be this bad it would take well over 100 days, as a nymph takes 100 days to become a bug. We are so sick to our stomach and can not sleep. This was a 3000 dollar mattress and 2000 adjustable base. My wife and I do not travel and we do have not been in a hotel room since last year. Our house is exterminated for bugs every 3 months as a yearly contract. We have not seen a bug in our house so you can imagine our surprise and discuss. What angered me more was the treatment i received on the phone from some of the people at the Call Center as all they told me was well the Mattress is not covered under Warranty any more???? And one call center lady said " well we had a service call a few weeks ago for the base and the service man never seen any bed bugs, Well, the service man never took the sheets off the bed and didn't even move the mattress. He adjusted the remote controls and fixed the issue. I do not know where to turn next as sleeping in our guest room is not what we planed on when we purchased this bed. My next step without any type of resolution will be to Shame on you new and protests in front of the store. I do not want to get to that level so please please help.
    We cannot afford to purchase a new bed and we are running our of options.
    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    John Salerno

    Beware Beware.. Bedbugs…. Just purchased a brand new 3000 dollar mattress which we just seen was infested with Bed Bugs.. We have in been in our home for over 12 years and have never had any type of bug in our home as we have an exterminator who comes every 3 months. We do not travel…After research and professional information from our exterminating company, we found out that it takes over 100 days for a nymph to become a bug.. We have not had the mattress that long. Conns refused to do anything about it after calls to corporate. I inspected the mattress upon delivery for rips tears and damage but never in my wildest thoughts would have thought to check the seams, behind the handles or behind the Sealy tag which is where they nested. Never again will I shop or purchase anything from this place as I am still so sick to my stomach.
    John Salerno

    Comment from Jennifer K. of Conn's HomePlus
    Business Owner
    7/28/2018 John, we genuinely regret hearing about your negative experience, and the issues regarding your mattress. Your feedback is essential to us, and we would like to investigate further. Please send us additional information at SocialMedia@conns.zendes….

  7. Monica Arrington I purchase a whole new appliances kitchen set and added washing machine and dryer set the two in one machines and one of the drivers drop machine in the street and washing machine didn’t work at all so I call and went to the store I purchase from 1960 Store in Houston Texas Conns I thought they would fix the problem but it ongoing from January 27 until now the drivers that deliver my items was in such a rush Never installed dishwasher,stove,and didn’t hook up washing machine I have a big dent on my dryer at the top scratches on both machines and call and complain multiple times and it’s just a shame that Conns would not get the work order done I been buying for Conns for many years since the the 90’s never again if they can’t get the original Conns drivers with the Conns logos on truck back and stop hiring anybody off the streets to do the job they are not trained to deliver items

  8. WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT EVER I'm a new custormer and my dryer is not heating so called and because I live an hour and half from there store I was told that they had to go through the LG people to schedule a person to come fix my dryer well it has been three weeks already did have one guy call and he was rude and nasty so I called LG and Conn's back and all I got is we will get you someone else to come fix it and still nothing so I called again today and got well we have to now wait another 5 days before we can even think about exchanging it out. But we will try and find you someone to come fix yours. Talk to Shelton in the service department and he was just as rude as the first service person they put me in contact with. Also talked to a manager and got told there is nothing they can do. WORST PLACE EVER DO NOT GO AND BUY ANYTHING FROM CONN'S THIS PLACE SUCKS Nebraska furniture mart will now get all my business.

  9. I have been a long time customer of Conns, I have bought anything from TV.s to Furniture to Computers to Refrigerator to Washer and dryers etc. They were my go to place to by any home product. In the last 4-5 months including today I have been very disappointed with conns retail and their service. They are treating me like they just do not give a damn for their customers and if we do not like what they say that is just too bad. It use to be that they would do or work with you to take care of and issues but now they do not even think about us as customers to keep I have told a lot of people to buy from conns that they are a great place, some have said thanks and some have said these horror stories and now I see those horror stories myself, I will not ever recommend Conn again and I will tell everyone I told go things to about my horror stories

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