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Reach Sears Corporate Office 

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Sears Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the USA. Sears moved from the iconic Sears Tower in Chicago to Hoffman Estates, Illinois in 1992.

How to Contact Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sears Corporate Office Address:

3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA

Sears Contact Phone Numbers and Websites:

Sears Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: 1-847-286-2500

Corporate Fax Number: 1-847-286-8351

Corporate Email: smsupport@searshc.com

Sears Chat and Email: Contact Sears Page

Website: Sears.com

Sears Corporate Office HQ

Sears is famous for Sears Retail Stores. The retailer’s stores include Sears, K-Mart, and Lands End. Sears was one of the premier retailers in the USA. Sears’ main competitors include Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and BJ’s Warehouse.

Sear’s toll-free customer support phone number is 1-800-469-4663. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Map and Directions to Sears Headquarters Hoffman Estates Illinois


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Sears Customer Service Representative Issue

May 6, 2024

Outright lie to you! Can’t understand any of your so called USA representatives..why??? Because they are in another country.


Sears Master Protection Contract Issue

January 29, 2024

Have not received the promised reimbursement! We had a master protection contract with Sears. Ask to have our furnace inspected. I was told no Sears technician in our area. Ask me to get my own local tech and they would reimburse me. I was told our 40-year-old furnace needed replacing. I could not reach Sears for approval to replace the furnace. Six weeks later and I still haven’t heard from them. We had the furnace replaced for safety concerns. Sears has not reimbursed us.


Sears Hometown Store Pagosa Springs CO Issue

January 19, 2024

Totally Incompetent!

After purchasing a Kenmore Refrigerator from a Sears Hometown Store in Pagosa Springs, CO., we had nothing but problems with the frig and with the Sears repair department. A Relay/Solenoid for the ice/water maker malfunctioned and leaked water all over our kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, causing over $7,000 in damage to our home! After multiple repairs were performed, we finally got the frig to stop leaking water.

Less than a year later, the upper refrigerated section of the frig stopped working and would only cool the upper section down to 58 Degrees Fahrenheit. After multiple attempts to get this repaired (across 4+ months and after arguing with the DotHeads who answer their Customer Service calls), Sears dropped the ball so many times, we had to finally just buy another refrigerator.





Sears Main Office - Gave It A Fry But Then They Gave Up On My Refigerator

January 6, 2024

A technician came out and changed the starter relay and capacitor in the fridge and it didnt help so he came back and ordered parts for it that took weeks to arrive in December. in December the wrong tech came out so the appointment had to be rescheduled about another week. the original tech came out and replaced the compressor and it worked 3 days and stopped. called to schedule another repair for weeks later again at the end of December the tech never came. I called to see why and the customer service rep said he put down there was a mice infestation at the end of his shift and they voided the warranty. The rep was puzzled because he had no picture proof like he was suppose to have and he waited until the end of day to write it. he also never complained the two previous times he actually came.

After several frantic calls another appointment was scheduled this time in the new year Jan 2nd.

he was to come between 8am and 5pm and i called to confirm at 1:30pm…The rep said he would come at 1:46 then at 4:00 then at 6:00 then at 6:30, he never came.

talked to customer reps again and they said “they would put in a order for a new fridge and i would be contacted in a few days”, 3 days later no emails, no contact. called back and there is no order for a new fridge they only keep repeating that I have a mice infestation in the system which they took a tech’s word with no proof and only his word of report when he didn’t even come out again.

today January 5th got the run around again transferred from department to department with no help only they scheduled another repair on the 15th of January. I have been without a working refrigerator since mid November 2023.


Sears Master Protection Agreement Is A Rip-Off

December 29, 2023

DO NOT Purchase the Master Protection Agreement. It is a complete rip-off. They charge you a ton of money and they don’t do anything but vacuum out your machines. I asked several customer service representatives for a refund of what I paid, and they told me they couldn’t give me a refund. For months this kept going on so I finally called the corporate office and spoke to someone who told me I could get a partial refund but only for 1/2 of the year. I told Shay, the worker there that I didn’t use the agreement for 2023 as they had no one from SEARS to come out to our home and she told me that it didn’t matter as I still had the policy. WHAT A RIP-OFF. DO NOT BUY!!!

Corporate Office Headquarters