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  1. blue pallets mosty and red have been taken out of balto by the truck loads for the last few years at cowan , by a man with draids in a red truck, not a cowan . and murchindce taken while unloading your trailers wow , i just wish i didnt have to see it. im working here so dont want to get in trouble with the law when you all finally catch on

  2. We go to the bjs on rt 37 in toms river nj. My husband goes every friday after work. He tries to get a 5 gallon water for our water tank. Ever week they tell him we have it but can't get it down. We will but it aside for you and you can come get it tomorrow, guess what they never but it aside. I sick of it, we pay a lot of money for our membership. and spend a lot of money in there ever Friday and they can't even have enough water on the floor or put it aside like they said they would. Thank for nothing.

  3. How is it that you dare to assume the "corporate responsibility" to limit consumer access to products made well and legally in America while selling so much merchandise from China? China has long used slave labor to produce cheaper items, often of inferior quality. I do not look to corporations for my salvation. If you do not resume your business relationship with the MyPillow company, I will end my relationship with yours.

  4. you have decided to Silence the My Pillow business. Therefore, I will terminate my BJ membership in Florida and renew my Sam's CLub and Costco ,memberships rather than spend one more dollar at your business. I will also terminate my business employees membership. WELCOME TO THE CANCEL CULTURE. Offend 505 of your potential members.

    Jim Clearwater Florida

  5. I've been a Sam's Club member for 20 years. I had always heard bad things about BJ's, but I thought I would see for myself. OMG. They were right. I made an online order on 12/17 for a Christmas gift. I paid extra money for 2 day shipping. BJ's took my money. THEN, I get a notice that it will not get there before 12/25. So I call. The rep knew nothing and claimed he couldn't check on anything. I asked for the manager. No one ever came back to the phone. So then I find the "cancel" button. I immediately get an email from BJ's saying they cannot do it if it shipped. Said they will investigate and get back with me. That was all done at 4pm. I wake up the next day to an email from BJ's. Stating, "Sorry, you can't cancel, it shipped". They give a tracking #. I thought, "finally". Nope…it leads me to USPS who says they merely received a shipping label at 11 pm that night. 7 hours after I requested to cancel. Even now, USPS is still waiting for the actual package to ship. BJ's lied to me. Even took extra money for expedited shipping. The package was supposed to be here today. They ruined the Christmas gift for the person this was for. Now I have to scurry and try and find something else. Really do not have the money. I will be going back to Sam's also. BJ blew it with me. You got me once, but never again. Bad reputation BJ's.

  6. I'm a new customer 62 yr old handicap woman. Placed an online order for pick up at 11:17 am Vooheers NJ. 3 hrs later at 3:15 pm customer service said the order they have no order. Gave him email no now I had to give this no 4 more times. Asked him to call and find out what happened. After him looking it up and telling me I cancelled it. By who I wanted to know! Customer service was horrible, store manager or at least the person who claims to be was a young person without a concern or care. Order was payed through pay pal. Manager said she couldn't just give me a chart of groceries and repeated the same thing after me telling her the order was paid for. The young incompetent male I asked to call and find out who canceled the order didn't and left, just as the manager did for the day. Using in house mobile device I proceeded shopping for the online order. Pulling chart with mobile that eventually died. Told attendant hoping she would bring me another while waiting in line in pain. From 12:30 pm till from 5:30 pm at BJ's trying to shop with my handicap's. It was 7 pm before I reached home after 2 trips to the van packing groceries. Placed another online order another day got same young man still difficult behavior. Giving him the order no and noticed he wasn't writing it. Same as he done on previous encounters. This time he states I just started giving him no. When I asked him if he was writing the no down. I just looked at this crazy young man. You asked me could you help me? I said pick up order and proceeded with the no. This my third dealings with him. Each time he asks for order no. Also needed to make exchange for 2 items one of which picker put wrong item in chart. And a bad bunch of garlic asked him could he get someone to exchange. His attitude was just annoying and unbelievable so I took my chart with stuff you only could purchase in the store and pulled it to put the mobile device back. Now waiting for manager for exchange. Longest process ever why because this is the incompetence of the staff hired at BJ's. Never exchanged garlic for $2.99
    or refunded. So said especially at this horrible state of our nation. And believe me there's more to this story!

  7. Are prices to be consistent across BJs locations? I buy Skinny Pop Popcorn at $4.99 and sometimes $5.49 at Green Acres and in Queens. But, I paid $6.99 at Levitown location. How is that ok?

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