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Cricket Corporate Office in the United States is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Below are details about Cricket Wireless’ HQ, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Cricket Wireless Corporate Headquarters HQ

Cricket Wireless Corporate Office: Overview

Cricket Wireless Corporate

Maps and Directions to the Corporate Office for Cricket Wireless

A Snapshot of Cricket Wireless’ History

As a subsidiary of AT&T Inc., Cricket Wireless offers a range of wireless services, including mobile phone plans, data services, and device sales.

Cricket Wireless’ Competiton

Cricket Wireless competes with other prepaid service providers like Metro by T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Straight Talk. Other competition includes Magic Jack, and Asurion.


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Cricket Customer Service Issue

June 25, 2024

This company REFUSED to honor a warranty they made me get. Phone broke, gave me the run around for 3 HOURS. I had to spend MORE money to replace the phone that was still under warranty. Thanks to them I LOST over $1,500 in sales AND out of pocket expenses.;


Cricket Excellent Customer Service Hiram GA

June 25, 2024

this is for the employer! I need to talk about Jasper at the Hiram GA store on 278. That man has the patience of a saint. He was sooo helpful with a bill that was not ours. That man deserves a raise. I can’t say enough nice things and he was so fast, he was helping 3 different people at the same time. I hope I have sent this to the right place for him to get recognition, if not please let me know where to send it or if you send it to the right people, let me know that too.


Cricket Payment Issue

January 15, 2024

Service: Tried to make Bridge Payment submitted payment, System failure! Now I’m being charged an extra $15 on my account and my service is suspended. I tried numerous times to explain to the Customer Service Manager that I made those attempts and the payment wouldn’t go through because the bridge payment on the website said February 7, 2023, is the next payment due. Instead of January 14, 2024, when the payment was due.

My text message gave one message, and the website gave another. The February 7, 2023 payment alert shouldn’t have been showing until the January 14, 2024 payment was made.

The attached pictures show the time stamp I tried to verify payment. (January 14, 2024) @10:44pm Sunday when I tried to make payment clicked the link for quick pay then the site said payment was due on February 7, 2024. I put the information in the submitted payment and payment wouldn’t go through on Cricket Wireless System. I’m very displeased with the service and the way the Manager did not value me as a customer. I will be looking for another service.

Corporate, you need to contact me by email to discuss this matter in depth.


Cricket Payment System Failure

January 15, 2024

Service: Tried to make Bridge Payment submitted payment, System failure! Customer Service is terrible I explained the issue, and had proof of the error when trying to make a payment that didn’t go through on their system and they denied there were any issues when customer service was closed. I tried two times on my phone and two times on my laptop.


Not A Cricket Review - Cricket Complaint.

January 6, 2024

I quit cricket because of a problem with an insured phone. The company I switched to lied about their coverage so I switched back to Cricket. The store gave us the wrong phone, 4G instead of 5G, and will not correct it because we don’t have our receipt. Now we find out they did not include our daughter”s phone on our new 4-person plan., which currently has only three lines active. They just billed us for her phone service. and can”t transfer her to our account.

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