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Asurion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Asurion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Asurion Corporation

Asurion Corporate Office Address:

648 Grassmere Park Dr., Ste. 300
Nashville, TN 37211 USA

Asurion Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-837-3000
Fax Number: 1-615-837-3001

Asurion Corporate Office

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  1. Worst customer service ever!!!! Can't speak to any manager with authority to help resolve an issue. Call the corp. office and they disconnect the phone! I have a printer that was just returned from your service shop operating worse than when it was sent in. Now my business is hard down!

    Read the other reviews – impressive performance.

  2. been trying to get an air compressor that we bought from tractor supply along with Asurion 2-year fix or replace warranty fixed or replaced. Asurion has keep me running in circles to get a repair scheduled. Worst customer service of any company I've had to deal with. Buyer beware seems like they will take your money but provide no service. So now we will get the company attorney involved. I have seen nothing but negative comments about this company. Sad situation.

  3. I bought a 55 inch TV from Walmart I purchased the protection plan and now Asurian said I bought a service plan. This is a scam. My TV turned on and off all the time and the picture would fade. They sent a re[airman out and he repaired it with all brand new boards and now it is doing the same thing. They sent another repairman out and when I said the first repairman fixed it with new he said he was going to tell Asurian to replace the TV he called me 2 days later saying he was going to have to put in the same parts.

  4. I have a major complaint with the extended warranty purchased through Asurion when we purchased our washer machine at Home Depot. We have been without a functioning washer machine for TWO MONTHS and continue to get the run around. The customer service reps do their best to assist, but the service provider sent to our house by Asurion for the repair is extremely incompetent!!!!!! After the 1st initial visit when he diagnosed the problem, he returned a week later for the repair and claimed to have never been to our residence!!!! He said "I'm not here for a repair I'm here to diagnose the problem" and said his work order was only to diagnose not repair. To say the least, our washer machine hasn't been repaired and we are two months into headache, stress, weekly laundry mats trips, multiple service calls and a broken washer machine. Asurion will not stand by their extended warranty and will do everything on their end to draw out the repair process, with no resolution!!!!!! As of today, we are still w/out a working washer machine.

  5. I have always purchased Ipads, laptops, phones etc. from Walmart or Walmart.com along with the extended warranty. I purchased an Ipad for my severely disabled child, who has been through several, in July 2016. In early April it would not power up. I called to speak to a tech (checking the serial number etc) and then filed a claim online. The Ipad in my possession was still listed online, correct serial number, purchase date etc. I received the email with instructions to print out my return label and form as always and as I explained to every rep and supervisor, the serial numbers on the product are difficult to see, so I used a magnifying glass to make sure I had it correctly printed on the return form. I sent it out UPS, received the emails,,we've received your product, we are diagnosing ur product, and finally repair is complete and my tablet was supposed to be on it's way back. A few days later I receive a tablet. I open it to power it up and get it ready for when my child came home and it will not power up, there is a bluish screen and no red light to show there's any power. I call and speak to tech support. Press this button, hold that button down try another charger etc. Maybe u need a new charger. Nothing worked. I had an online chat, which I have the transcript of and was referred back to tech support at which time they determined I needed to return this Ipad again. In putting this Ipad back in the box I notice a paper stating "I requested the Ipad be returned to me as is" which I did not. And the serial number on the paper and this Ipad were not the serial number I read off MY Ipad and sent in. I called back. Switched to a supervisor….someone will get back to me within two business days. No one did. The following week I get a call stating that the Ipad in my possession was the Ipad I sent in ( different story from what the website and their reps said a week prior) and until I locate the correct Ipad and send it in they can't help me. Back on the phone again…more reps ..more supervisors…they will get a higher up back to me again within two business days. I get a call today that this Ipad in my possession which they sent me is my Ipad and until they get proof of purchase from me, they will not honor the warranty still listed on the website with a different serial number and 400 days left on warranty. I can't provide anything as this is NOT THE IPAD I SENT YOU!. And furthermore why am I getting emails with return labels ready to process my Ipad you lost? According to your rep today…I did not read the serial number with a magnifying glass to fill out the form and your company mistakenly made duplicate product registrations for the Ipad I sent in. I bought it July 2016 and that warranty was honored August 2016?? Then why is there still 400 something days left? You lost my child's Ipad. You openly admitted to making mistakes in entering serial numbers and you are robbing a disabled child of her Ipad now because u refuse to admit you screwed up on a $179 Ipad. Disgusted and I will stop referring people to this company. I sent MY product in for repair and expected you to honor the warranty. You did the same thing with my HP touch screen laptop. The fan blew out and corrupted the operating system and I was expected to buy the operating system from HP in order for you to honor the warranty and repair my laptop. I am stuck with a broken laptop and a "disappearing" Ipad. Nice job!

  6. Anonymous

    I called Asurion on my cell phone from AT&T they quoted me one deductable (50.00) i get my bill in the mail and they charged me 112.00, i called them and they told me they don't charge 50.00. Talked to supervisor got noware,they are AT&T insurance company,ITS A RIP OFF TO HAVE THEM TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY TWICW FOR THE SAME PHONE.

  7. have asurion extended warranty through Walmart. Have a tv that half of the screen goes white on darker pictures so I filed a claim. They had their service guy call and schedule an appointment to come look at the tv. He came out and made the determination that it was shot , he was even able to see it get lighter as he watched. He took pictures of the tv because you could make out the actual grid in the tv. He sent those pictures to asurion service dept, and also told them that there was nothing that could be done. Then I get an email saying that the claim was closed and a resolution was made, NO WAY !!!! I call again and was told by supervisor that they would do a buy out. I get a call this morning from an asurion service dept. supervisor telling me that his report says that there is nothing wrong with my tv, so I tell him what the service guy, "THAT THEY SENT OUT", said about my tv, he says that he will get back to me. Then a little while after that I get a phone call from another tv repair service to come look at my tv, I told them that someone was out last week and looked at it. Then after that I get an email saying that my claim was cancelled earlier in the morning, before second tv place called, and that I would have to open a new claim if I wanted the tv looked at. So I call and talk to another supervisor at asurion, explained everything all over again and was told that their service department team wanted to get a second opinion, unbelievable. It's like they are looking for a way to get out of it, getting run around. I read of some other horror stories about getting satisfaction from asurion, now I am kind of worried that mine will become one of them . I am not saying don't take extended warranties out through asurion, I am just saying be careful.

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