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  • Verizon Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

Verizon Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Verizon Wireless Corporate Office

Cellco Partnership
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-559-5490
Mobile Service Number: 611 from your mobile
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-922-0204
Pre-Paid Customer Service: 1-888-294-6804

Verizon Wireless is famous for its mobile communication services. Verizon Wireless products include wireless voice, text, and mobile internet service. Verizon Wireless is one of the premier providers of smartphones in the US.

Verizon Wireless’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-922-0204 or you can dial 611 direct from your mobile phone. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website. Verizon Wireless’s competitors include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Xfinity.


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  1. WOW, Verizon is batting a "1000" looks like they have been at this a long time. Did you know that they go so far as to redo your billing statement in their system to reflect charges for something that was not even happening? Seriously,, That is exactly what happened and after almost a year of trying to get things straightened out. And WHY is there no Supervisor??? I have just started, now. You do not as a company as big as this is or has gotten from deceptive practices, Go back for several years and change what the monthly statement reflects to match it up with what you paid. I am talking about several years, the funny, but not is, they have not even realized that I have so much proof of fraudulent activities with this. So where do I go with it if corporate does not even exist?

  2. I have spent over a month now trying to get my over payment of $54.15 back but every one of their customer service reps can't find the payment yet my bank has no trouble of doing just that. I have been on the phone with reps from 8AM to 5PM and promised at the least, 15 times they will return my money but never do then when I call them back they can not find where they took the payment so I sent an email with a copy of the payment along with the copy of the $50.55 they also took for the same bill. I have had my phone shut off by them for nonpayment even though they got double paid. I have dropped their service and looks like I will end up suing them to get my money back and the stress of dealing with them for over a month and their lies.

  3. I have been a loyal Verizon customer for upwards of 36 years, but in trying to get some information on a recently ordered phone upgrade through one of your local stores, I have to admit that for a world recognized communications company, the ability of your customers to contact your company through a live agent is absolutely atrocious. It is incomprehensible that a communications company like Verizon would have such a poor customer support and communications ability. When a customer has a specific problem that does not lend itself to your canned computerized assistant, your entire customer communications system breaks down. Absolutely shameful. I will be addressing this problem directly with Mr. Hans Vestberg, CEO and Ms. Manon Brouillette, EVP and head of the Verizon Consumer Group.

  4. I am 67 years old and have been running an a company for decades. I have all my company phones with Verizon. I purchase a new apple phone in 2018. The salesman gave me a kids free GPS phone. He did not tell me that he was charging me a total of $223.96 for the two years. I threw the phone away when I got home…No small kids in my house. After hours twice on the phone Jeremy in South Carolina is giving me $95.00 credit. I want it all back. I will be calling and writting Mr. Hans Vestberg CEO Verizon to get my money back. I am in High Point NC. 6 blocks away from the store but they can't help me. Awful service. They do not care.

  5. Would like to know what is going on. I had upgraded my phone not quite a year ago and done so with the message continually coming up on phone that the memory was full. So I reluctantly (really liked my previous phone) upgraded from 16 to 64 GB phone with more memory and in the past, not quite year, added maybe 4 more apps. Guess what – MEMORY FULL. Is this from all the 3rd party ads that not only run the non replaceable battery down quicker causing more charges which is bad for the battery. Do these annoying to us, money to you, ads maintain and hold space in the phone causing the memory issue?
    I have 8 items with Verizon that within a few weeks or months of each other we are all told our phone memory is full. The majority of our apps is on our sd card and we still get – MEMORY FULL. Looking forward to seeing or receiving a response.

  6. I upgraded my phone to a s9 in April 2018, I purchased some accessories and an upgrade $400.00. They removed my military discount,they said I had to provide my deceased husbands info again! Even tho my military ID was provided to them! They've since been charging $15 for overages, last month was total of $45! Rep told me today she can put a safety mode on my line to avoid overages, why isnt that always offered!

  7. Please help me to understand your policy on notification of a manufacturers glitch that has occurred to my tablets that I purchased 15 months ago and I was never notified or given a courtesy email from your company. Now I am being told of purchasing two more plus 20 additional charge for new ones.

  8. I switched to their Service beginning in September….supposed to be paying my previous provider and I have got NOTHING but runaround….hours on the phone and lots of frustration…and after my entire evening on the phone AGAIN still know NOTHING . . can get no answers as to where my money is…but guess what…they are sure enough prompt in billing me each month…

    1. Am I happy to see this! I am having the worse experience ever and ready to go legal. I am still waiting for return to my card monies Verizon still has not returned. I should have gotten it back as of September 21st, 2017 but, it is now January 29th, 2018 and I am still as if a dog chasing its tail. Maybe we need to create a class action lawsuit.

  9. I have been a Verizon customer since 2003- I have 10 devices on my plan. My Verizon Tablet is still under warranty and I am forced to mail it to Verizon's Warranty Factory to be repaired or replaced. This took 3 weeks and they DID NOT fix the tablet. Now, I have waited a week for the return box to arrive- I talked to customer service TWICE this week and still have NOT received the OVER NIGHT boxes that were supposedly sent!! DO NOT BUY THE VERIZON TABLET!!!!

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