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  1. I am very shocked at the business practices of your company. At one point I though very highly of your organization and products. After paying close to $3,000 for a recliner I think I should get some time of acceptable service. I called to arrange a repair for my recliner, the foot rest would not raise. It seems that a piece of plastic broke off. When I called I was given three months out I am not happy I was trying to give the gentleman my credit card to pay for the deposit he hung up on me. Yesterday i received a voice mail telling me that they are able to schedule me for March 30th, so I called back today to give them my payment, I was told that someone would call me back to take my payment, I waited all day for their call, nothing so I called back I was then told that they made a mistake, and there is nothing they could do about the long wait time on the phone, or no call back because there are weather conditions. Yesterday I went into the local store and was told there is nothing they could do for me, I am 75 years old, with a back issue and need my recliner to work so as to keep my legs elevated. It is obvious that you could care less, since you have not given me the courtesy of a call back. This the worse experience I have had with sales people who lack any customer service.

  2. Its going on 9 weeks now for our order and went to store to speak with manager who promised our salesperson would call. He never called and my husband called him. Salesman stated the material we ordered was popular, which we know is just a line. My son Derek Leras referred us to Lazy Boy as the best place to buy and his best friend works in your offices. Reading the previous quality concerns has me worried. Paid in full, and thinking of getting a refund.

  3. (Continued from Email #1 with same subject)

    About three or four days ago I was interested in buying a yard of the material (so I could make the head and arm rest covers, which you don't supply anymore on a $1,000 chair) and which he said was around $60 a yard.

    But, because I had a bad feeling there might be a problem with the fabric) I just wanted to check again to make sure it was the same pattern as I was getting on the chair. Oh yes, he assured me again, the swatch was what I was getting.

    Well, thank goodness I didn't order it, as the chair came today. It definitely is not the "Eclipse" pattern they showed me the day I bought the chair. Luckily, it looks a lot like the "Eclipse" on your web site….although it is shiny and the one on the web site is not. But I am satisfied with the color and said okay and accepted the chair.


    Now I'm scared to death to order a yard of the fabric I got on my chair, as it will probably be the one that looks like dark blue peacock feathers. I actually can't afford the $60, as I had to borrow the money from a relative in order to buy this chair, but I can only imagine what would happen if they sent the wrong fabric. I no doubt would have to pay more shipping and God know what other charges to get it straightened out, IF EVER.

    I like my chair, so far, but I am very unhappy with the way the sales people treat customers, and give out wrong information on VERY EXPENSIVE furniture.

    I have attached a picture of the "Briggs Eclipse" picture from your web site. I've also enclosed 5 close-ups of the pattern I got, and it certainly doesn't look like the swatch I was shown which looked like shiny blue peacock feathers. (My pictures look much lighter than the actual dark color of the chair, as I had the camera and flash very close to the chair….I just wanted you to see the actual pattern, compared to the swatch I was shown.) The other two are pictures of the actual chair I just got.

    I hope you have more accurate service for your other customers. I suggest you get a new swatch for what "Eclipse" actually looks like.

    Betty Dowell

  4. Below is a copy of the email I sent to the Costa Mesa, CA Lay-Z-Boy Showroom. PLEASE read the entire email so you will understand what I'm asking. I haven't heard a word back from them.

    Can you tell me how I can get (1) one yard of the "supposed" Eclipse material that will match the exact material which covers my chair. I don't mind buying it if I know I will be getting the right pattern to match. I DO NOT want to pay for it until I see it and know that it will match my chair. God knows what I will have to go through to get the mess straightened out if I get the wrong material. Can you please tell me how I can do this?????? Thank You, Betty Dowell.

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    From: Betty [mailto:eznonlady@roadrunner.com]
    Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2017 2:56 PM
    To: 'LZB.Designer129@la-z-boy.com'
    Subject: Lazy-Boy—-ATTENTION: RYAN!!!!!



    When I came in to the Costa Mesa Lazy Boy store, looking for the Briggs Rocker Recliner in the color "Eclipse," The young lady named Karina pulled out the swatch which she swore was "Eclipse." I said it didn't look like the "Eclipse" design on your web site. A gentleman, who I believe was you, Ryan, got together with Karina, checked the swatch and said yes that is definitely Eclipse. I asked if you had a chair with that fabric, and Ryan finally found one. Since I wanted dark blue, and the one he showed me was dark blue (he even laid the swatch on top of the chair). I told them both that this did not look AT ALL like the fabric on your web site, since the swatch looked like a lot of blue peacock feathers and was very shiny. But I said that the dark color was fine, so I said "okay" and bought it. (Continued on second email)

  5. I hope this gets to the right people. In Januarary of 2013, we bought furniture from a lazy boy furniture store in Langley B.C. We had an interior designer come in first and help us plan what we wanted. We were told that we would have this furniture at the end of March. Of course no furniture. Then we were told that it would be here in April, no furniture. We got the run around and the excuses were endless, no one seemed to what to solve the problem. We had called the store several times and were told, we are waiting for pieces to come. I disnt believe that. In May we went again to talk to them and told them that we want our stuff, we paid a huge amount toward it and no furniture, not right in my mind. Then the manager of the store at the time had told me that he would give us a substancial discount on the rest. Well we were at the end of June and low and behold our furniture arrived. All except one lamp shade which they tried to sell us one that looked similar to what we ordered. Not good enough when you order high end stuff. Once we had it for two weeks, there was problems with the firmness of the cushions they were not all the same. It is now October and we are still dealing with this problem, The store has wiped there hands clean of this issue. We are not happy, and will not support this store anymore, We have passed this on to a lot of our friends, family and co-workers. Being treated the way we were was very unprofessional of the company.

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