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Ashley Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Ashley Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ashley HomeStore Corporate Office Address:
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-608-323-3377
Ashley Home Store Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-436-3393

Ashley Furniture Corporate Office



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  1. I would like to speak with a regional or district manager for the Indianapolis Indiana area regarding issues with a local store. Or ANYONE that can help with this issue.
    I had purchased an Ashley Set, ordered on 12/27/2022 and delivered on 1/5/2023. Upon delivery the service men did not check the furniture. When we proceeded to use the item in question it was found to be broken, the leg rest would go up, but not go back down on this electric sofa. After multiple attempts to call the store with no response to this matter, I went in to see the manager and they arranged for a Service Order Request # 787869, which was done on 2/5/2023.
    On 2/9/2023 I received an email that they needed additional information regarding the issue with the couch, which was clearly stated on the request for service. Finally on 2/13/2023 a service technician came out to our home to check out the couch and was informed the frame was bent on the couch and that a part would need to be ordered. On 3/3/2023 I received an email that the part was finally ordered and should arrive at my home within 10-15 days and when part arrived to contact them to arrange service. On 3/20/2023 I contacted the service dept. (AHM) and informed them that the part had finally arrived and they informed me the next available date that a technician will be in my area would not be until 4/20/2023 as they are not in my area all the time. On 4/20/2023 I received a text from the technician stating he got injured on a job and would have to cancel that day, but the service dept would call with a new date. On Friday, 4/21/2023 I received a call telling me that a technician would be out on Saturday, 4/22/2023 to service the couch between the hours of 5-7pm, unless my husband would like to fix the couch himself, which I responded NO. I then double checked that date and time and she said yes, they are having a special run of repairs done that day. I proceeded to change all my plans to make sure I was home for the technician as this repair had been in process since February 5, 2023 and I wanted it completed. No one ended up showing up that evening for the repair and when you call service number they do not work on weekends. On Monday morning, 4/24 I called and asked what happened and was informed the technician was never given their work orders for that day so he did not work. The next available date for service would now be 5/16/2023 if they had hired someone by then. But I was on the schedule.
    This will be 3 months of trying to get this repair completed. When speaking with AHM and trying to get this resolved they informed me that I would need to speak with the store. When I went into the store and left a message for the Operations Manager, Jeff on 5/1/2023 I was told he would call me on 5/2/2023. By the afternoon of 5/2 with no call, I left another message, then another message on 5/3. Each time being told he will get back to me. Well on 5/4 after no response I went into the store again and was then told he was on vacation until 5/17/2023 and there was nothing anyone could do for me.
    At that point I asked to get the contact information for the District Manager and or Regional Manager for Ashley Furniture for the Indianapolis area and was told, "our manager just told us we can't give out that information". Hmmmm….what manager may that be as the staff was just telling me that there was no manager on duty.
    I am completely frustrated with the customer service being received from this store and will be forwarding this information to the BBB of Indianapolis. I would also appreciate any help that can be given in getting this issue resolved.

  2. I purchased a sofa and love seat.
    Ashley Furniture
    Montclair Ca. 91763

    very disappointed first time and last buying anything from this store, they delivered the wrong color chosen by salesman, to pick it up from my home it took them more than a week and to add to that nightmare is been almost two weeks since i returned the furniture back to them have not got my refund yet they took my delivery fee even though it was totally their fault for not providing a good service, they blamed me for keeping the furniture when I was not able to refused it, I was not home only my 90 year old grandmom who didn't even see the color well, I received NO apologies from no one at the store when I went to complain even the store manager blamed on me for what happened, do not buy anything from this store and if you do be sure they do your order correct otherwise you will suffer a nightmare with them on resolving the issue.

  3. I purchased a bed in December. However, I did not attempt to put it together until early February. Upon opening it, parts were missing. I have been unable to get any help because of time passed. I was told I’d have to buy the missing parts all over again. 1 part tbey still don’t have, so I took it upon myself to go to Home Depot to have a part cut. After that I still can’t assemble bed because I have 3 of the same leg pieces! I am so disappointed In Ashley Furniture!
    I have a bed I bought for my 9 year old grandson, that I’ve bought extra parts and still can’t use!
    I am going to be forced to highlight this situation with my local news station. As it stands I will probably never buy Ashley again!

  4. I purchased dining room furniture at,
    Ashley Furniture
    80-16 Cooper Ave.
    Glendale NY, 11385

    Ashley customer service phone number 735-548-1200
    Factory Direct Enterprises LLC. d/b/a Ashley
    Edison New Jersey

    What I thought was A beautiful dining room table smooth with different hues of color and chairs, without any damages, well I was WRONG. The Table I got has nicks and small pieces of wood missing, and a wobbly chair, I called them the very next day, after delivery on
    March 21, 2023, I made the call on March 22, 2023, the very NEXT DAY. They informed me to send pictures, ( I DID).

    The E-Mail was sent on 3/24, they needed another picture of the serial number from the chair, I also sent that. then finally today 3/28/23, Tuesday, I got in touch with Customer Service, and this is what transpired.

    The Supervisor Ms. Wendy Robinson, had to give me over to the Manager Ms. Wendy A, (sorry did not get the last name)
    The Manager was polite, and told me that they could not change the table, because they did not see anything wrong with the table, I in turn told her, that the pictures shows the nicks and scratches, (THE TABLE THAT WAS SHOWED TO ME AND MY FIREND, WAS NOT THE SAME TABLE THAT I PURCHASED, AND I WAS NOT PAYING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT I SENT THEM A PICTURE, OF THE TALBLE i SAW AT THE SHOWROOM AND IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME ONE.)

    She explained that these are oak tables and every single one is different, well I did not see any nicks or scratches on the one in the showroom and I refuse to pay for something I did not order. The manager, Ms. Wendy A. told me there was nothing she could do because I accepted the furniture, and they would send someone to fix the chair. but they would not change the table, I told her,

    I will go to the better Business Bureau, I will go to the news with this, AND I WILL NOT PAY FOR RUINED FURNITURE, TO TAKE IT BACK AND REFUND MY MONEY. She said she could not, and I said I could not beleive that they were NOT, GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO REMEDY THIS ISSUE, AND PROBLEM. She said it would only hurt my credit. I am so frustrated right now that is why I am writing to your office,
    It is not my fault that IT WAS NOT EXPLAINED TO ME, THAT THE TABLES WOULD BE DIFFERENT, I hope you can remedy this situation, I am a senior citizen, and I am just trying to get the right things done here. Please help me straighten this out. Thank you.

    Ms. Guevares

  5. NEVER buy anything from Ashley!! This is the 2nd time they have messed up my purchase. The 1st time was with an in-store bed + mattress purchase. We purchased an extra-long adjustable bed and mattresses to fit, but the mattresses delivered were too short! Called Ashley to switch out the short mattresses for the longer mattresses and they said I had to take pictures & email those in so they could see I was not lying! I did that and then they said I had to go INTO THE STORE to switch out the mattresses. I'm disabled and have trouble walking, so this was VERY inconvenient. This time I purchased a chair on-line and did not receive an estimation for delivery until AFTER I placed the order. The estimation was for 5-6 weeks, so I IMMEDIATELY filled out the on-line cancellation form. Later that day I received an email order confirmation, but no email order cancellation email. I called Ashley to ask why and was informed by the representative that she put through the cancellation, but it could take 3-5 business days to receive the cancellation email. Yesterday evening I received 2 emails, one stating that my order HAD SHIPPED and the other advising my CARD HAD BEEN CHARGED! I called Ashley again this morning to find out what happened to my cancellation & was told that when the representative tried to put through the cancellation, there was already an ETA on delivery so she couldn't put it through. The representative I spoke to this morning said I'd have to wait for delivery & then CALL BACK to have the order canceled! I then became quite irate and asked to speak to a supervisor. Although I was never put through to the supervisor, I was told that she had called FedEx to intercept the order so it would not be delivered, but that could not be guaranteed. I was given a case # and told that if it was delivered to refuse delivery & THEN I would receive a refund on my card! What a hassle! If you enjoy issues with your purchases, then by all means, buy from Ashley. If you DON'T want issues, then don't buy anything from Ashley.

  6. Do Not….DO NOT purchase from Ashley Furniture! I purchased a power recliner in Sept 2022 and took it with me (did not have it delivered). Last week the power box began to smoke when charging so I contacted Ashley Furniture only to find out I was sold an item in "as is" condition. I stated to their representative nowhere on my receipt nor on the purchase tag did it state anywhere this was an "as is" purchase. I called my salesperson, who informed me due to me taking the recliner with me at the time of purchase it was not covered under any sort of warranty.


    Do not purchase anything from Ashley Furniture!

  7. Ashley furniture is a joke! I bought my son a dresser of drawers for Christmas. It looks good online we put it together. It was missing the bottom drawer call customer service. They said they would send it within 30 days. I have called three times. It’s been three months nothing has come called to complain again they said they would send me a whole new dresser. I would just have to send them a picture, I did it now I have to send a receipt showing I donated the item I did it they sent a new one. This one is smaller and it’s peeling and falling apart first off why wasn’t I given a credit why do I have to jump through hoops when it was their fault horrible customer service never shop there? I’m closing my credit card and going elsewhere. Regret this with all my heart.

  8. I also will never buy anything from Ashley furniture again, and I hope to strongly discourage many others to go anywhere else. My $3,000.00 couch is falling apart after 11 months and I'm not getting any help. If your thinking about buying furniture…. DON'T BUY IT AT ASHLEY FURNITURE!!! It's high priced garbage!

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