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  • Rooms To Go Corporate Office Headquarters

Rooms To Go Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Rooms To Go Corporate Office Headquarters

11540 Hwy. 92 East
Seffner, FL 33584
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-623-5400
Fax: 813-620-1717
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-766-6786
Website: Roomstogo.com


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  1. I order a sectional on 5/28/2022 from Store 606. My husband went to the store in November 2022 to find out when will the right arm chair of the sectional be delivered. Little did we not that we were forgotten and the right are chair was delivered on 3/23/23. This is how you are treated after loosing all your possession in Hurricane Ida. As far as the gentlemen who delivered and installed the right arm chair. they were magnificent.

  2. I finally brought a home. I decided to buy most of my furniture from ROOMS TO GO! Brought my 1st home. So when it was time to buy my living room set…I was excited however, that quickly turned into discuss, disappointment than anger! 1st deliver was two hours late, 2nd the guys Broke one of the legs on the chair while setting up…and didn't tell me! I found out about an hour later as I inspected the LOVESEAT. 3rd….last but not least I notice a lot of shedding from the Pillows in the chair…So I unzipped one Pillow from the sofa and found the pillow case inside was ripped or NEVER sewed complete with green stuffing coming out the hole! So I started to unzip each Pillow….Every pillow was half stitched/torn (6) in all. $2400.00 dollars…poor quality and craftmanship….I'm so pissed. Ordered in the Richmond, VA store and out of Dunn N.C warehouse. VIEW MY PICTURES ONLINE!!
    Sincerely Disappointed Consumer,

  3. warranty problem I have a 3 year extended warranty they want me to pay the difference my sofa now cost $400.00 more now then what I played for

  4. God awful company. Their various departments DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. So, if there's an issue, it is impossible to get it resolved. The only reason I'm still waiting on my order, since 2/17/22, is it's a bigger headache to get refunded. I'm giving them until 03/17/22, then I'm getting an attorney. How a business like this stays in business in unbelievable. they really don't care about the customer, and they do not apologize for their inefficacy. They could care less. this company does not keep anything in stock, even though their website will say they do. They outsource everything, and just keep blaming the outside vendors. It's a viscous cycle, which is their plan. Take your money, but never deliver the product. the Hollywood actors that keep working with them are just as much to blame as Rooms To Go. Looking forward to 03/17/22, so I can file a lawsuit for fraud.

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