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Furniture Row Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Furniture Row Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Furniture Row LLC
5740 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80216
Email: n/a
Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-578-1073
Fax Number: 1-303-296-3462
Customer Service Number: 1-303-578-1073
Denver Mattress Co.: 1-866-372-4642
Sofa Mart: 1-844-763-6278

Denver Mattress Co.®:
Sofa Mart®:
Oak Express®
The Linen Shoppe


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  1. My family has spent quite a lot of money at Furniture Row over the years. Never had an issue until the past several purchases. We were promised delivery on one day but didn't receive the delivery time window as promised. When we called we found out our sales rep messed up. Of course he told us the delivery company/store messed up. No one offered or knew how to make it right. We got rid of our older furniture based on their information (we called and were assured it would be delivered the next day. Now we are sitting on the floor until they have room on their delivery truck. Customer service is a thing of the past. I will now take my future business to locally owned stores who might a care a little bit and have a brain to think outside of the box to move a few deliveries around or send a truck with our delivery like promised. Managers there do not have a clue how to do what is right by the customer.

  2. I should have read this site store i made my purchase as noted by one of the previous buyers because i got the same treatmen. I purchased furniture for a media room that I wanted to upgrade. The purchase consisted of six arm chairs, four armless chairs and five theatre consoles of which everything is power operated. They were delivered and set up in the room. I had to purchase power extensions which I already k ew. Once I got the power strips and connected the chairs to the power, the armless chairs began to decline by themselves. After closer inspection, I found that the control buttons on the side of the armless chairs protruded out so far that they were pressing against the side of the theater consoles and activating themelves. On the back row where one of the armless chairs was connected to a arm chair, there was no way to insert your finger to operate the buttons without reading flesh from your finger. This is identical to the buttons between the armless chairs and the theater consoles. A repairman was sent out twice to see what he could do to solve The problem. He did repair one of the backs on a theater console which only had one retaining screw because The insert that The screw was supposed to screw into had fallen out of The hole. The young lady, Miranda, who sold me this $7000.00 set said that she would get me some replacement units from the factory. Time passed and I heard from no one at the store so I called. I was informed by Ivan that Miranda had been furloughed and was no longer with the store. I asked Ivan about my replacement pieces only to be told he did not know what I was talking about. I explained everything to Ivan only to have him tell me that there was nothing he could about it. I then called customer service in Denver and lodged my complaint. We will see what happens now.

  3. I bought 2 items sofa, bed ! Bed delivery was damaged!! Paid off both Accounts 6 months later furniture row harassing me about my account s ?? I asked for info why & how I owe ?? Manager never contected me back ?? I provided t that I paid accounts off !!! Furniture row put some sorry we missed u note on my door!! WTF this is how you do Business!!

  4. I purchased a table and 4 chairs from Furniture Row, Aurora, CO. They were too large for the space so I went to the store the same day they were delivered to find something else and I didn't. I paid the $45 for pick up of the furniture and they were to be picked up in two days. No one came during the pick up time. I had to call the store several times to find out what was going on. I was told the truck broke down and arrangements were made for pick up the next week and that someone would call the night before to confirm. No once called and when I called the store they had no idea what was going on. When I called and asked to speak with the manager the salesman asked 'what was my problem'. I guess their customer service only applies if you don't make returns. This has been the worse experience I have ever had and I will not purchase anything from any of their stores again.

  5. Purchased a sectional from Sofa mart in San Antonio, Tx, when taking off the plastic they put a slit in the back of my couch. I bought this back in Sept. 2017 and still fighting with them on getting this resolved. Shame on you Sofa Mart, you act like you don't care and just taking peoples money. Very disappointed in the Salesman Alex and his Supervisor David for giving us the run around. Will NEVER order from them again!!!

  6. North Little Rock, AR

    I ordered a rug in June 2017. It was a special order rug, therefore it would take 8 weeks to come in. I was okay with that. We went and picked up the rug, brought it home and it was the WRONG RUG! Not even the correct size, color, brand style, nothing. We called the manager and he said bring it back and they would put a rush on a new one because they could not find my rug in the warehouse. We took the incorrect rug back to the store, and they re-ordered the rug i wanted and put a rush on it. Its been 8 weeks since that rug was re-ordered, so here i am now waiting 16 weeks to get the rug I ordered. Called the location today, and they have no clue when my rug will arrive. I will NEVER purchase from them again, and In May 2017 i purchased a $4000 sectional from them. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM FURNITURE ROW!

  7. The delivery service is terrible. I was scheduled for a Sunday 9:30 am to 10:30am delivery window. At 11:45am someone called and said unforseen circumstances arose and it will be Monday. I called the store and the salesperson said both drivers had a stomach flu and were theowing up all night. Now how nieve do they rhink we are, both at the same time? Could it be a night of drinking??? I am disappointed as I have waited 2 minths dor this couch to finally come in! Bad business and unhappy customer.

  8. We purchased a table/chairs back in May 2017. They arrived visually damaged but useable until the replacement piece would arrive. We have been given a line of BS on the replacement since then; forgot to reorder, on back order, paperwork lost, etc. etc. etc. There is no service once they have your cash.
    Avoid this sales outlet. In our mind they are a bunch of thieves!

  9. Furniture Row, and it's henchman, Vogel and associates have just muscled their way into eastern Colorado and decided it was in their best financial interest to place a proposed water treatment facility directly adjacent to and existing K-12 school.
    If this is the kind of unethical business practices of FR on a regular basis, then I'd suggest spending hard earned money elsewhere, perhaps somewhere with a conscientious community outreach.
    I am beginning with my public boycott of Furniture Row and our Facebook page and local social media will follow shortly. 9News has already been contacted, as well. If you'd like more info on this, find the minutes from Arapahoe County May 2, 2017.

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