Ivan Smith Corporate Office Headquarters

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Ivan Smith Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 160 Garden Oaks Drive
Camden, AR 71701
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-870-231-5511
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-870-231-5511

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Greetings and Happy New Year!
To the point, I recently purchased a home on Cross Lake moving back to the Shreveport Bossier area, after leaving for the Navy in 1982 and finishing high school. Proudly serving to fight against TYRANY and OPPRESSION for all. Unfortunately much of both still exists abroad as well as home. Our environment and circumstances have changed but many Southern traditionalists hearts unfortunately remain the same. I am a honorably discharged disabled veteran and currently serving in the US Merchant Marines as an Officer. That being said I do very well finically and purchased over $4K in furniture on 12/22, with the intent to furnish my entire home with possibly another $15K in purchases. Barbara Wiles of Ivan Smith Furniture store #33 of Shreveport, La. (318) 861-3423 referred to me so I feel in a very inappropriate and disrespectful manner as "A BOY" in front of my daughter & grand daughter who were visiting from the Atlanta area. The actual comment made while holding my 3 yr. old grand daughter was, "Now you come back to see us and bring THE BOY back with you." This came about while my grand was walking around the store with her mom and the question was asked of the little one, "Now who is this?" To which the grand replied, "That's my mommie" and that's pa pa, he's a boy". At that age she sees everyone as boys and girls, as we do male/female/men and women. That seemed to be some big joke in the store when that was heard and staff (Laurie Mabus, Kyle Stickland) laughed as well but I personally thought that was the end of it. So Barbara's comment while leaving was at the lease tasteless and non professional. In my book it's not what one is called but one answers to and BOY's don't walk in a store and spend $4K at the drop of a hat. Which is why I chose not to address her at that moment in front of my family. Laurie Mabus was excellent and many Ivan Smith employees should pattern themselves after her when it comes to customer relations. Unfortunately due to the incident, I am not inclined to spend another dime with Ivan Smith to furnish my home.

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