iStorage Corporate Office Headquarters

iStorage Corporate Office Headquarters
132 West Plant Street, Suite 210
Winter Garden, Florida 34787
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-478-6724
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-478-6724

  • How do u get charged 3 months rent before the months are even here and late fees and lock fees and lien fees for months that are still months away , come on really?

  • The pricing is ridiculous. I was referred by someone, that person recieved no incentive for the referral, neither did we. I opened not just one but 2 units, and they charged me more for the second one and would not give me the same price for both units. they could not combine the 2 accounts in anyway, and so one was on auto pay and the other i had to manually pay each month. Then i got a post card in the mail after only 3 months of service, stating that the unit was going up by 34 dollars per month. In today's world loyalty is everything and they have no incentive for it, take your business elsewhere.

  • I am currently looking for another facility. I don't appreciate unsanitary conditions even In a storage facility and it has been that way for months.

  • The dump here in Desert Hot Springs is a POS. The on site manager is a great person…but the aholes in charge could care less about security..or any improvements at all!!!!! They keep raising the space rent..the greedy basturds!!! THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!!!!

  • I cannot believe this!!! I am literally a prisoner stuck inside the freaking storage place. I pay extra for late gate access, have a unique pin and now cannot get out!! I came to my storage unit to put some things in it before 10pm and had to move some things around. When I went to leave and put in my pin the gate says late exit is denied!! WTH!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I am so angry I cannot see straight!!

    • Well the same thing kind of happened to me they gave me 48 hours to move out I'm by myself with no car no trailer I found a person that will let me use their trailer will come back for me to move my trailer and bring me back to get the other stuff they had me doing all of this before 11 in the morning I am moved one load of everything that I could load myself at 10 come back at 11:15 25 after they've put a lock on my storage unit which can the contents of that was a dirt bike a mirror dressing table largest stuff that I can't handle by myself and they won't let me back in to get my stuff I don't know what to do I called corporate not sure what they're going to tell me this unit is in Jacksonville Florida off of Hartley Road in San Jose they are really ridiculous these employees are not good for this company I've had multiple complaints of things that didn't make no sense to me for the reason why I had to move out my son is get sick at times and I had to have an EpiPen and it was in my backpack and my storage unit so yes I went over there after hours one night to retrieve it and next day I got evicted if there's anybody out there that has any advice about how to get my stuff back please email me thank you LV

  • I been using the istorage for over a year . great place the manager kerry went out of her way too help me . ill give her 5 stars . wish I could give more . friendly and was a great help . I wish they were all as helpful as her

  • I rented a storage a large one thinking I was going to get an large quantity of things, to put in them.
    Well, it fell through it ever happened.
    I never put anything in it.
    I was going to leave the lock off after I paid a deposit and 39.00 and 17.00 for the lock.
    I am trying to get a refund on something I did not use, they did not charge me for rent I told them. I was not going to use it.i do not have a ride.
    I did not know when the man just leaves the lock on.
    Well, I was not because they were no need they were nothing in it.
    He said that the way they do
    If I know I made sure I took.ot off with him standing there.
    I did not get any refund for something I did not use.
    They were abruptly nothing in it.
    K thinks he is wrong.
    I pacifically asked those questions.e

  • Another unhappy customer. They charged me $25 for 24 hour access but when I went in at night no lights worked on the whole row. They said they have pest control but my clothes got infested with bugs. They said they close at ten I was on my unit and st 7 pm I got locked in i had to stay night in my storage. I also paid my bill they sent me late notices I went to talk to the manager for 30 min to straighten it out. She left for day I went to get some stuff and they had locked my unit I could not get my stuff she failed to tell me and I am current. This place sucks!!!!

  • This has got to be the most ridiculous Entry/Exit policy I have ever seen at a storage facility in my entire life!!!!! Normal business hours end at 10pm, ok great… C'MON PEOPLE, IT'S A GATED FACILITY THAT REQUIRES A UNIQUE PIN NUMBER TO BE ENTERED ONTO THE TOUCH PAD BEFORE ENTRY/EXIT IS ALLOWED!!! But instead of doing things like any common sense business would, you decided to make things difficult for the customer!!! You see, not only do you close at 10pm, but you also decided to stop the gate from functioning as well, which means that I have absolutely no access to my things, even with the code!?!? But wait, it gets even better!!! If you arrive before 10pm, then of course the gate opens right up for you… but this is where I'm in a state of disbelief!!! If you are inside of the facility, putting things in your storage room, and the clock strikes 10pm….. YOU CANNOT LEAVE!!!!! Ok people, let me say that again… if you are in your storage room after 10pm, and you try to leave, your pin number is literally no longer relevant until normal business hours resume the following morning!!!!! I AM STUCK, LITERALLY STUCK INSIDE OF THIS FACILITY IN FLORENCE, ALABAMA WITH NO WAY OF GETTING OUT, AS I TYPE THIS COMPLAINT!!! Now the business card that they gave me says that there is 24 hour access by calling Rita… but obviously, nobody is answering!!! I'm Very Very Angry, knowing that I'm about to be sleeping in my car because this gate will not open and let me out!!! I'm just about pissed off to the point of making this a public story!!!
    Your Very Unsatisfied Customer,
    Sean I. Stacy

    • We to got stuck in our facility due to the change of hours on sunday we sat for 2 hours trying to get into with someone to let us out there was no numbers on the gate for emergency so we looked ot up online got intouch with someone who gave us 3 diffrent emergency codes that did not work so we called the non emergency police dept and with in20 mins they were there and we were out 5 seconds later thank you north highlands, ca police dept

  • Istorage charged me a late fee of 30.00 when i was not late on my payment. I paid it 2 weeks early. They also put a lock on my unit. I found out the lady was new and made a mistake. She credited my account.but i wanted to speak to the manager. Manager was suppose to call me 5 days ago…still no call. Today i get a letter from istorage saying i owe a 30.00 late fee. I drove to the office and tried to straighten out the error and they were no help.after insisting something be done he called the manager but she didn't answer. I requested the managers phone number, however she does not answer her phone

  • Been trying to get a refund for months for service they charged me for after I moved out… Their own staff think this is a terrible company.

  • I went today to get stuff from my unit and my lock was gone and another was on. I explained it was not my lock gentleman said not to raise my voice at him and they charged 40.00 to cut lock off. Who put it on and what happened to my lock. This is the 2nd time this has happened.

  • I've had my unit in Carson city nv for over 2 years and haven't had a problem. The price was $25.00 a month and stayed that way for the first year or so. It was raised eventually with no problem usually a few dollars at a time. Until this month..(may 2017) they raised it $10.00. I'm thinking that's kinda high for a one time jump. Kind of extortion.

  • This is not the address or phone number for iStorage Corporate. They are located in Winter Park Florida and the number is 866-478-6724

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