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  1. I went to the store in Clarksville, TN purchased a purse on 11/9/19, went to use it on 11/24/19 and it was defected. I went to back to the store to return it with my receipt and the cashier asked me if I had the tag and I told her no, but I have the receipt where I purchased it, she then proceeded to text her manager to see if I could return the purse. The Manager told her that I could not. I have a layaway and they said I could put the amount of the purse on my layaway. I thought about it, then I said no I want my money back if there is not another purse. They would not give me my money back all though I had the receipt and apparently it was defected when I purchased it. I am really upset about this type of business. I have purchased items before that I would find a hole in their items and had no problem returning it if I had the receipt. I have been trying to reach out to the headquarters of this company and I can't seem to get them. I think I am going to contact the better business bureau. I don't they should be able to keep my money if I have a receipt and the item is defected before I got to use it. THIS IS NOT BUSINESS, THIS IS ROBBERY IN THEIR OWN WAY.

  2. I was in the Laurel, MS store about one month ago. There was only one cashier in the store. I asked to use the dressing room to try on several items. I was advised that I had to wait. I waited as instructed. I was later escorted the dressing room by the cashier. After I went into the dressing room, I was asked how many items that I had; I simply replied with "…you can come into the dressing room and see for yourself…I'm not going to do your job and then you say I got more than what I had…" The cashier became upset from that point forward. The cashier asked me to leave the store and I advised her that I had not did anything to be put out of the store. The cashier stated you just wait right here because I got something for you. The cashier then called mall security/police whom simply advised me to leave the store. I left the store with no problem. I attempted to call the District Manager, Sabrina Carter on that day and it is one month later and I am yet to get a returned phone call. There was no further occurrences after that. I attempted to go back in the store on another occasion and was advised by the cashier that I am not allowed to come into the store due to me being a shoplifter. That person no longer works at the store at this time and has since wrote me a signed statement stating what she was advised by the Store Manager, Keisha. I again reached out to the District Manager, Sabrina Carter and I have not received a phone call. It has now been one month later and I am still encountering the concerns of deformation of character and slander from It's Fashion in Laurel, MS. I now have three signed statements (one from a previous employee and two from current employee's) stating that they have been advised not to let me come in the store because I was a shoplifter. I have now reached out to the District Manager, Sabrina Carter, Regional Manager, Vivian Gray, and now Corporate Office due to these serious allegations. No-one has attempted to return my phone calls or emails that I have left. I now plan on moving forward with legal allegations due to this matter.

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