Zara Corporate Office Headquarters

Zara Corporate Office Headquarters
Zara USA:
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400
10110 New York, NY USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-355-1415
Fax 1-212-754-1128
Zara Stores Customer Service: 1-212-355-1415 Online Customer Service: 1-855-635-9272

  • I get penalized when I shop online I will put the item in the shopping cart and before I get a chance to check out the item sold out due to my disability makes me type slower than others I can't call it in the to my speech impairment so I contacted customer service about it they replied items in your cart isn't reserved and item can be taken from your cart what's a disable person can do I eventually gotten to order it but I had to pay full price because the special price sold out due to I wasn't quick enough to check out due my that fair?

  • Everyo wise man knows that Taiwan is de facto an independent country. Yet, in its Taiwanese Website, Zara classifies Taiwan under China simply due to the pressure of the authoritarian country. As a globally respected brand, Zara should keep its moral dignity instead of selling the soul and giving in to economic blackmail.

  • To whom it may concern,

    I am emailing to inform you regarding an issue regarding the emergency protocol at your store in Aventura, Florida. On Saturday, 12/16 I was in your fitting room while the mall experienced an emergency situation. I came out of the dressing room I was in to ask for a different size. As I walked towards the front where the attendants typically stand, I saw abandoned clothes all over the floor and no one to help me. Moments later a women came out of the stock room and waved for me to come inside. My purse which contained my cell phone was still in the dressing room. I ran and grabbed it and had to push the door open as the women who was following protocol (I’m a teacher so I know how it works) was about to close the door and lock it. Once inside, there were already people from wall to wall (meaning tons of people had already had time and were aware to run for safety). So, my point of contacting you was that I DID NOT know there was an emergency. I was In the back fitting room and there were no sirens and no one called out that there was an emergency. Had I not needed a different size, I would have not come out and potentially have my life at risk. I would have not had the chance to protect my self since I did not know there was an emergency. As a teacher, there is protocol the school must follow, as well as myself. As a Stoneman Douglas Alumni, I am crying out to you to please make your fitting room more safe. I have been a customer of yours for a long time and now scared to enter your store, nor purchase anything until attention has been brought to this matter.

    Thank G-d it was a false alarm, but what if it was not? I wouldn’t have had a chance to at least run.

  • I believe the customer service for this store has got to be the worst ever. I bought a coat online for my son and the zipper is defective. I contacted the customer service from Zara and the person told me that I needed to send pictures and provided me with an email to send them to. I did that then waited and contacted them the following day and then someone else tells me now that I have to send pictures through the chat. So i send them through the chat as well and they tell me I have to wait 24 to 48 hrs for a determination from them. meanwhile all I want to do is exchange the coat for the same coat, nothing less nothing more.Now for the past week now,my son has been freezing his little self off cuz all he has a little jacket and has to where layers upon layers just to go to school.This the reason I went out looking for heavy coat to prevent that but now I'm being delayed over an exchange. I have never dealt with such unprofessialism in my life till now. This has got to be worst customer service experience I have ever encountered.

  • Zara is outsourcing there deliviries with other companies. Zara sends out a tracking number. but its changed once the outsourced. company gets it, and now you dont know where and how long your package wwill aand when be delivered. Leadership is the outsourced company if you live in the NJ area. They delivered a package to a different town thats North of mine with the same address. They did it again on a later order and I was home. I checked the porch, and my house camera. Called lasership and Zara told them my house Camera. is telling me thats a lie. I have the proof you never came or delivered my package. Yet again, bback and forth telephone matches. until I offered to send a copy of the video through Verizon. Then Two(2) hours later, Lasership shows up with my package. Zara is Horrible. But there's other companies to buy from. that sell the same similar clothing in Comparison. Get it together Zara. pay for some good help instead of being frugal. You're going to lose your customers. We all talk about Zara when we're in your stores and compare situations regarding your Managers and Online support.

  • After you complain on this Corporate website. It simply states that your comment. will be visible after approval. How controlling is that. Anything to hide there mismanagement. SAD

  • Zara's customer service department. ,eed to be trained properly. You can barely get a word in. They're consistently speaking as you're giving detailed information. They want to aargue, fuss and fight!. They. have no self control of words. The Corporate office is just as bad. This explains why they carry on in such a manner. There is no leadership. Everybody is just there for a pay check. So just know you as a Customer is just a dollar$$ sign for more pay in there pockets. Sad, but true. Corporate states that there is no need to call and do a formal complaint with them, because they don't have a Deprtment or get involved. Corporate directs you pay to the Customer service Number listed to start all over again, and to have another battle with that department.

  • Please educate or train your managers well, some of them are soo rude, no manner, no passion…Training for new employees are so bad!

  • I am a very upset customer. I ordered from online. I had two packages delivered that day. ASOS package delivered at 5:22pm. Supposedly the ZARA package was delivered at 5:36. Only the ASOS package was sitting on the front porch. Called to tell the I never received it. They said they would get back to me in up to 72 hours. It was 108 hrs until I finally called. The lady on the phone said those numbers aren't guaranteed as a policy. So if your policy is to deliver a package, but you don't guarantee all policies then I am confused. She said that they found that the driver said he delivered the package. The package simply was not on the front porch…period. She said that the delivery company said he delivered it. I said if you can't guarantee a time frame, how do you guarantee a outside delivery company delivering to the right address? Zara is making me pay for the items I never received!!!!!


  • Zara is a very discriminatory company . I was once an employee there . I've seen first hand how customers are consistently being profiled.

  • My daughter shopped at Zara at Pentagon City in Washington D.C. on April 25, 2017. She WAS NOT GIVEN a receipt with her purchase and did not notice it until she had left the mall. I tried to return the items and explain to the supervisor on duty (Anitoo?). She told me to call customer care and they would be able to tell me how to return the items to my credit card. I called customer care from the store and spoke to Shelia. She said that there was not way that I could get the money back on my card because "how did she know if my daughter did not get a receipt". I said so you are calling my daughter a thief then? She said no that is not what she said. The conversation went on and I was horribly upset and then Shelia told me that how did she know that basically I was not lying to them. I called her on that one too and she hung up on me. So then I went back to talk to the lead and asked her to ask the general manager to call me as soon as possible. The lead then told me that if I brought a copy of my bank account she would return the money to my card. The main manager NEVER BOTHERED TO CALL ME so I made another trip into the store today and spoke to the lead and showed her the copy of my bank account where the charge was at. She then said she would not be able to return the money to my card because I did not have the receipt. I said I wanted to talk to the manager and she said she had left for the day. I stood there for ten minutes while she roamed around talking to the main manager. I insisted on speaking to her and the lead called her on the phone. I told her that my daughter never received a receipt so how could I produce one and she said that this was my problem.
    I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN A ZARA AGAIN. NEVER. I will let everyone I know and social media of the experience I had with this inexcusable conduct. I couldn't even find a contact for a corporate office to complain and try to get my money back. I will take my mission to social media.

  • Rude customer service seems to be nationwide with this company. Calvin at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa CA is the rudest, snidest, most untrained employee I've ever come across. His manager or supervisor wasn't any better either.

    • Oh yes!! even in Corporate. Have you ever witnessed the whole Complaint being done in person by anotger customer and cone to realize it's just not you. It's everybody thats spending there funds at Zara or We're just Money bags making deposits to the bank. for an exchange of its your now or too bad, deal with it, stop calling us call Customer service and let them tell you again. But this time you better get that we don't care, We're Zara. You need us and Our merchandise.

  • Zara is notorious for horrible lack of custmer service. Even in Playa Del Carmen when my fiance checked out with his shirt and shorts the cashier was on the phone the entire time she checked him out…she never once acknowledged him nor thanked him for his business! This company needs to make major improvments because the complaints are out of control!

  • On black Friday I made a purchase at the flag ship store on 5th ave in NYC. The registers weren't working properly. As a result I was double charged $233.54. It is now 1/20/17 and I am still waiting for a reversal of the funds. I've spoken to 5 people. And although each time I've been given different information each c all ended with them telling me that the transaction would be reversed with the acception of my last call. During that call I was told that the reversal/refund was processed on 12/11/16 and that I need to contact my bank to see why they haven;t put it through. As, expected, my bank denies that there was a reversal. I cannot believe that I'm having such a horrible experience with Zara. They are too big to be treating their customers so horribly. It;s terrible.

    • We're all just wasting air and time. We need to stop supporting them and letting them treat us like garbage. This is always a discussion in the stores when shopping. Customers are always screaming and getting into spats with the workers. You also get to watch them call Customer service and get told theres nothing they can do and Zara will except an emal regarding your complaint

  • Zara US customer service is the worst ever. I had an order delivered to a store 2 hours away from where I live and they tell me that was what I chose. That never happened. Why would I ask to have it shipped to that store when I had one 15 minutes away from me and better yet, I was getting free shipping to my home? I tried calling the store for 1 week and nobody would ever pick up the phone. I called corporate to complain about it, the first time the operator answered she connected me again to the store and guess what, nobody answered. So I called corporate at least 15 times and the operator never answered my call either. I'm contacting corporate in Spain, I hope I get better luck.

    • Don't worry you wont get any help! They dont have a department that handles complaints. We've been complaining all day to a brick wall. Cold hearted, non emotional Money bag collectors

  • I want someone from CORPORATE to contact me!!!

    This new "paperless" sucks– I have been waiting for over 10days and over 4 phone calls to idiot customer service agent on the 1-800

    • They never will. I have been told by Corporate thats not what they do. They don't get involved, you have no otger choice but to call back to those Horrible Customer care employees to have a debate. To see who can talk over whom the quicker than tve other

  • I am really disappointed with your customer service, I placed an order online and only receive several pieces. When I contact the customer service almost everyday and most of them do not wanted to help and I have not receive answer for 3 weeks. Today a customer service told me that you are not responsible for delivered items. I have been shopping online from a lot of website and I like your brand and product. But this is the first time that I have lost item and customer service do not take care of at all!

  • I am really disappointed with your customer service, I placed an order online and only receive several pieces. When I contact the customer service almost everyday and most of them do not wanted to help and I have not receive answer for 3 weeks. Today a customer service told me that you are not responsible for delivered items. I have been shopping online from a lot of website and I like your brand and product. But this is the first time that I have lost item and customer service do not take care of at all!

  • I have an incident and it been going on up to today 12/14/16. I bought a top and a jacket through for total of $79.98. When I received my order I went to the store at south coast plaza mall to returned the top. Az refunded me the top for $27.14 which is corrected. On 12/8/16 I decided to take the coat and exchange to a different color at the Zara in south coast plaza mall. They gave me a ticket internet exchange with the order # 285765607 and the quality1 (Receipt only have order number and quantity, date and address of the store, no prices or nothing) On 12/10/16 I went to Zara at Cerritos mall to returned the jacket. I also get a receipt with indicated internet return but this time I get a different order number of 290479406, quantity 1. After the weekend I checked my email to see if I get the internet refund. Nothing, no email so I called Zara at 855-635-9272 and asked about my refund. A lady told me that they see that I have a refund of $47. I asked her why they refund me for the amount I purchased? And I did explained to them what happened and they need to look at my online purchased. The lady told me that they subtracted the money because they charged me for shipping? I told her I purchased from Zara many times before and I never charged shipping when I returned my items. She told me that because the item I bought is less then $50. I told her I purchased this 2 items total $78.98 and this amount is free shipping. After checking the original invoice and she told me I will send this to a different department and get this correct and email me with the correct amount of $52.84.
    I waited and waited after 2 days I called back, explained again and again, get the same answer, they had to charge me shipping and because of that the amount is $47 and after they checked again and tell me they will send to different department to find out why and I will get email for my refund.
    Another day passed with no email and no refund I called today and spoke to customer service, she told me the same thing. That they issued the correct amount and they charged me shipping. I tried to explain to her that I was wrongly charged for shipping and they made a mistake and they need to refund me for the same amount I purchased. She told me she needs to send this to another department to get a review and email me again? Do I have to call Zara CS every day to resolve this problem? Will file a complaint with Better Business Bureau if no resolve.

  • Zara has to have the worst customer service online and in the corporate offices in NYC. I purchased 2 pair of boots for Christmas for my daughter each were 89.99 and less then 24 hours later one pair of boots were reduced to 49.99. I called customer service they were extremely rude I asked for a supervisor and was told they were busy and would have one call me back but of course 4 days later no call back. Called today and spoke to a supervisor who said there is nothing they can do about it.
    I then called corporate headquarters in Manhattan and the operator was rude and said there was not one person to speak to at their headquarters and I could not even have an email address.
    They treat their customers like garbage. I was a good customer as my daughter likes their clothes. After this experience I WILL NEVER purchase one thing from that store.
    Every opportunity online that I get whether it be a blog or some other online forum I will write my opinion maybe if everyone that has had issues with Zara did the same someone may hear us as social media is extremely powerful!!!!

  • Contacting corporate is no different from contacting customer service. ZARA never has to worry about me spending any additional monies with their business. It's apparent that they don't value customer service. They use different vendors and just attach their tags to the items. There is no way you can purchase one item at one size and it fits, and you order another item and it's 2 sizes bigger. I was denied an exchange because the item was purchased with a gift receipt. Keep in mind, the company has gone paperless and the gift receipt wasn't received. Items were purchased on black Friday and I was told because I requested a gift receipt I am not able to exchange the items online, only in store. KEEP IN MIND, the items are not available in store. Contacted corporate and was told they don;t handle those issues, smh. NEVER AGAIN.

  • I am extremely appalled at the service I received at Zara on Newbury St, Boston, Ma. When I was at the registered paying for my purchase I had put in my card that happens to have a chip, I put in my pin and everything went through however when the young man at the register did not receive a receipt he advised that I should put my card in again. I expressed concern about the fact that card may be charged twice but he insisted that it did not go through. So I did it again. As I was waiting I went into my account through my phone and clearly saw that the transaction was charged twice, I showed the young man at the registered and he stated that it was pending and that one of them would go away. He then rushed me off since there was a pretty long line. The next day I checked my account and noticed both transactions were processed. I called the store and they provided no assistance, just a number to call to request my refund. They advised that I would receive a call back within 24-48 hours to advise when I would get my money back, it has been a week and I have yet to revive a call. I called yesterday morning and asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me the supervisor was in a meeting that they will call me back. I’m still waiting.

  • I can't believe all these complaints. I thought I was the only one! So I shipped back 2 pairs of shoes for return along with a other returns within a 1 month period. So after a month I realized that I hadn't seen the credit for the shoes (it was large amount $180) and so I checked the tracking no (which is the label that Zara provided with the package) and it showed that it was delivered 3 days after I had sent it and was like 2 weeks within my return period when it was delivered to them. So when I called them and asked about my credit and gave them the tracking no. that showed it was delivered at their dock and even the employee's name who signed for it. "I'm sorry but we have credited you back for all items received in our warehouse". No you haven't, please give me the date that this return that you received was credited back to me? Again, like an FN robot "we have credited you back for all the items received in our warehouse"…she repeated the same thing like 4x and did nothing. I'm sure the person who received it didn't process the return, put it to the side and took it home. I mean what else happened to my stuff that CLEARLY shows it was delivered to them. Now I'm dealing with a $7.99 tank top that I returned along with 1 other item. The other item was credited but not the tank top. So I have to wait for AN INVESTIGATION for a measly $7.99. The have thieves working their warehouse and those thieves know zara has the worst customer services so they are stealing returns and acting like they didn't get them and know that Zara will do nothing for their customers. I am tempted to go sit at the warehouse and harass them. I'm crazy like that! RIDICULOUS! I didn't have the energy to complain to headquarters but after seeing all this…ZARA IS A BUNCH OF THEIFS. They will NEVER get another dime from me!

  • Same thing happened to me. But they pretended to process the refund then when I called to see what was going on, they acted like it wasn't in the notes. I've called the corporate office and someone is supposed to call me back, but I doubt it. I will find another way to get my money

  • I purchased 10 items online and only received 6. Zara is claiming they sent all the items but that is a LIE. I have found several complaints online about similar issues. They are scamming people by sending shipments without some items and not providing a refund, That is stealing. I will be opening a class action lawsuit against them and will be contacting everyone who had the same problem to join me.

  • I would like to submit my resume in hopes of working here. Can I please have a contact person I can contact? I am very flexible with moving anywhere in the world and I would like to work in the financial department. THank you!


  • I purchased a knit top at Zara. I really liked it. Brought it home, hung it up. A few weeks later I decided to wear it. When I took it off the hanger I noticed the sensor was on! I threw it in a zara bag that was in my closet. The receipt was in the bottom of the bag. Ibrought it to Zara. Unfortunately, the receipt that was in the bag was for a different item I had purchased more recently. They told me it wasn't their policy to remove sensors without a receipt and that I should go home and find the receipt. I went home and searched for the receipt. I couldn't find it. Granted, I should have saved it but do people have every receipt for everything they purchase? It had been weeks, it probably ended up in the recycling bin. Anyway, back I went to Zara where I was told that they would not remove the sensor. Well, there you have it. Not, "We understand that you didn't think you'd needed to save your receipt. Here at Zara we leave sensors on and even though it's our fault, you will need to take time out of your day to search for said receipt, and drive back to the store…repeatedly." I mean it's one of two things. EITHER they think I bought it, they left the sensor on and I lost the receipt (True version.) Or…they think I stole the shirt and now I'm trying to return it (for the SAME shirt without a sensor.) If they believe my (true) version, they should take the sensor off. If they believe I stole it, they should call security and have me arrested. Just don't make me keep coming back. For pete's sake the shirt was like a twenty dollar shirt! I probably spent that in gas money already!!!! Tomorrow I will spend more of my time calling the corporate headquarters.

  • I am not at all surprised to read the above comments. I shopped at the Roosevelt Field store for the first time last week and had reason to make a return. I went on a Monday, expecting less of a crowd than on the weekend. I stood on a line of at least 8 people in front of me. The people on the registers were moving at the speed of "slow". Nobody was going to make them move at a quicker pace than they felt like moving. I saw the Manager and asked if she could put a third person on the empty register. Her answer was "no." At this point everyone on line was complaining and there were now at least 7 people behind me. People on the line were saying that the store was "always' like this. I wondered why people would shop there at all, if this is the case. Although I liked the clothing that I saw, I will never shop there again as the store is run by a manager who is quite incompetent. Now that I have read all of the above complaints, I see that it is a pervasive problem.

  • I want to complaint regarding my return orders. I returned my Zara purchases last year, and after 3 months with calls and emails, my order hasn't been processed. This is really disturbing, and I feel extremely uncomfortable with Zara's services. Up to now, I still haven't received any explanation for my returns' delay, so I have to report this case to Zara Headquarter.My order numbers are 167372044 and 169018380. Please reply me as soon as possible.

  • Zara has great selection of clothes for all but the only way they realize their wrongdoing is by stop shopping at their brand. Their revenue this year made the owner one of the richest.

    Zara customer service is the worst and their return policy if you get something as a gift online forget about returning or getting store credit. What store doesn't do this in this day in age?? Stupid and ridiculous is all I can say.

  • How can I file a formal complaint. I placed an order for $70.00 worth of merchandise, a top and a dress, I ordered online because the stores were out of stock. Was advised my order was delivered, I never received the merchandise, my package was left outside on the street and it was stolen. I love across the street from a busy supermarket, Fedex just left the package outside on the street and Zara is saying I was responsible for it and will not issue a refund or provide me with my order. I was out of town for 2 days and when I returned I had several packages left by the post office inside the building waiting for me like usual but the Fedex package that was so called delivered is no where to be found because it was left on the street. How am I responsible for that? How is it ok to take money but not guarantee the customer receives what they purchased. I've made a formal complaint with the bbb but I would like to make another formal complaint with the company. I will not rest a my pen or emails until my complaint is answered!!!!!

  • I am a coordinator for Zara in Los Angeles & the manager is really unaware of how unprofessional she is . This is her first time managing a store and her skills are very poor. She's involved in a lot of drama which is very unprofessional. Her name is Myrna. She only cares about the store when shes there if someone calls out she doesn't care even though its a Friday or Saturday when there's only two people on the floor. She has favoritism which is unprofessional. I would love it if cooperate send someone to the store to supervise her work. She has something against me and I think its personal I'm farely new & I don't think its proffesional at all.

  • Hi some one in Zara who has high responsibility and caring about zara's customers.
    The reason i am writing this commend is to reach someone who is in charge of my complain case no: … and my order no is: 161184942
    I am a loyalty customer, i was placed order in zara online dd 10/14/2015. I received a zara confirmed shipment dd 10/15/2015. I realized that my address shipment was showing on the comfirmation for this order was wrong, i didn't live there 1 year ago. That house belongs Irvine appartment home rental company. I called up Zara customer service and asked them change my address shipment in early Friday morning, Oct 16, 2015. The guy as zara customer service staff told me he will send the note to the On Trac (Zara shipping company) for this address change. I also asked him whether you can send my any confirmation for this address change, he answered that the only one he will do for me is sending a note to On Trac company. Our conversation ended and then i was still worry about this, i made a phone call to On Trac and asked them change my address delivery. The guy said it will take more time to get approval and this purchase won't be delivered on time as its schedule. He also said it may be delivered next Monday, 19 October. I said ok and appreciated that. Unfortunately, i saw my purchase was delivered on 10/19/2015 with a wrong address. Of course, i didn't expect this stupid thing happend to me after my calls and their promises. I called up to Zara customer service more two times and sent them 2 emails regarding this matters. Zara customer service sent me an email ask me more time for thier investigation. After three weeks from a day i called to ask the adress change, Zara customer service called me and sent me an email last Saturday, 31 Oct , they said that they had extremely investigation and be sure my purchase was successfully delivered to adress i provided. They also let me know my purchase won't be refund, if i still have any further questions, contact with On Trac company.
    Wow, it really hurts me. I trusted their brand and their reputation, i went shoppoing with them. Right now, there is a problem with me- their customer, they passed me work with their partner alone (shipping company ) that i didn't know who On trac is at all and how to contact them, who is in charged of my case. Is this a right way zara treats their
    customers? In reality, i have not received yet my purchase from Zara until now. It is unfair for me. I paid Zara for my purchase. This is not my mistake. This morning i called up Zara customer service to ask them review and trully work on my case again with higher level. Moreover, i am living in a luxury gate community in irvine, ca. My purchase can not be stollen infront of my house. I need some evidences from zara 's investigation to double check with our gateguards to understand where my purchase is, where my money is. Where does a mistake come from? And what is a truth. The lady as Zara customer service staff answered me that there is no 100% warranty for case that changed the address delivery. I asked her why nobody told me that once i made the frist phone calls to Zara customer service and On trac company? Why does Zara have a customer service appartment? What Zara customer service appartment does? The purpose i am writing my feedback here to Zara is to help management of zara has a view back thier team, thier way in order to improve their service customers. It is an important part of your reputation. More over , as for me i need to know what is going on with my purchase, where is my money? Where is the truth? I do hope that Zara will work on it for me trully, give me the realiable answer quickly. Finally, Zara gives me a reasonable reason to continue be a Zara loyalty customer.

  • I am APPALLED at Zara's complete lack of concern for the customer or customer service. I ordered several shirts online. When I put one of them on there were eleven holes in a straight line around the right bicep area of the sleeve – It is stretchy material so I didn't notice them until my arm was in the sleeve. I tried to return the defective shirt (cost $12.99) for a nondefective one, or a refund or credit, their choice, and was told the shirt was not defective, that they have inspectors and would not send out a defective item. I protested and spoke on three different occasions with 3 different "internal reviews" and they refused to accept the defective shirt back. They acted like I was a criminal and lying to them. What a horrible way to treat customers. I will not do business with them again ( even though I buy clothes online frequently) and will tell others – DO NOT SHOP AT ZARA! They do not care about their customers.

    • I wish I had read this before buying my merchandise online. This has got to be the worst I have EVER seen. But from the look of it, this seems to be their MO and it appears the customer is out of luck!

  • I would just like to say that I worked for Zara as a manager and can agree with many of the negative comments given. The company does not value customer service, the focus is on the image and look of the brand. It's sad to see a company with great product, lose so much money because how poorly managed stores are. Hopefully one day they with improve their ways and surely they will make even more money.

  • I order a pair of mail shoes and was sent a p air female shoes. I have them return and two weeks down customer service saying my item still at fedex. After begin promised I will have my item in two business days. I want my money back this is not the first time poor customer service. 314 556 8834

  • I bought a dress on 12/11/15 and I attempted to return on 12/15/14, because I took it home and tried it on and didn't like it. The manager in Downtown Los Angeles Zara refused to take the dress back even though it was unused, still had the tags on and I had the receipt. They claimed the dress smelled like smoke. I tried over and over explaining to them that I didn’t smell anything and that the dress is unused which still had the tags on, but the manager refused to refund the money, pretty much saying her word is against mine. When said I was going to file a complaint, the manager refused to give her full name or give a statement in writing as to why she is refusing the return even though the product was never worn. The receipt says a customer can return an unused product within 30 days from the date of purchase. I attempted to return 3 days after the purchase with the receipt and tags and was rudely refused. This store does not honor in returning unused merchandise. I need a refund and answers to this ridiculousness. The manager and employees are rude and unprofessional. This is the Downtown Store in Los Angeles, California.

    • In addition, it looks like from other complaints, Zara has trained their employees to say "don't worry there is only one of me here" when asked for their full names to file a complaint.

  • Horrible customer service in Dadeland Mall in Miami!! Will never shop there, seems they get a lot of customer complaints, should have known better, will never shop there again!

  • I am very unsatisfied with the return policy of I requested a return within the 30 day return window and was under the impression that the package was going to be picked up at my home. (I had to enter the address where I wanted the package picked up) After the package sat on my porch for a few days I recognized no one was coming to get it, so took it to the UPS store and had it shipped. Zara declined my return because they received it after the 30 day window, even after I spoke with a customer service person and a supervisor. The two items I returned were too small, and they won't even exchange the items for different sizes because the return exceeded the 30 day window. Looks like poor customer service is a trend with this company. I will not shop in a store or on their website again. $180 down the drain!

  • Lila P – the next time someone tries to detain you to look into your bags and purse, and you know you're innocent – DON'T LET THEM DO IT! The burden of proof is on them, and otherwise it is illegal for them to search your bags. Tell them to call the police and you will wait there until they come, and they can show you the security footage of you stealing (which won't exist, of course) when the police come. They have no right to search your bags without proof of you stealing. I was profiled also in a high end supermarket – that i spend a TON of money in. The security guard accosted me and demanded that i hand over my two bags of groceries to him so he could search them for the stolen items. I told him to kiss my a** and the manager came out and they were trying to intimidate me (which is impossible) . They said they were going to call the police, I said "Perfect! call them NOW, so I can get a police report as proof that you harassed me before I sue you…" I stood there defiantly as they apologized and backed away. Don't let anyone intimidate you if you're innocent. I feel for you, and I hope you get some satisfaction.

    Also, i hope you returned every single item that you bought from that bulls**t store that day. Peace.

  • Zara has the worst customer service! I feel like returning everything i ever bought from them! Stamford Mall!! #zarahasbadcustomerservice

  • Zara Yorkdale offers horrible customer service. They love taking your money but dont expect any customer service if you have a complaint. And dont think it will get better if you call the customer service line. Heidi who's title is " the person in charge of customer service" or at least that's what she told me, refuses to actually help. By that i mean she refuses to escalate calls and refuses to give her full name or title. Are Zara employees so ashamed of where they work that they refuse to give thier full names now? #zarahasbadcustomerservice

  • Spoke to Hidie and when i asked her what her title was she says "in charge of customer service for Canada". When i asked her for her last name she said "dont worry theres only one of me here". Ok?? then i ask to speak to her manager and she refuses to give me her managers name??? Is this the way you do business Zara?? You have employees that wont even give their full names ?? She refused to escalate the call ? the treatment we recieved was unprofessional and has definetly done damage to the ZAra Brand you have worked so hard to achieve. Maybe you should train your employees better. We have swore off shopping at Zara and will start a facebook campaign to make people aware of the poor customer service at Zara..

    Heres a help hint Zara …stop hiring kids..and if you do make sure you train them properly.

    Zara Yorkdale Manager need to be trained…..

  • Where do you send complains for customer service. I have the worst experience and this is not acceptable at all. I will NEVER order or shop at this store again. You really need to get better managers on the phone. I would like the name of the complains person. As the guy said I would have to send a letter to SPAIN. No one reads letters anymore.

    • You absolutely should send a letter. Formal complaints to corporate offices should typically be sent as an email AND a physical letter. Businesses read letters.

  • The same thing happen to me in their store in 42th Street and 5th Avenue. I have written a formal letter and will send it to their office. I also will look into a formal legal complain for stopping me 3 times this year and searching my bag. I have never seem them stop a Caucasians customer and search their bags.

  • The same thing happen to me in their store in 42th Street and 5th Avenue. I have written a formal letter and will send it to their office. I also will look into a formal legal complain for stopping me 3 times this year and searching my bag. I have never seem them stop a Caucasians customer and search their bags.

  • you are also right, I would also like to say that if you do not have a receipt in the item is gone on sale then you do not get the full refund of what you paid unless you have proof that you paid the full price.

  • Hi, I personally do not find anything wrong with Zara return policy Americans today always running people business down to the ground. americans love to wear items and bring them back n get full refunds. this is not helping our economy. I personally do not feel that retailers should keep up with our receipts. as an adult we should be responsible for our own receipts. what retailers should do is email receipts this will make it very easy for consumers to find receives when necessary. anyone who shops in retail knows that they do not refund without receipts and just for a hint for consumers all retailers are not the same.

    everyone who works have rules and regulations in at some point we all have to disappoint someone regarding our rules and regulations. I'm sure the rules and regulations in Zara are not trying to stop good shoppers from shopping but to start repeated returners and thieves from running the business down
    so if I consumers can stop b******* and be more helpful it will help us keep business going.

    Thank you

  • Hi , i have been a loyal customer of Zara since their first store opened in israel. I shop alot for myself and for my family at your stores. On the 8th of Sept. i purchased boots for my daughter. After getting home we noticed the boots were flawed. the inside of one of the shoes was damaged. We returned to the store the day after (on the 9th) and as they didnt have another pair in this size I deci…ded to ask for my cash back. I was SHOCKED to hear that i could get my cash back MINUS 5% !!! Not only did i ask upon payment if the store had a total refund on their merchendize (to which the shopkeepr said that they did) i have NEVER EVER gotten a refund on my money which wanst 100% of what i paid for !!! I am APPALED that Zara behaves this way !! This really doesnt represent the internatinal flare of your stores , neither is it good consumer business practices !!! very very dissapointed.

  • I had a very bad experiance with Zara at the Square One Mall in Mississauga. The manager was extremely unporfessional and down right rude.
    I contacted the head office and the president of Zara Canada was on the other end. She was even worse then the manager!
    I can not believe how poor thier customer service is…but they simply do not care.

  • This weekend I was at Zara at Yorkdale Mall and was returning a few items that I had bought a week earlier. Two of the item numbers on the receipt did not match up with the item numbers on the tags. The manager was called and she confirmed that the items did not match up. She looks at me in the eye and says, "These (motions to the clothes) are not on the receipt. So they're not yours". That was it. I stared at her incredulously. I was stunned. Speechless. Honestly, they were not even that expensive. $29.90 and $19.90 shirts. But there was no way I was walking out that store without getting a full refund or at the very least take back the merchandise which I fully paid for. I demanded that she get to the bottom of this. I motioned that I would hold onto the shirts while she did and she said, "No. I will hold onto them". In the end, she found out that for the one shirt, the employee had punched in the wrong code manually. For the second item, the code had for some reason, printed out differently from what was on the tag. So no fault of hers, but I was really appalled by the way she handled it. And no apology was given until I told her that this was a very stressful experience for me as she was insinuating that I had stolen the clothes. Really turned off by the way this was handled.

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