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Zara Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I get penalized when I shop online I will put the item in the shopping cart and before I get a chance to check out the item sold out due to my disability makes me type slower than others I can't call it in the to my speech impairment so I contacted customer service about it they replied items in your cart isn't reserved and item can be taken from your cart what's a disable person can do I eventually gotten to order it but I had to pay full price because the special price sold out due to I wasn't quick enough to check out due my impairment.is that fair?

  2. Everyo wise man knows that Taiwan is de facto an independent country. Yet, in its Taiwanese Website, Zara classifies Taiwan under China simply due to the pressure of the authoritarian country. As a globally respected brand, Zara should keep its moral dignity instead of selling the soul and giving in to economic blackmail.

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Corporate Office Headquarters