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H&M Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact H&M Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

215 Park Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY  10003 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-564-9922
Customer Service Number: 1-855-466-7467

  • I am highly agitated by H&M in 100 N. Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 and it's customer service reps at 1(855)466-7467. I purchase a few items at the Norwalk store and 2 of them were not reflecting the sales price, so that same day I went back to the store to return the 2 items and without me knowing the cashier just changed the price to the CORRECT sales price; I did not have a fuss since it was changed to the right price and kept my returns anyway. I checked my bank account and the original transaction was still processed in addition to the CORRECTED sales item. So I was charged 2 times and called CSR I got the run down to go to that crappy store, then finally they agreed to send me a card with my refund and instead I got store credit to buy more nonsense attire at freaking H&M!!!! I want my money back and I'm not here to barter. As a corporate company there needs to be more ways to get a refund. My case number from CSR 104387611. Please refund my money and when you call do leave a voicemail. THANK YOU!!!

  • I bought a H&M gift card as a Christmas gift. I put $200 dollars on the gift card. The person that I was giving the card to said he doesn't shop at H&M because the clothing is of poor quality. I was appalled to find out the gift card could not be returned. I was never informed at the time of purchase that gift card can not be refunded. Now you company has my $200 dollars held hostage. Now I'm forced to shop at a store that I don't want to shop at. This practice should be illegal!

    • I was in Augusta Mall near Wrens, GA October 2020 and was in a H&M store when shooting ensued in the Mall. I was very impressed with the way that the manager of the store assisted in keeping the customer safe from possible harm. I felt he handled what could have been a disastrous situation,

  • Hi, on 10/29/2017, I visited the h&m location in the galleria mall (store: 120090). A fun day of shopping turned into a catastrophe. As i was searching for a birthday I couldn’t decide on whether to pick a dress or a pair pants for the special occasion. I tried on a pair of trousers which on my receipt reads as 0533752. As i began to try in the pair of trousers I noticed an excruciating needle scratching up my entire left leg. I began to remove the trousers to see what could’ve possibly gone wrong! I then noticed a huge sensor that was left on the inside pocket without the magnet attached to the back. The associate then left to grab her manager as i was bleeding all over the place and the man simply apologized for the convenience and offered me a gauze pad, hand sanitizer and white tape as he says he didn’t have any bandaids. I AM BEYOND upset with your company. First and foremost, a department store should always have a first aid kit with the bare essentials! I thanked the gentleman for the gauze pad which was not very helpful as the blood ran through the gauze and onto my jeans. The manage then offered me a 20% off coupon if i chose to buy something out of the store in which i felt like i was being made to purchase an item or else I wouldn’t be compensated. I am very upset with this company and if i could attach a picture of My injury i would! There was a piece of marketing attached to a bulletin in the store that said “get 20% off your purchase when you sign up for our newsletter today.” So in reality I really did get ripped off when I could’ve subscribed to your newsletter and receive the same discount! A good day of shopping turned into an absolute nightmare for me as I no longer have the choice to wear a dress or skirt due to an associates careless lack of attention .. I’m very disappointed.

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