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  1. I agree, apparently a family member got "let go" and his manager stated that they decided to part ways with my relative. This is all because the people are two faced, no matter how great of a worker they have. I am appalled by this company and will not be shopping anymore.

  2. Just came from one of your outlet stores, the one in Napa, Ca to be exact and was appalled with he attitude that the employees have towards their customers. I walked in and NOT ONE employee who I walked by greeted me with a HI, oh did I tell you that I mad eye contact with the 4 employees that were in the same 2 to 3 feet vicinity of me? They continued to carry on their LOUD conversations and not paying attention to their customers until one employee who seemed to be the oldest out of the 5 employees that I saw in the store Finally noticed that I was circling them and finally said hello. I repainted with "no, how are you?" And her response was she was doing well, I told her that it was about time that someone acknowledge their customers and she continued to apologize and at the same time one of the boys had his back towards me and whispered something to the group and they giggled so I asked him if there was something he needed to say to me and at that point everyone shut up and proceeded to work. Disrespectful group of employees you have in your Napa Premium outlet store who work the evenings. Their customer service skills need to be worked on if they want to continue with a job in the retail industry

  3. I will no longer visit your Eastchester, NY store. The staff is very unfriendly. When I went in to make a simple exchange, I was greeted by an employee who had previously been speaking with another employee. She came over to me and told me to go to another register across the store. When I got to that register, there was a woman and her daughter with tons of clothes. The girl at the register also needed help with the transaction. I was on my lunch and didn't have time to wait for the girl to finish, so I just left. Meanwhile no one else was busy. They were all just hanging around. I will never go in that Scarsdale store again. You have lost me as a customer.

  4. It doesn't seem as the "corporate" people care much about the issues this store has…..what a waste of time for people to even comment on here.

  5. WOW! my daughter works for AE, and gets 4.5 hours of work a week and at times a little more. She was supposed to work from 2:15 to 6:15, and was called at 1:50 and was told not to come in until 4:00 because they need to cut back on hours, so her already short shift became even shorter and was only given a 25 min notice! She is a college student, and really only needs a part time job, but this is rediculous, how does AE think she can live off of 4.5 hours per week? Not to mention they keep hiring people! Maybe they should utilize the people they currently have and not keep hiring new people, and actually give the employees some hours and and let them earn more then a $15.00 paycheck.

  6. i don't expect a reply back but just had to vent to you ppl. i agree with some of your other commenters …why DO you send out coupons that you don't accept..i have had an american eagle charge for years and am seriously thinking of cutting it up ..my daughter went to the menlo mall today specifically for american eagle and had a coupon that was one day expired ..every other store takes expired coupons ..ESPECIALLY at this time of the year …the way the economy is you would expect to have as many customers as possible and just bc a coupon expired after just one day ..you won't accept them !! ..so bc of that my daughter put everything back just on principle ..and on top the cashier wasn't very nice to her ..when i told my daughter to see the mgr. she said the mgr. was standing right there and didn't say a word …Shame on you AE …you have lost a customer with us !!!


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