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Yes Communities Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Management was in to a home that I pay rent at unannounced while I'm asleep from working a graveyard shift. Total BS,disrespectful and invasion of my privacy.

  2. I live in indianapolis indiana, i rent a lot from Yes communities in Valley Brook mobile home community, i am buying a home from them however i am still being looked at as a low life trashy trailer park renter by the 3rd management company that has been in charge of this place, for the past 2 yrs i have practically begged all 3 management companies to take care of this lot that i am renting from them but all i ever hear is WE WILL PUT IN A MAINTENANCE REQUEST and then nothing ever gets done, so i took it upon myself with the help of my 3 sons to cut trees, plant grass, remove algae from the trees and ground and other misc. things all of which has taken its toll on me and my kids because the lot itself is quite large compared to other lots where you only have a small yard to deal with, i chose this lot because its in the corner in the back section away from others and i was not stuck inbetween two other properties, but i had no idea that i would have to maintain the upkeep of the lot by myself, i am older now and have many health issues that i am dealing with that makes it hard for me to do manual labor like i did when i was young, and even with the help of my kids it still took us weeks to get it all done not to mention i was spending out of my pocket for the things that should have been taken care of by the owners or in the least the management company, on top of that i was paying $459 for lot rent when i first took possession of this property, and now its went up to $559 per month, on top of the fact that i also have to pay gas, electric, water and sewer/ trash removal, behind my home there is a small section of woods that hasnt been maintained in years, surrounding my home is a line of very large trees that also has been maintained so the large branches are hanging over my property and every time is storms there are large sections of the branches that fall off the trees and hit my home, so far there has been no damage done to the property but its just a matter of time, also the lot floods with at least 3 inches or more of water every time it rains, so i have algae growing on the trees, my home and the ground itself, the wild animals that have made these woods behind my home their home creep under my home and try to burrow themselves into the insulation but i managed to stop that pretty quick but not until one crawled up there and died stinking up my home for weeks, so for the amount of money i am paying i should have no issues with management or the owner fixing these issues, i recently had some words with this management company and threatened to take it to court over this lot rent and their lack of willingness to maintain this lot despite repeated notification of these issues, i spoke with the the community coordinator JILL and she was pretty rude and very unwilling to work with me on these issues, my wife is the head of household at the moment so we are surviving on one income, she was sick for a week which put us behind on our bills and instead of being understanding and helpful jill chose to add to our situation and charge us a $50 dollar late fee on top of a $10 month to month fee for not signing a lease with them of which we have repeatedly asked for a lease to sign so we wouldnt have to pay any extra and they have never given us a new lease despite asking for it numerous times, so $60 on top of $589 lot rent is just asking far to much especially when they dont take care of issues that arise with the property ,so a taking it to court is still on the back burner but i thought i would give it one last shot by calling corporate to speak with someone with some real authority before i move forward with legal action, so i called today and left a message, but after reading some of the comments i dont have my hopes up, so i guess i will have to wait to see what happens.

  3. My family is currently being extorted by the Snellville GA office. we fell behind in a couple mortgage payments, and made arrangements to pay. we were told we needed to pay the 2 payments plus the next that was not yet due. we gave them $2000.00, 2 weeks ago, which was all our funds. this caused our electric bill to be fall short, at which time the lights were shut off. i borrowed against my next paycheck, got the lights back on, and now, 2 weeks later they feel the need to evict us. they say we owe them 1200.00 (lot fee plus the next that is NOT YET DUE). Can these SUB HUMANS charge for money that is NOT YET DUE?

  4. I don't understand, Yes communities owns 2 trailer parks here in Gainesville, while Hidden Oaks is ran right, they care about their residents, fix stuff that breaks, whereabouts Palms of Archer doesn't give two craps, they don't fix crap, trailers falling apart,I have proof and pictures, Maintenance man told me once skirting goes up, they don't fix crap under trailers, Black Mold in walls, holes in roof, they don't care about residents, give eviction notices out if you are half a month's late with your rent,or if your lease is up, even though you pay first, last, and a deposit to move there. rent goes up every year, they charge more for water than G.R.U. does, they false advertise, they make you think you are getting a good deal when your not, they keep your deposits for normal wear and tear. The money you pay for rent isn't worth living in those trailers!! My advice, don't move there!!

  5. It is sad to see that all of Yes Communities are having the same problems, where I live we had a really good manager that was trying to help clean up the community and really listened to the residents. Guess what she got fired.

  6. Acworth GA office never answers there phone. And every time I a walk in the office there is no customers inside? We need new staff in the office.

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