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  1. I felt pretty bad about even wanting to post a bad review until I read all of the others and I can totally relate to all of them. They explain my own experience. We bought tile for a bath remoodel and took the extra tile back. One of the girls at the registers wasn't doing anything but sitting on the bags of product in the front. Another was trying to help us but was new and confused. The manager on duty and standing right there wouldn't help until she had to. Then she came at us with this awful attitude, loudly proclaiming that we didn't buy the tile there. At the same time the first girl had taken the tile over to where she was sitting and started throwing it around so that it was making noises like she was breaking it. She was counting it, but angry about it. The manager never did stop being aggressive, loud and rude- and for no reason. Why would this company put someone who cannot even navigate a simple situation where no one was upset until she got involved?? She was tactless, wanting to fight and clearly did not like us because of the color of our skin. I had already been paying attention to her while she helped other customers and they did not get the treatment we did. She whirled on us when she was forced by the new little girl to help. It was an all out attack from word one and we weren't even upset before that. Very confusing that they don't know this about her already and choose her to represent their name. When asked where the store manager was, of course, he wan't there. And the floor manager wouldn't come to the front. So, I got names and have no choice but to put it in writing. And it all should have been simple. But she didn't want it to go that way. Again, why is she a manager??

  2. Manager pretends to help you with a problem – but then never returns a phone call.
    I've had to go into the store three times to try to get this resolved. "he's in a meeting" excuse just doesn't work anymore. I need to call corporate and find out who is going to help me . A $7500.00 order must not mean anything to them at all. I will never buy from them again.

  3. I purchased some tiles, it got delivered, there were 4 in total that were scratched. I contacted the store:

    The girl on the phone didn't know what she was doing, plus she had an attitude.

    Your recording clearly says you can hold tiles for a customer up to 14 days. This store had an issue holding the so called clean tiles for me.

    Next day when I go to pick up my tiles, they were loose tiles that were in horrible condition, they were more scratched up than the ones i was trying to exchange.

    When I asked for assistance, the girl standing at the returns desk act like she didn't care, and no one did nothing to get me any kind of assistance.

    I basically left, called the store and had a gentleman who said he was a phone manager assist me. He helped me, understood my frustration and is dealing with it.

    I am writing to let you know of my horrible experience! I can't believe after my first call explaining the tiles were scratched, they decided to give me scratched up tiles again in exchange! Along with the attitudes, not understanding i live far away and told me they could only hold the tiles for 2 days! Along with upon arrival no one cared to assist me!

    Customer service was unacceptable!!!!

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