Old Navy Corporate Office Headquarters

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Old Navy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Two Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-952-4400

Fax Number: 1-650-952-4407

Customer Service Number: 1-800-653-6289

International Callers: 1-614-744-3908

TDD: 1-800-449-4253

Old Navy Card: 1-877-222-6868

Old Navy Visa® Card: 1-866-450-5294 Customer Care Address

200 Old Navy Lane

Grove City, Ohio 43123-8605

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I am an employee at a old navy store in Indiana and I hate my job there, the way that the manager and the leaders treat me and fellow co-workers is ridiculous. I’ve been yelled at in front of customers for having the Caps locks on the register before and was treated poorly the whole rest of the day, and also I was also threatened on multiple occasions to not be put on the schedule for not selling the card and that is ridiculous because I can’t force people to sign up for a card.
I’m afraid to quit because I am a full time student living on my own for the first time so I don’t have much money and am having trouble finding it new job.

You have GOT to be kidding me. Old Navy 2017 Christmas commercial….they are singing the "Twelve Days of Gifting" instead of the "Twelve Days of Christmas." Note to Old Navy advertising staff—do NOT attempt to capitalize on Christmas when you can't bring yourselves to even say the word Christmas.

I am writing to tell people that Old Navy fired an employee who was a very hard worker, got over 40 people to sign up for Old Navy cards and they let her go and paid her CASH instead of by check. Yes she was seasonal but they keep many seasonal employees who are hard workers. This is the Emeryville, California Store and I believe it is because one manager named Romena(sp) did not like this young lady. This is outrageous. Why would you fire an excellent employee – one who was never late, always willing to help people, always had a smile on her face. I believe it is because of this one manager (Romena(sp)) that this young lady was let go. Old Navy has just lost not only my business but I will make sure that many people know what kind of a store this is. Although many of the managers were completely upset because of what happened to this young lady, some were in tears but that does not negate the fact that they let an excellent employee go. I plan on making sure that this manager (Romena(sp)) is removed and anyone else that caused this young lady to loose her job is removed from working at Old Navy or Gap. Obviously there is something terribly wrong with the management of that store. They wouldn't even tell her WHY they terminated her. They did not give her any feedback nor did they even give her a 3 month review. I AM EXTEREMLY UPSET WITH THIS AND I PLAN ON GOING AFTER THEM.

Simply put. Get rid of Amy Schumer. She is a radical who is not funny nor TV worthy. As long as you use her I will never shop at old navy

Well Old Navy you did it to yourself, you use Ms. Schumer in your Christmas advertising, she is a woman who insults half the American people with her ideology and threatens to leave the country if things don't go her way and you use her for a Christmas ad. You people live in a bubble there in San Francisco and think the rest of the country thinks like you which it doesn't. So, I for one and my family and friends are insulted by your choice of advertisement people and will not be shopping at any of your business until you pull this ad or apologize for insulting of so many people, everyone has their right to their ideology but that should be kept to yourself and not so publicly like she did. So, either you agree with her insult of half the American people or you did not put any thought into your choice of her. I would say thank you but you insulted me and my family, R. Norton.

Just left the store located in Lakewood Ranch, Fl and heard an employee very loudly speak into her earpiece why did she have to speak to those Spanish people. She was referring to the customers she had just helped and who were very polite. How disgusting that employees like that, are allowed to represent your company.

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