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Wegmans Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Wegmans Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wegmans Corporate Office Address:

1500 Brooks Ave.

Rochester, NY 14624 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-585-328-2550

Customer Support: 1-800-934-6267

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  1. I recently contacted you regarding the screw lids on your Sparkling Water, I also have a problem with Wegman's Almond Milk screw lids which I forgot to mention in my other email. I hope you address the problem with the lids as I enjoy both products, but not if I can't get the screw lids off or on. I will have to purchase these items elsewhere, but would prefer not to as I do all my shopping at Wegman's in Warrington, PA. Thank you for looking into these problems with your products.

  2. To wegmans:
    I need to share an experience with you, that I had this past Sunday, April 25th at Wegmans Pharmacy here in Frederick Md. I approached the Pharmacy counter, to pick up my husband's heart medications. At the time, there were 3 employees there. Immediately I was told, by the Pharmacist, " we are closed". I was puzzled, and didn't realize that on Sundays it closes at 5pm. The time however was 3 minutes before 5pm, according to their wall clock.. I pointed this out to the pharmacist. No she said, we closed the register already. I continued to pick up a few items, and as I was ready to check out at the checkout counter, , I noticed the 3 employees about to turn in their ( cash register box, at the office. The time was 5.07 pm. There would have been time for me to receive the prescription.

    I have never contacted Wegman's with any concern, actually they treated us like family, helped us with any concern. However there was a change of personnel about 2years ago, in the pharmacy dept., and things have changed there. Why am I writing to you now? I mentioned my concern to the manager at the time, she listened, and said, a manager will call you back on Monday, which didn't happen.

    Long before Wegman moved to Frederick, I would travel to Virginia from Frederick to do my shopping there, so, I am a fan of Wegman's.

    Thank you,
    Monika Lucey

  3. My nephew fell while working at Wegman's Binghamton. Hurt his back, got progressively worse, terrible pain, started missing work, had back operation, boss fired him because he couldn't so his work, would not consider a different less physical job — John is now completely parallized, cannot walk, lift arms…totally bedridden. Company should offer some support for an injury that occurred at work.

  4. Will Wegmans ever go to California? I've move to California and have gotten used to Wegmans. I've lived in NY, Pennsylvania & Virginia and now California and I don't see any store here that competes with it here… Please consider it… Thanks

    1. Who, and how would I contact someone in Wegmans to plead a case to install a Wegmans in Olive Branch, Mississippi. We are in dire need here…The reigning stores here are complacent in their serving our communities. Wegmans would offer excitement in shopping. I envy areas that have access to your stores.
      I would be glad to survey if I am alone in dreaming of Wegmans installed here.

  5. The wegmans on bay rd in webster ny is not paying there employees right there suppose to give there workers a dollar extra on sundays and dont they also offer a dollar extra for them to come in and never pay it just to get them in to work.

  6. I have had a relative try to convince me for years to switch from Tops to Wegman's. After having issues with Tops, I now shop Wegman's, which is quite far away as opposed to Tops , 3 minutes down the street. I've noticed that Wegman's does not carry all name brands on most products. They also don't provide size choices, either. I see an awful lot of Wegman's products and/or organic. I am a retired senior and do not, at this point in my life, want to have to change my brand food that I have lived with most of my life. What I do see is a lot of prepared food sitting in the cases drying out. Why not get rid of some of the cooked foods the nobody buys and make room for more choices and brands on shelves. I, as many seniors I know, do not want to buy gigantic boxes or cans of food. I'm only one person. I like buying single serve sizes and smaller container items that will fit in my cupboards. I expressed these concerns to my relative and she agreed. I HATE TOPS but they at least had all brand foods and many portion choices available. Please consider addressing these concerns at the McKinley Blvd. store in Hamburg, New York.

  7. "Congratulations" to the 21st Century Harvard MBA who decided to move the most items in one month at your Pittsford store. Absolute mess and a reason customers wish you had a competitor like PUBLIX show up in town. Now we can spend more time looking for items. Most of your employees are non eye contact or "hello" people. Charm school is next??

  8. Today Sunday – July 10, 2016: I could not believe it! A Wegmans Act. Manager was badgering a customer; several of us overheard the following: The Manager demanding, over and over again, the customer AGREE – that IF HE wants TWO pounds of the same type of COLD CUTS He must call to order it IN ADVANCE or He (the customer would be refused service). The Manager kept demanding again and again for the customer to agree to call in advance.
    When the customer refused, stating that is unreasonable, the Manager called out to the employee preparing the mans order – did a 'hand across the throat motion' – meaning to cease preparing the customers order then told the customer to GET OUT OF THE STORE or the POLICE would be called.
    I have never in all my years heard of such a thing. I had just received 6.5 pounds of 4 different Cold Cuts an amount I usually order (its Hot today We did not want to cook) and no one ever said a thing!
    WEGMANS – you are in trouble for this one!

  9. I live in the Richmond, VA area and am begging that the old Martin's at White Oak be turned into a Wegmans. We need a great store out there and not the run of the mill Kroger and Food Lion. Please Please Please.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Kathleen Motley

  10. I am writing to you as a loyal Wegmans customer, and as I find myself in the stores several times per week, and make it my go to store for all products. I believe in supporting the local retailers and am proud to spend my money at Wegmans supporting many family members and friends!

    In this context, I consider myself to be an expert at noticing changes at Wegmans. I have noticed lately that the shelves seem to be very bare, which appears to be a relatively new occurrence, however one that has come to fruition more frequently over the recent past. Leaving me to wonder if the inventory processes related to data analytics is flawed. At first, I lamented it was the impact of increased demand during holiday season and that it was limited to the store I frequent the most…the Chili Paul Store.

    However, I have heard others raise this complaint and today I have heard this mentioned on the radio this afternoon, which moved me to write this letter. I would hate for your customers looking at the competition, especially with Whole Foods going into Mario’s old location on Monroe Ave.

    I have tirelessly tried to reach out to your IT staff for a business meeting since I am also an IT Services professional and works closely with several local CIO's in Upstate NY.   But to date, my approach has met no luck.  

    At Rolta Advizex we are committed and focused on making our customers look great to their customers and I know we can help Wegmans with this and other business challenges! Simply said Dave, I am confident we can help raise the confidence level of Wegmans customers like me in believing that the item they need for dinner tonight will be available at Wegmans today!

    Thanks for your attention, I look forward to hearing back and hoping to schedule a brief intro, or a lunch & learn with your IT Teams in hopes to educate them on our capabilities.


    Rolta Advizex

    1. You can't raise the confidence level of Wegmans of this customer. Tonight found out just how much Wegmans cares about their customers. Thanks to Store night manager "DAVE" at the Williamsport,Pa store, They could care less deceiving the public who shop with them and have thrown countless out of the store because the people don't see eye to eye with them. I do believe I will be shopping at Giant or wise markets from now on. Sad to, I loved that store. Night Manager needs Fired! He is making Wegmans look really bad. I am not the first to complain about him. However.. Nothing is ever done. Seem to be Wegman's trade mark not to help the people. As long as people are spending their money there, they don't care about we the people.

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