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  • Golden Living Centers Corporate Office Headquarters

Golden Living Centers Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I stopped working for this screwed up company and now I need them to send information to fidelity to either roll over my 401k or withdraw it and the customer service center keeps telling me it will take 30 days to send paperwork to fidelity to remove me from active status it did not take them 30 days to drop me from the insurance and it does not matter who you talk to those robotic idiots keep coming up with the same lame ass excuse.

  2. I work a golden living and we don't have enough staff to fill the schedule. We go to work and never know if we are going to leave when our shift is done or if we will have to work 16 hours that day. They don't care that we have kids at home. I had to call off work to pay my bills cause I kept getting stuck at work and not able to go pay them.

  3. i work at a goldenling center and worst than been in jail u have stay on your feet for 71/2 a night can not take break after 900 it working ing in hell

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