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Life Care Centers of America Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Life Care Centers of America Corporate Office Headquarters

Stock Symbol: Private Company
Address: 3570 Keith Street NW PO Box 3480
Cleveland, TN 37320-3480
Corporate Phone Number: 1-423-472-9585
Fax Number: 1-423-339-8323
Customer Service Number: 1-423-472-9585

  • Dear Mr. Forrest Preston. My sister is in your Life Care Center of Elkhorn, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Elkhorn, NE. The conditions are very unclean. The in wall air conditioners filter looked as though it has NEVER been cleaned and in fact it stopped working shortly after she arrived in 90+ temps. The toilet seat was broken and had urine around the base and the back where the seat bolts are. The furniture is broken, and as we spoke on the phone a roach crawled up the wall. I know you do NOT live in these conditions as I was able to find your 5.8 million dollar home on Anatole Crt in Cleveland, TN. The listing owner of Mill Run investors traces back to Life Care Centers. I would like you take a detailed look at this facility, maybe even pull an Undercover Boss thing. Your facility in Elkhorn is in very poor conditions. You aren't living in these poor conditions and as a god fearing person, the son of a LDS preacher and a Baptist yourself I would think you would treat people better, I think your stories about all of your facilities are all hype. I'm saddened by you and pray the good lord treat you accordingly. If I could upload pictures to prove what I have put here I would. I feel sorry for you, you are greedy and have gained your wealth on the backs of poor people.

  • regarding the Post Falls, Idaho facility.
    My dear friend spent two weeks in your facility this past January-February.
    She was transferred to the local ER where she was diagnosed in kidney failure. We were finally able to visit her in the ER as she was waiting for a Hospice consult. She said, "I just don't know what to do". I asked what she meant and she replied "I just want to go someplace where WHEN I USE MY CALL LIGHT, SOMEONE WILL COME". My friend died four hours later.
    Read this… her concern was to be attended to! a place to go where they will answer her call light. So very sad.

  • I’m writing to you about your facility in Post Falls, Idaho.

    Issues I’m personally aware of:

    a. The current kitchen manager Josh, does not have the experience needed to fulfil his duties. He puts his needs before those of his employees and the residence.

    b. The kitchen is very understaffed, mainly because of the manager, but also because it has started to get around that Life Care Center of Post Falls is not a place you want to go to work at. The Management team does not support their employees and the pay scale for the amount of work they demand does not make sense.

    c. More than two (2) time per week, the evening shift has to run to the local grocery store to purchase items to complete meals. This is usually because the kitchen manager does not know how to correctly order what is needed, and the kitchen gets two freight deliveries a week. It seems to me that ordering should be easy, look at your menu, and order. I’m not sure why this is so hard to figure out.

    d. The meals are not very good. The food quality has suffered because the kitchen manager Josh and the newest ED have decided that presentation is more important than quality. Pretty is not so important if the residence’s are not able to eat the meal because of the taste or lack of taste.

    e. The residence safety is being ignored during the evening meal. When the evening meal is served, the office and management staff have all left for the day. During the breakfast and lunch dining times the office and management staff will assist in the dining room. Because they are not available for the evening mean this requires that one (1) or more of the certified nursing staff must stay in the dinning area to “manage” the residences. Suggestion hire someone to cover the evening meal service.

    f. Your permanent CNA staff is pretty much non-existent at this time. As with in the kitchen Life Care Center of Post Falls has gotten a bad reputation for how the current management team treats their employees, which is keeping qualified employees from wanting to work there. Your new ED at this facility does not want to hear anything negative. The issue with this is that a “problem” by its very definition is inherently negative. However, because he does not want to hear negative comments no problems are being addressed and are continuing to plague the facility. I would hope that you would look at the records for this facility and see how many qualified and faithful employees have quit since he took over. Do you realize that the entire evening shift aides all gave their two (2) week notice? The facility is now going to be forced to use agency nursing staff, which I’m sure is not cheap.

    g. The staffing issues have also added danger to the residence, because the floor/wings are so understaffed the patient to CNA ratio is not within the recommended tolerances. The agency staff that is hired I’m sure is very capable, but they do not know the residence and for some older people the uncertainty of their caregivers can be upsetting.

    h. The current scheduling coordinator, does not have the experience to handle the current job requirements. This young lady has given preferential treatment to some of the aide’s that are within her own age group. The person in this position cannot be friends with co-workers, the position needs to be treated like an HR personal position. I have experience in HR so I know how hard it can be to be “friendly” but not be friends with co-workers. But to keep things impartial, separation is necessary.

    These are just a few of the issues that your facility is facing. As a corporate office you need to clean house at this facility before you lose your investment in such a beautiful facility.

    I remember when this facility opened, it was supposed to be the flag ship of your Pacific Northwest facilities, and for the last 8 years it was. Your new ED is running off your permanent employees at a staggering rate. If you want the true measure of what the existing permanent staff really thinks talk directly to them.

  • Dear LCCA Corporate,

    I am a resident at LCCA Waynesville, and I have a concern I would like to discuss. Let me say beforehand that, overall, I am happy here, as the meals are delicious, and the staff is warm, efficient, and knowledgeable. The selections available on television, however, are poor. We are missing worthwhile statios,s such as National Geographic Wild, and, my personal favorite, the Create channel. These are worthwhile, EDUCATIONAL channels that are enjoyed by many persons across the US. PLEASE, right now the offerings are pathetic; if I could afford my own satellite dish, I would have one.

    Thank you,

    Helen D. Woods

  • I work at a life care center whose cook has vulgar LAUNGUAGE we enter into the office and of course she denied it she talks down to you constantly she acts like she owns this kitchen I'm in process of switching to nights to get away from her. Why should I have to tolerate thus why do they not fire this drama queen her attitude is terrible and her girlfriend works there they it's worse when they are both there they treat you like you are stupid the 22 year old told me her conversation is well over my head just one instance there have been many but when the cook and her buds Don't matter what you do its wrong I've done culinary 32 years but not in the south so they ridicule why I don't know how to make certain things well I never had to up north like corn bread, okra, the atmosphere is atrocious you really should do an under cover boss at the care Center on crum street in greeneville tn please fo it you will see go in as a dish washer where you can work and just hear what goes on you'd be amazed or you'd be sick to your stomach

  • i worked for lifecare center attleboro ma almost 2 years .i gave my 2 week notice but got sick so i called out and didnt go back .can i go back to lifecare for a job ever again?

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