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Kindred Healthcare Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I've been an employee for 8yrs. First it was Odyssey Hospice and then Gentiva Hospice and now Kindred Hospice. Well things started happening when big Management change. I was written up for a lousy 2 hrs of overtime. It was logical to stay because computers were down and I had gotten through to Tech support. Well that's not all. I could write a book with all this turmoil in one small office..By the way in NJ. Managers yell at you and so does the NEW ED. She is horrible so far there has been 3 of us on Sick leave for emotional reasons. I can't deal with them anymore. It seems like they are picking on people of AGE and Dissabilty. Here we work for a Company that cares for the sick but not a damn corporate. person cares about the little. Just like our government. I would be very surprised if the CEO answered this complaint.. And I'm not knit picking either.

  2. Hi im a lvn that works at kindred baldwin park ca . well im been having problems with supervisors .i told that some cna's where not doing the care to the patient they get fed late and theg dont get shave or water and they never due oral care i reported to them and i got cancel for 3 days so i got in trouble by doing by job as a reporter and my duties please help us im not the only one please read yelp reviews familys are not happy we need help theres no supervisors that helps us fix problems by not getting in trouble with them …thank u please help us …and patients need your help ..

  3. We need help at kindred of baldwin park ca pt are been neglet and abuse please check yelp dont take my word read reviews on yelp same complaints i work there and its emberasing for emplyes who like working here please help need help patients ask….

  4. Please check yelp on kindred baldwin park ca. we having allot of neglet on patient patient are not been clean supervisor ar ingnoring the complaints can u guys send one to talk employes about it.please check yelp

  5. The phone number for corporate office…does anyone know? The number listed above has noone answering. It just kept ringing.
    I need to report harassment from the COO and bullying at BREA, CA kindred.

  6. i work at kindred's at Walden in MA. The place is awful. Don't come for 3-11 shift expecting to go home at the end of your shift. There might be no nurse to relieve you at the end of the shift. It has happened to me several times. My wife works 11-7 with a Genesis facility, so my kids has ended up sleeping on the babysitters couch and missing school the next day on several occasions. Have some extra energy because you will also work short. Be ready to be posted as the charge nurse on the schedule although your pay check won't reflect that. Should i sue this place or just quit?

  7. I am, soon to be was, an employee at Kindred Hospital in Lima Ohio. It starteed out as a great place to work and now its to the point I dread going to work. The managment in this hospital is the worst. No communication, no praise for doing a good job. They really under-appritiate their employees. They will have nurses sitting doing nothing and playing on phones and whatever while the techs are busting ass to do everything. And if a tech asks for help its like the end of the world. I would not recommend this place to work at. Ever. Its getting so bad even doctors don't want to send patients their anymore.

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