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Lane Bryant Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Lane Bryant Corporate Office Headquarters

Charming Shoppes, Inc.
3344 Morse Crossing
Columbus, OH 43219 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-463-5200
Lane Bryant Credit Card: 1-800-888-4163
Fax Number: n/a
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: 1-800-888-4163

  • I have been a customer of Lane Bryant for many years. I have been loyal to your brand and have been to lane Bryant stores in ma n y cities. On tonight as after work I went into the store at Summit Woods in Lee's Summit, No the store was empty I was the only customer service and they were marking clothing down. I heard the two employees talking about some winter scarves that they were marking to $2.98. I picked up 4 of the scarves and went to the counter to purchase the scarves I told the cashier that because the scarves were so low that the signs saying but one clearance item get one free was not effective. I was informed by the cashier that the items I was about to purchase even thou marked at $2.98 would not be sold for that price. I'd have to come back on tomorrow to get that price because the sale starts then. I turn to see the other employee putting the ticketed 2.98 scarves on the rack. I asked the cashier if your aren't selling the scarves for the ticketed price why are they being put on the sales floor and not in a bin to be put on the sales floor tomorrow. At this point the cashier became very argumentative, and began to raise her voice at me, she sstated, "Mam I don't know what you want me to do." My response was "You will not raise your voice at me." I was very professional,I did not raise my voice, curse, or act disrespectful. Your employee the went as far at to tell me to leave the store. I have been at strong customer of that store and the Lane Bryant brand for over 20 years.

    If this is how customers are treated by your employees then I need to take my business else where. I don't enter a store to shop not to disrespect by employee or to be asked to leave the store because of an emaemployees behavior.

  • To whom it may concern:
    Good afternoon,
    My name is Donna Muncy; I am currently a Lane Bryant customer with a Lane Bryant credit card. I order frequently and enjoy the quality of the clothing. I placed an order on February 5, 2017 and took advantage of the sale on Super Bowl day. (Order #41771470)
    Today, I received the order, but instead of MY order, I received an order that belongs to Ms. French order # 41771402. I immediately called customer service and explained to them the issue, and that I had received the order. The customer service rep then told me that Ms. French had called in as well, she had every reason to be upset, and my order totaled 189.34 and her order totals 621.08.
    Instead of this being an easy fix, the customer service informed me that I would not receive my order until all of the merchandise was showing returned, and my Lane Bryant card was showing the credit. I THEN would have to call AGAIN and get my order RESENT to me. Now the issue is this, someone in your warehouse put Ms. French’s label on my box and my label on her. That is NOT Ms. French’s fault NOR MINE.
    Why should I have to wait another 2 weeks to receive my order, which includes ANOTHER call to the rude customer service agents who act as if they are holier than thou? Which gives you the impression of they are only sitting in that chair for a paycheck.
    My frustration:
    1. I do not have my order
    2. I had to call Customer service who put me through to a supervisor who did NOT care one ounce of my issue and instructed me to hang up and call the bank who was waiting on my call, which turned out to be a lie; they had no idea why I was calling.
    3. The bank turned me back to Lane Bryant who transferred me to a bank supervisor who then transferred me to a Lane Bryant customer service rep. (He was nice) but still did not help me get my order.
    4. 4 I ended up talking with 7 (SEVEN) people and I still do NOT have an order replacement on the way.
    Do you honestly think I am going to keep this $600 order when it was I MYSELF who called in the mistake? I have been a loyal customer to Lane Bryant and I expect this problem to be fixed, If I do not hear from you and a solution in the next couple of days, I will absolutely close my accounts. Both Lane Bryant and the Card.
    I feel like I was not important to anyone I talked with today and I am very disappointed in the lack of the ability for a company to fix a problem that THEY THEMSELVES made.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
    Donna Muncy

  • I am expressing my sincere gratitude to your employee, Taylor, at store #6420 in The Avenues, Viera, for her gracious attitude and helpfulness. Today (April 24, 2016), I went through my usual stores, Belks, Kohl's, and The Loft and found nothing. I happened to stop in at Lane Bryant and was greeted by Taylor who asked me a few questions and immediately went to the racks to find exactly what I was looking for. She was knowledgeable about size conversions and body shapes. She was friendly but did not overwhelm me and made my shopping experience a pleasant one. With my size and body shape I dread shopping for clothing but thanks to Taylor, (and the entire staff who were also friendly and eager to help) from now on, I'm going straight to Lane Bryant for any clothing or accessories I may need.
    Linda Labrie
    Cocoa, FL

  • Over two weeks ago I had a tonsillectomy. I asked my husband to take care of the bills, I owed Lane Bryant $25.00, he paid them $2500.00 he overpaid them $2475. On 11/05/15 I was informed that it would take two to three business days and the money would be returned. On 11/10/15 the money still had not been refunded I than was on a conference call with my bank and Lane Bryant because LB said they needed certain information from my bank. This information was than faxed over and LB stated they would expedite the funds to my account, I was assured it would be 2-4 more days. Today is 11/18/15 and still no funds returned to my account. Lane Bryant you have locked up all of my funds and have made it so I cannot even afford the medications that I have needed for my throat. DO you have any Idea what it is like to Vomit past a newly preformed tonsillectomy? Well I have been vomiting for days now. I cannot afford groceries or gas and I have $555 in bounced check fees. With todays ease of electronic transmissions I wonder the cause for delays.
    Are you going out of business?
    Is you company filing for bankruptcy?
    Are you having financial problems?
    Are you holding these funds because you are a corporate big man and you can?
    What is obvious to me is that your customer is not a priority or at least I am not. LPGehrt

  • Lane Bryant – I will never shop your online stores again. Shopping in person is questionable, as well. I just cancelled my credit card with you. I placed an order on Nov. 7th and paid for expedited shipping. The order still did not arrive by the 2nd day or the 3rd. I tracked my order and found it still had not left the warehouse, even though the money was taken from my bank account. I called again on day 5 and day 6, because tracking still showed the order had not left the warehouse. I wanted to cancel my order, but was told I could not since the order was "complete". I was told that I could return my order when I received it. As this is the 10th day since I placed my order and it still has not left the warehouse, I don't know if I will ever receive it. I'm outraged and disappointed. This was my birthday present to me. Sad birthday indeed.

  • The new commercial is awesome until the models walk out in fur. Seriously Lane Bryant? Fur? I am disgusted. You took something good and destroyed it!!!

  • They owe me money from returns that they would NOT put back on my charge card. They said it would be MAILED TO ME. This was years ago and still they have not refunded me the money.

  • I have a loyal customer of Lane Bryant’s for many years. So, when I stepped into your Meyerland Mall store in Houston, Texas with the expectation of finding professional business-wear I was met with everything else but that. I was told by one of the sales associates that the clothing displayed in the store was considered business casual. That’s all well and good, but it really was not business casual, it was more like cruise-wear.

    The question I have is – If you work in corporate America where a business suit (jacket, skirt, blouse, and pants) are a part of everyday –wear – why would you not develop a Lane Bryant year round Business-wear line for the Plus Sized Women? Are we not worthy of such a line of clothing? I know that there are several types of materials that can be sold throughout the year to make sure you can meet every season.

    I know that I am not the first person to ask this question. It seems that no one is listening to the needs of the customer. I was further insulted by the make of the clothing and the material. It was cheaply made and you could smell the die-lots on the clothing. I just want to know if you are really listening to the customer or just buying what you think the customer wants.

    If I may make a suggestion – Why not develop Facebook and Twitter focus groups to ask the customer what they want…let the customer feel like they are a part of the buying process. I know you cannot please everyone, but at least try not to insult us more than you already have.

  • Lane Bryant, you have closed the Thousand Oaks Store a few years ago. Now you are closing the Simi Valley Store. There are no places to shop for my size and many of my friends. I hate the dress barn in Janns mall!!! Please open a lane Bryant in Janns mall!! We have no place to shop other then Macys or Pennys in the Mall. Jonnie Turnure)

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