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Reach Lane Bryant Corporate Office 

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Lane Bryant, a leading retailer in plus-size women’s clothing, is celebrated for its stylish and inclusive apparel. This blog post offers an in-depth look at Lane Bryant’s corporate office, highlighting their contact details, product range, commitment to fashion inclusivity, and their role in the apparel industry. It also invites readers to share their experiences with Lane Bryant, fostering a community of fashion-forward individuals and body positivity advocates.

How To Contact Lane Bryant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lane Bryant Headquarters: An Overview

  • Lane Bryant HQ Phone Number: 1-614-463-5200
  • Lane Bryant Headquarters Address: 8323 Walton Pkwy, New Albany, OH 43054
  • Lane Bryant Human Resources HR Phone Number: 1-614-463-5200
  • Lane Bryant Credit Card: 1-800-888-4163
  • Lane Bryant Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-888-4163
  • Lane Bryant Corporate Status: Subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group
  • Lane Bryant Email Help & Chat: Contact
  • Lane Bryant Official Website: lanebryant.com

Lane Bryant Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Lane Bryant Corporate Headquarters Address

Lane Bryant’s Role in the Fashion Retail Industry

Lane Bryant is a key player in the fashion retail industry, known for its commitment to providing fashionable, high-quality clothing for plus-size women. Their diverse product line includes everything from casual wear to professional attire, catering to a broad range of fashion needs.

The Competitive Landscape of Women’s Apparel and Lane Bryant’s Position

In the competitive market of women’s apparel, Lane Bryant stands out for its focus on inclusivity and body positivity. They compete with other plus-size and mainstream fashion retailers by offering a unique blend of style, fit, and comfort. Lane Bryant competes against Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Gap and Target.

Lane Bryant’s Dedication to Fashion Inclusivity and Quality

Lane Bryant is dedicated to promoting fashion inclusivity, offering stylish clothing that fits well and looks great. Their commitment to quality and fit has made them a beloved brand among plus-size shoppers.

Lane Bryant as a Subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group

As part of the Ascena Retail Group, Lane Bryant benefits from shared resources and expertise in the retail industry, enhancing its ability to serve its customers and stay ahead in the fashion market.

Other Notable Brands in the Plus-Size Fashion Sector

Beyond Lane Bryant, the plus-size fashion sector includes various other brands and retailers, each contributing to the growing availability of fashionable, well-fitting clothing for plus-size individuals.

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Sharing Your Experience with Lane Bryant Products, Complaints, Reviews, Feedback, and Comments

We welcome your insights and experiences with Lane Bryant’s range of products and services, focusing on their style, quality, and impact on promoting plus-size fashion inclusivity. Your feedback helps others gain a better understanding of the brand’s offerings and values in the fashion retail market. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and reviews section below.

Lane Bryant Credit Card

Rated 3.0 out of 5
March 13, 2023

I have been with Lane Bryant for quite sometime and decided to get a credit card with them. I made a purchase in store and waited to receive the Lane Bryant card. Since I never got a bill or card, I didn’t think it was expected for me to pay. Fast forward a few months from now my account is in collections. I contact customer service. They waive the fees and I pay the total amount due. Still no card. A month pass and now I owe $112. How? This whole situation is unsettling and I’m at the point where I’m going to pay the whole card off and cancel. Truly hurt customer.

Truly Hurt Customer
Corporate Office Headquarters