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Bloomingdales Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Bloomingdales Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bloomingdale’s, Inc. a division of Macy’s
1000 3rd Ave.
New York, New York 10022 USA
Website: Bloomingdales.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-705-2000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-777-0000

  • Worst customer service department I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. First, you are on hold for an hour and then you get a supervisor who is nasty…Janet L. ….and states that I can only do a certain transaction in the store. I told her I am disabled and therefore that is discrimination against home-bound disabled people. She said it is not. I tried to explain what discrimination is but she clearly doesn’t care.
    I thought someone would try to help me at a supervisor level but they
    are horrible. I have had people at Macy’s help me all the time. Bloomingdales needs to re-analyze its policies, procedures, and customer service before they have to close its doors. They should take a lesson from their baby sister store Macy’s. Just because you carry more designer names, does not give you the right to treat your customers like crap. We can purchase our items directly from the designers and cut you out completely. I will be reporting your discrimination to the ADA and as far as your customer service goes…I hope all customers realize that they
    can be treated with respect elsewhere.

  • To Whom It May Concern,
    I purchased a pair of Mens’ Salvatore Ferragamo shoes back in January of 2013 as evidenced by the receipt below.
    They were kept in a cedar lined bedroom closet with cedar shoe trees. I wore them for the first time in august ago at an indoor Birthday party and when I went to remove them, three hours later, I noticed the material had separated from the sole on the right shoe.
    This should NOT happen for a pair of shoes that cost close to $1000 especially when they were well cared for. Therefore I am returning them for a refund.
    I was issued a return label by Mario Morales, a Bloomingdales Omni-Channel specialist. Your return center in Chesire, CT accepted them on 10/22/2015 (tracking number – 1Z 6W6 461 90 9934 7457).
    Four weeks went by with no contact so I decided to inquiry as to the status of my return. I spent an hour and one half explaining and re-explaining the aspects of this return to which I was told the Customer Service Representative would look into it and respond back to me.
    A week went by with No response. So again I called and again spent over an hour explaining the situation to the CSR and requested to speak to a Supervisor. I was transferred to Sara – Employee # 91036206. She told me first of all that I should not expect shoes to last over two years. WHAT??? Then she continued to tell me to send an email to Bloomingdales customer service to get assigned an Incident #.
    I got assigned Incident # 151124-002180 and was told I would receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.
    It is now over a week since I last responded to the emails by Steffany Hosner and Theresa Sweeney just to name a few of your employees I have received nothing but “Lip Service” from. Incidentally but assured me of a response with 24/48 hours.
    To sum up:
    1- I paid $688.50 for these shoes, evidenced by the receipt and Credit Card statement I included with the shoes when I returned them.
    2- You are in receipt of the shoes, but cannot seem to locate them.
    3- Bloomingdales has no plan, as evidenced by their total lack of following up, to remedy this situation.

  • I was at your Huntington location today, I was looking for a particular perfume, Colonge by Thierry Mugler, it is rare to find, but a very nice sales woman found it for me. She advised me I could save 15% by opening up a credit card, so I agreed. In process of ringing me up and filling out my credit application, another very rude sales woman stopped her saying one of the "preferred customers" or whatever needed to make a purchase, all during my purchase she kept interrupting us pressing on the fact the other woman needed 3 perfumes. This kept on going thru my entire purchase, I don't even know if my credit card application was correct! Now I might not make a million dollars a year, but I chose to make my purchase with bloomingdales, I have never shopped at your stores prior and doubt I will again due to this terrible, very embarrassing experience. How dare you'll preference people, you have no Idea how much someone is worth. Thanks for the horrible experience!


  • To whom it May concern,

    I have ordered these two Ralph Lauren dresses twice. Both times they come with Black tags with metal bars going thru the fabric of the dress at the hemline???? I have been told by supervisors the following:
    1. These must have come from a store to have these tags on them?
    2. These came from our warehouse, and should not have these tags on them?
    3. All our dresses come with these tags on them?

    I have returned $400.00 worth of Ralph Lauren dresses -Order#XXXXXXXXXX, due to trying to take one of these off and the plastic breaks in my hand and the metal brad is still in the dress….therefore I cannot wear the dress?????

    Yesterday, I received my 2nd – Order #XXXXXXXXX of the same two Ralph Lauren dresses, and the same big tags are connected to the hemline of both dresses so I cannot wear them out.

    I called and spoke to Danny who claimed he was a supervisor abilities, I explained to him that from my home in Los Angeles, it is a 1 hour drive each way to Beverly Hills or Newport Beach stores to have a sales associate remove these tags for me. and at $3.75 a gallon for gas this is an expensive endeavor to gain the opportunity to wear a dress that I bought online to avoid driving to a store in the first place. All he would do is offer me a 10% discount on the dresses???? a total of $2.40 for the two dresses!! (NO Help!!)

    Than an spoke to Supervisor Meredith who would only offer me a flimsy insincere apology and offered me a mere 10% off (equates to $1.20 each dress)??????? Again, I explained to her in great detail that I bought these online to be able to receive them yesterday and wear one last night. What is the benefit of ordering from Bloomingdales online if you have to visit a store to get all the senso tags off the garment before I can wear my purchase????????

    After that useless phone call I left a voice mail for a call back from the top manager- Victoria on her direct line 480-929-3100 in which I have yet to get a call back from her at this point this a.m. ?????

    This is such unacceptable service from a store like Bloomingdales….I spend alot online with your store and to be treated so poorly is beyond belief. I assume I will not get any kind of reply from this note as well but it does not hurt to try.

    I order from Ralph Lauren directly all the time and have never received anything from them that I cannot wear out that same day….maybe Bloomingdales should come down from their ivory tower and offer upscale service like the Bigger Names out there!!!!!

    X-Bloomingdales Customer

  • I have encountered quite a few issues with online shopping and slow, poor and non-responsive customer service. I don't have a lot of patience and last winter and again this fall, I made contact with some of the Bloomingdale's management and I can say that while it has been frustrating to experience these things, I was enlightened to know that they really did try to fix things for me. I hope to see some positive changes in the online shopping experience in the future, as I do believe in second chances and Bloomingdale's has always had quite a great selection of product offerings. I am putting myself out on a limb to say that their new person in charge of operations seems like he really wants to turn things around and I think he will. Just like creating a fabulous reputation for yourself of company – it's done one customer at a time. It's just harder to overcome negative situations and word of mouth. I am giving Bloomingdale's another chance and wanted to wish the new person in charge of operations much luck and success! -JJ in Houston

  • I have had ongoing problems having my credit card credited with $528. You were quite efficient at getting payment but 4 tries and 45 min on hold this last time……still no refund just the same promise of credit 7 to 10 business days and we will call you. I have asked that the notes on my order be given to Bruce Berman as I am sure he would want to see the level of customer service provided for order423606392

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