Nordstrom Corporate Office Headquarters

Nordstrom Corporate Office Headquarters
Nordstrom, Inc.
Nordstrom Direct Inquiries
1700 Seventh Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101
Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-628-2111
Fax: 1-206-628-1795
Customer Service Number (USA): 1-888-282-6060
Customer Service Number (Canada): 1-877-794-5304
Customer Service Number (International): 1-319-846-4140
Credit Services: 1-800-964-1800
Email: Online Only

  • Applied for Nordstrom credit card few years ago. Due to my large amount of shopping and also using my Nordstrom credit card at other businesses, I was upgraded to platinum Nordstrom credit card without asking for it.
    This year I have purchased and used my Nordstrom credit card for over $14,000.
    I received an e-mail telling me that I need to spend more before December 31, 2021 or I will lose some credit card privilege.

    Below is a email I recieved from Nordstrom:

    An important note about your Icon status

    Thanks for being one of our most loyal customers. Shopping still looks a little different, so we're giving you a one-time exception to keep your Icon status in 2022. You'll need to reach $10,000 in qualifying net spend by December 31, 2021, if you haven't already, instead of the required $15,000 minimum.* So far this year, you've spent $14605.30 with us as of December 1, 2021.

    Keep Your Current Icon Benefits**
    • 5 Personal Double Points Days
    • Icon Early Access to Anniversary Sale
    • Unlimited Free Alterations***
    • Dining or Spa Experience
    • Same-Day Delivery
    • Nordstrom After-Hours
    • Icon-Only Events
    • No Credit Card Fees

    If you lose your Icon status, you'll lose all of the above benefits and will have to pay credit card fees again. These fees include late fees, returned payment fees, cash advance fees and minimum interest charge fees.

    First of all I never asked for these privilege and it was given to me by Nordstrom.
    How much alteration a person needs? I just two times used this benefit and since i wasn't happy with their job I don't use it at all. I give my things to dry cleaner.
    I had all benefits above before.
    Also, I did not know that I need or required to spend minimum $15,000 to maintain these privilege.
    The whole world is upside down and you care about money and giving me one time exception?
    I have been loyal Nordstrom customer for many years and I don’t think you should treat your loyal customer.
    I have also other credit card that provide cash reward (Costco Citi Visa) and also Capital one that provide great rewards including travel packages.
    These credit card always have been very friendly and treat me with most respect. It would not be great disappointment if I cancel my Nordstrom credit card and use my other cards.

  • OMG ,what happen to your stores? Lately I get mistreated every time I shop there buy your manager & employees .Instead of getting a "thank you" after I pay, I get an attitude, a sour face and called names like sweetie, darling, honey…
    The only reason I can think of is that I'm white.
    So, after 40 years of buying at your store, is goodbye for me. Who wants to shop in a place ,leave your money and get mistreated in exchange!

  • Hi, i ordered a product on May 2nd when i got confirmation it said 3-5 days before it even ships …are you kidding ? I order lots of things online and they usually ship the same day or at least within 2 days..
    So I sent off an email to and i get a response that didnt answer my i sent another email..same deal…then i get an email May 5th saying we are working on your order ?? if you have time to send emails saying your working on it you should have time to ship it !! So then today i get another email saying ''oh you need to contact nordstrom rack…grrrrr so use the email address she sent and i get this from nordstrom postmaster: rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses: ( gave this error:
    ETP205 DMARC Failure for domain () – E63210308CFE65906bde748f1

    Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's e-mail provider rejected it.

    so I try the phone number that the rep sent for Nordstrom rack and its the wrong number ( 888-966-9283)
    so i call the Nordstrom number and get the right number for the rack and call it..the guy said there is no current info available ???? now its been 6 days and my order still hasnt shipped …a class place like Nordstrom's should be able to ship something faster than 3-5 days…i expect this kind of service maybe from a mom and pop store not Nordstrom's..ive spent well over an hour trying to find out why it takes so long to ship something ??? and now this email…
    order # 215400159 May 2nd

  • I am very disappointed in the not so luxury customer service or payment protocols. First I was told last week, I have made too many payments and my account was flagged. Then they instruct me to make payments in the store for immediate posting and that is not true. I paid off my entire balance yesterday in cash and today they said it takes 2 days to post. No other cc account does that. Cash should be immediate! Very disappointed and will think twice about shopping here in the future/

  • Disgusting that what was once a high class store has stooped so low as to play politics in cancelling Ivanka's line. What a shame! I lose nothing by taking my business elsewhere; you lose loyal customer base and $$$. Shame on you for abandoning right reason. When we Americans had to sweat thru 8 years of horrible "leadership" we finally saw light as we the people showed up in masses to elect a proven business leader, with children who made their own mark, and learned early that America is the biggest business in the world and it takes business men AND women to try to set things back on track to a future of hope. And you in your smugness decide to show a temper tantrum by cancelling Ivanka's line. Ivanka is a true American business woman, created and worked HARD to establish a quality line! Shame shame shame on you. I am thrilled to see the many others who have written here that are destroying their N. credit cards and will never again shop Nordstrom. Nor will I, nor will any of my friends and family for whom I agreed to speak out on their behalf to protest this inane bad-business decision. Good bye Nordstrom!

  • As a devoted customer for the past 38 years, I am saddened to be writing this note to you. I will no longer be shopping at your store or online.
    Over the years your shoe department could not be beat, from your clothing lines for both men and women, to the children's department, gifts, and loving the lunchroom too. I have shopped it all.
    I no longer respect a company that lets themselves be led by politics, and quite frankly it is insulting to many consumers.
    May you someday wake up from the madness!!

  • Shame on you Nordstrom!!!! Shame. Shame. Shame. You are in retail and should know politics have no place in business. I have been a good customer of Nordstrom since 1994 and have considered you my favorite retail store—–no longer true. I will not be your customer in the future—-and lots of family and friends share my feelings. Shame on you for taking a political side.

  • I will no longer shop at Nordstrom again my husband and I have destroyed our credit cards and sending them to the corporate office shame in you for letting these stupid bleeding heart liberals call the shots for your business.

  • I would never boycott a store for starting or stopping to carry a particular person's line of clothing, shoes, etc. All department stores have to meet their bottom line or that person is out. What's disgusting is that Donald is trying to use his position as President to make people and companies do things that favor his family. He cannot take a step back and be impartial. He shouldn't comment about it at all.

  • On the contrary . I was a devoted Nordstrom shopper for almost 44 years. What happen to the stores ? What happen to the quality and attention.? You boycott / well I think we should boycott the store because they won't carry Ivanka's line.

    Retailers must realize they are killing themselves. Is this a way to get customers to like them? I say N NO NO.

  • I am very disappointed in the stand that Nordstrom has taken not to carry Ivanka's line. The women of America just had a "March" for women rights in various states and here Nordstrom turns right around and slap one of our own. It is very sick that a company like Nordstrom will jump into the circus… no more shopping from my family at Nordstrom. What message are you telling the women of this country??? Nordstrom does not respect women and what they can achieve – Ivanka built her brand.

  • I am joining the ranks of your customers that CHOOSE TO BOYCOTT YOUR STORES.
    We used to shop there, but frankly your approach to retail and now becoming involved with political issues, is just horse-manure. I see your corporate office is in Washington state, which is loaded with Liberals so that also explains a great deal. I wish I had protested when Obama was elected, because he was the worst President we have ever had.

  • Based on the experience my daughter has had with a purchase of a very expensive bridesmaid dress we will never shop here again. After 3 attempts to get the dress right they have still failed miserably. She ended up finding the dress at a competitor's store. Not only did they get the order right the very first time it was 30% less then at Nordstrom. Now for Nordstrom to add insult to injury they have charged her credit card again—(6 weeks after she returned the dress and got account credited) for the amount of the dress that she returned. Obviously an incompetent group of folks you are. Based on all the bad reviews I'm reading from customers and employees alike this is not an uncommon experience we're having. I'm sure you won't miss our business but maybe one day you'll conduct your business ethically and properly. Good luck!

  • I just ordered two pairs of boots on line with my credit card. My order did not arrive so I checked my email to obtain the order information. What I saw was an email from Nordstorm's financial dept. canceling my order. They said it was a high ticket item ($200 a pair) for my zip code. I live in a black community.

  • My daughter works for an agent in Horn Lake. My father passed away. The handbook clearly states she gets 3 days bereavement, however her agent is only giving her one day and making her take PTO for the remainder. This is pretty ridiculous that there is no more compassion than this. What kind of company is this?

  • Terrible customer support. Did not process my order correctly. Routed it to my city and then back to Chicago. Customer Service not interested and blamed the shipper and would not folllow up with shpper

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