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Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. OMG, I am reading what Lisa Monroe wrote back in 2017 and it can be as if I wrote it myself. Saks.com is awful and no one to talk to. No one. Hours and hours to find it about a price adjustment/refund and no one can help. Calls get dropped, supervisors don't follow up. They send codes that don't work. Just awful. Placed an order. Was sent to the wrong location and I never received it and then the item was out of stock. When it came back in the price was higher. They assured me they would honor the lower price but there is no one to talk to sothat never happened. HORRIBLE

  2. Without a doubt, the worst run store in history. I can only assume hedge funds bought the company and they're intentionally gutting it. It'll be bankrupt soon.

  3. This is the worst company in retail. They should restructure the entire company or just stop selling items all together. For it to be "high end", their service is terrible. I do not recommend anyone to shop here especially online. They mislead consumers with their 2 day shipping with shoprunner, you actually receive standard shipping. When you request to speak to someone be prepared to be annoyed. I will shop from this place again. I received better service from Lord and Taylor. Meanwhile I am typing this email while being on hold for 20 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor.

  4. The min wage law in AZ as of Jan 1, 2017 requires all employers to pay the min wage of $10/hr to all part time and full time employes. However, your company is paying said employees $9/hr. Please explain why your company is not in compliance with the min wage law of $10/hr?????

  5. need help.

    I purchased some Patricia Green, red slippers from offsaks 5th ave site
    the red die from slippers has transferred on to my floor and carpeting and will not come out.

    I have been trying to contact someone at saks 5th ave for 3 days with no luck.

    I am very frustrated and upset.

    please contact rose George at 253-221-6898 ibmjohn@gmail.com

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