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  • Frito-Lay North America Corporate Office Headquarters

Frito-Lay North America Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Frito-Lay North America Corporate Office Headquarters

PepsiCo, Inc.
7701 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX 75024
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-334-7000
Fax: 972-334-2019
Customer Service Number: 1-800-352-4477

  • Received a nasty letter after making a complaint about your products,I buy several of your products but now after receiving your nasty letter I will never ever buy any of your products ever again . Denise Richards

  • While they’re benefiting from protection of the flag, they are kneeling in disrespect of it.” Yes, this is free country. Your rights are protected from our government. not your employer, to protest. Protest on your on time not your employers time.
    Any company that is sponsoring, advertising, and endorsing. With players or NFL, or Teams. Will not get my support.
    Any company that does not respect the country that supports them will not get my support.
    I have supported the NFL and its sponsors for decades no more.
    I have supported companies that advertising, and endorsing the NFL and players for decades no more.
    The NFL is on TV. It can easily be turned off. The NFL is sponsored by beer and cars and soft drinks that can easily be not purchased. Not that hard. Just turn it off.
    I will from this day forward, I will BOYCOTT any organization that advertise and or supports disrespect of this country. (not use, buy or watch)

  • I am a former Frito Lay employee (Perry Division) I was employed from May 11, 2015-October 9, 2015. I can conclude that the workplace was very unprofessional and unorganized. I was let go by Human Resource Manager Lisa Barkley during the time of an investigation that was going on involving her, one of the line leaders, and some of the other employees. I was not paid for 5 hours of time that I had worked on September 28, 2015 and I reported the issue to my at the time PC leader Kevin, I emailed Lisa several times concerning this issue and the fact that she deleted my Pepsi account so I was never able to retrieve my check stubs. I have tried to reach out to anyone I felt would be best for me to speak with about these issues and I have yet to speak with anyone.

  • Kelsey Hartman (Logistics Supervisor) out of the Perry, GA Frito Lay plant has a history of meandering in the workplace and giving preferential treatment to her select "horsemen" of the drivers group. She has caused several divorces and cannot seem to separate business from pleasure within the workplace.

    She is also a married mother of 2 children, but can not seem to leave married men alone.

    She continues to jeopardize not only her own job, but the jobs of several of the drivers with her incessant texting and phone calls while the drivers are on the road.

    She needs to be investigated and terminated immediately so she can be an example of what happens when managers interfere with the rules of Frito Lay and what happens when you put the public and families/lives/careers of the drivers at risk.

  • Leave it to Frito Lay to want to change ANYTHING about Cracker Jacks!!! Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!? Why would you take the prize out?! You would CHANGE this ICONIC product?! Unbelievably STUPID! UNAMERICAN! Let me guess….the person who thought that one up IS NOT AMERICAN!? This is such an obvious way to save a little more money for the corporation however small! Sell the product to a Real American Company!

  • I was a Frito Lay employee at the Denver Plant it was the most horrifying work experience of my life , the place was nothing short of a sweat shop. The management cared only on profits and not employee safety. A particular resource Wanda continuously harassed and intimidated employees if she wasn't worshipped. Working for this lady was the worst experience of multiple employees’ lives no matter how many times she was reported nothing was done as a matter of fact her behavior was encouraged by others in management. I will never support this company again and will advise others to do the same. There is a reason why the employees are threatened with termination if they talk to the union or the EEOC, Frito Lay is bad business please take your money elsewhere, and if in Denver please be aware if you have family or friends thinking about joining that company they will hate it. Wanda the resource is a poor representation of the motto in which they claim to hold themselves to. Good product terrible place to work.

    • Hello Denver, Sad to say the experience here in the city of industry California the management is the same. the entire DC is run by lasy idiots who constantly pass the buck. corp should send in a couple undercover hires to see whats really going on in their DC's. They would be floored at all the potential law suits just waiting to happen. It only takes one person to start that snowball!!! I to refuse to buy the products.

  • Crystal Holley from Pulaski , Tn is going to be sued and possibly go to jail for filing a false report on a fellow employee and John Walton knows this to be a fact.

  • Big Corporation that thinks it is above the law.John Walton and Matt Smith should be investigated and terminated for criminal behavior

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