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  • Yamaha USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Yamaha USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Yamaha USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Yamaha Corporation of America
6600 Orangethorpe Ave.
Buena Park, CA 90620 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-522-9011
Fax Number: 1-714-522-9961
Audio Customer Service Number: 1-719-522-9105
Brass, Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion: 1-714-522-9011
Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums: 1-714-522-9000
Acoustic Pianos & Disklavier: 1-714-522-9000
Steinberg: Steinbergproductinfo@yamaha.com

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA

6555 Katella Ave.

Cypress, CA 90630 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-761-7300

Fax Number: 1-714-761-7302
Yamaha Card: 1-800-252-5265
Yamaha Installment: 1-877-314-1507
Star Motorcycles: 1-800-656-7695
Outboard Motors: 1-866-894-1626
Customer Service Number: 1-800-962-7926


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  1. Dear Yamaha I am a senior citizen 70 plus years. In January of 2021 we Placed an order for two Yamaha Wave runners. on May 26 2021 we are told that one of our wave runners will not be delivered as agreed. Our intention for this equipment was to introduce less fortunate senior citizens in our beautiful mountain town to a pleasant riding experience each week. Our senior citizen center as well as many of their families are going to be upset just as I am. We have been planning all year for this. As you know advanced age does not afford many summers to enjoy, Please find our equipment and make it available to our dealer. Snake River Yamaha Meridian Idaho, Thanks
    Tony Yeamans 208-880-1731 McCall, Idaho

  2. So far we have been taken for a ride with Yamaha and not a good one. One issue after another with their product and failure to resolve it. We have everything well documented. I really do not want to get attorneys involved but if Yamaha refuses to make this right I guess we have no other option.

  3. ya my name is albert landry jr.….I bought a 2018 Yamaha kodaic 700 specil edition….from a dealer here in maine….when I bought this machine the seller laufed an said it wouldent start 4 him…nn said I hope you have a garage to park it in…..,.well turns out he sold me a bike with a battery with some dead cells….nn now have to charge the battery every morning…to start it…..on cold days….just was wondering if you have recalls on this machine……for the amount I payed 4 it….the battery shouldn't have had a dead cell….just wondering ….sincerely albert landry jr.….148 pitts center road …..Richmond me…04357….

  4. good day sir/mam,it is my blessing day in time of my comment, about not getting a right place or person to help us in south Africa.

    To the point we are an on-going Namprwo Technical Training School of Fica Music Art of Business Affairs Based in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.
    Coming up with our own Afterstudy Business, named The Fica "5"Way Champions, and its Champions Qualifying Live Recording Online Project based in South Africa for the World's current 100s of 100os Schools of Music of America, Europe, Canada,UK, Australia and Africa.

    We are bringing our very old federation of international cooperative afro-entertainologist, shortly the Fica.

    My comment here in South Africa we don't have music corporations like Yamaha, sony, roland etc.

    Please Sir/Mam tell me how can you help us to bring it all to its poor music loving children and youth of South Africa especially now, I thank you and forward to hear from you soon.

    PheD Mr Sinelile Tshawe
    Contact Dedails as follw
    Stand 3912 Extention 25 Kinross, Mpumalanga Province South Africa.
    Email; tshawes19@gmail.com

  5. I had (gave it to my son in law) a 2008 Yamaha V110 Deluxe Waverunner. 90 hours on the clock. Developed an overheating problem due to water jackets being blocked. I was delighted when told by the Yamaha dealer…..we can get to it tomorrow. Well, six months went by. When I called for an update it was always next week. Having stopped by the store I got to see the engine disassembled. The water passages are very narrow. I realize that is probably intentional to have an engine block that fits inside the hull with room to spare. But, I would like to suggest widening the passages. Maybe they have. After use I was meticulous about flushing the system.

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