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  • Kawasaki USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Kawasaki USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Kawasaki USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: PO Box 25252
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5252
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-802-9381
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-802-9381

  • Most of my street motorcycles out of the 50 I've owned since 1976 have said KAWASAKI on the gas tank. Not all were great, but I keep coming back and look forward to purchasing a new Z H2 in 2020. Thanks.

  • Thank you Kawasaki for having morals and a standards to do the right thing. For those that move on to HD they will be back when they realize the money they are spending on oil dripper.

  • Since you are boycotting the president of the United States of America, I will boycott you and all of your subsidiaries. Will also be ordering " Boycott Kawasaki" bumper stickers to drive home the point. GO HARLEY DAVIDSON!

  • Shame on Kawasaki for letting dealerships make owning a Kawasaki a NIGHTMARE !!!!!! Our Kawasaki has been back and forth to the dealership for repairs and WAITING FOR REPAIRS more than we had been able to use it….to this day it does not run properly and not to mention the RECALLS that we have been told several times DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT ……..BUYER BEWARE …….

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    Corporate Office Headquarters