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  1. I have been working at Kangaroo gas station in Bradenton, Florida since the beginning of March. I filled out a W4 and to this day i still haven't had any of my taxes taken out, i have worked over 100hrs in overtime and have never been paid any overtime pay, employees call out and I was the only employee that would come in and cover their shift working 14-20hrs in one day and then do the same thing the next day and wasn't given adequate time to rest. Now they want to cut my hours because I said no to covering a shift for an employee that is constantly calling out. I'm getting a lawyer and I will get in touch with y'all. Thanks for everything.

  2. Went into the Kangaroo on Jones Ferry Road, Chapel Hill, NC. Paid over $7 for a box of regular wood tip Black and Milds, well above average price. The tobacco was the most stale Ive ever seen. If this store wants to charge well over average price, shouldnt they make absolutely certain that they sell quality products?

  3. After getting off work at midnite on Nov. 30 I stopped at your store at 16th and main in Gainesville Fl. The cashier was too busy talking to her "girls" o pay any attettion to her customers. She was using excessive profanity. During my transaction she continued to talk to her friends and acted like I was bothering her. Upon leaving the store I noticed the sidewalk covered in people just "hanging out." It was a very unsafe environment.

  4. After getting off work at midnight I stopped at one of your stores on my way home. It was the one at the corner of 16th and Main in Gainesville Fl. When I walked in the cashier was busy talking to "her girls" using excessive profanity and completely ignoring customers. During my transaction I was completely ignored while she continued to talk to her friends as if it was a bother to have to wait on me. She was the RUDEST and WORST customer service I have ever received. When I left the store the sidewalk was full of people just "hanging out". It was a very unsafe environment. This happened on Nov. 30 and needs to be investigated. When I go there during the day I have no problems but after dark it's nothing but problems.

  5. Kangaroo express in Beaufort SC on Robert smalls parkway.
    My family and I have boycotted this store because of how rude your employees are.
    I've been coming to this store for 15+ years and have yet to come across a pleasant employee. I only went to this store because of how convenient it was on my way to work…
    About a month ago, I came to this store to by gas and cigarettes like I always do..
    The cashier told me she WOULD NOT sell me cigarettes because a man came in right before me, asked for the same cigarettes, but didn't have his ID so she automatically thought I was buying them for this person. I had my ID and cash in hand and she flat out told me that she refused to sell me anything and to "move out of her line"… She was extremely rude. I've been trying to get ahold of the manager but im always told he's not in.
    I haven't been back to this store and I never will.
    This store needs to do better!! They need all new employees that aren't rude for no reason.
    I've told everyone about my experience and they have agreed not to spend any money at this store again untill y'all can do better.
    Again = Robert smalls parkway, Beaufort SC 29906 * DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE!!

  6. I am so tired of going into the Kangaroo on Nashville Ave in Atmore, AL to get a slushy for my kids (and we go in alot) because the machine is NEVER working NEVER!!!! half the time in the mornings, the coffee is not made, so I make it myself and still pay for it. I use to spend alot of money in there, but latley the customer service and avaliblity of items are horrible (IT SUCKS). Someone needs to look into this and get is fixed as you are losing customers quick.

  7. I work in the construction field and I bring my lunch almost every day. I frequently heat my lunch up at the Kangaroo store #3489 on Leonardo Dr in Durham, NC. I also purchase a drink and sometimes chips while I'm there. This store is in an area with a lot of new development going on so on any given day there are several contractors there to heat up their lunch. In the past it was very helpful during the lunch hour that they had two microwaves to access. The two microwaves were in two different locations so you didn't have to feel like you were invading someones personal space when you were trying to heat up your food. Recently this has changed and I was told by employees that the change was a requirement from corporate. Both microwaves are in the same place. One on top of the counter and the other one just below that one. After they moved the microwave they discovered that the outlet will not support two microwaves at the same time so they have an "out of order" sign on one of them. The microwave is actually not out of order. This has caused a line to form while we all wait to heat up our food in one microwave. I only get 30 minutes for lunch and lately I spend half of that time in the store waiting and heating up my food. I like this store because the people are friendly and the store is clean, but my time is valuable and if this continues I will have to find somewhere else to shop and heat up my food. The easiest solution would be to move the hot dog machine back where it was and separate the two microwaves so they are both usable. Please allow and request that they be moved back for the convenience of your customers.

  8. Hopefully someone in a position of authority will actually read this comment and take action…. I live next door to the Kangaroo Express located at 2511 New Berlin Rd in Jax Fl. The dumpster is overflowing .. running over.. with garbage bags piled on top of the dumpster and bags all around the dumpster… causing the whole area to stink.. not to mention now I have vultures (if that is what those huge black birds are called) hovering in my yard and in the trees at the edge of my yard and all over the area of this dumpster … Apparently it has not been emptied in who knows how long??? I have lived here for many years and NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE!! I have even seen the store clerk putting overflow garbage bags in the fenced in area where the crates are stored, etc. …. PLEASE PLEASE check into this problem and have the dumpster emptied !!!! Thank you so much for your assistance

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