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  • Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Circle K Corporate Office Address:

1130 W Warner Rd,
Tempe, Arizona 85284 USA

Circle K Corporate Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-602-728-8000
Japan Circle K Phone Number: 81-3-62209000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-257-3784

Circle K Head Office in Japan – Japan Sunkus Co., Ltd.

Harumi Center Bldg. 4F 2-5-24
Harumi Japan

Circle K Corporate Office
Circle K Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Phone Number


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  1. I am 71 years old. I went to Circle K yesterday which was Mother’s Day. This is Circle K #0374 located at 5805 Hwy 105, Beaumont, Texas 77703. I paid for gas and I told the lady pump 7 not realizing it was actually pump 1. When I went to pump gas nothing happened so a young man was going in the store so I asked him to as the attendant to turn the pump on, I could tell the attendant appeared upset so I went in myself. When I stepped in the attendant was screaming that pump 7 wasn’t even on that side. I told her she was not going to talk to me like that. She continued to scream something. The manager for that store was standing in the store and let the attendant continue to holler and did nothing. I will not be disrespected like this anoI would think you would not want someone like her to represent your business . I will no longer go to this place of business.

  2. Once again I am writing to you to address the A/C issue at the Circle K I frequent in Sumter, SC. Store number is: 2723381 located on the corner of McCrays Mill Rd. & Pinewood Rd. The ladies working there today have to have fans blowing on them, and yet it is still miserable in the store. Why is it so hard to send an A/C repairman to fix it!?! Perhaps if you send one who actually knows what he's doing, it might stay fixed. This is a continual problem and it ought not to be. So many customers shop there. It should be a comfortable place to shop and more importantly, a comfortable place for the workers, as they are they for hours during their shift. Please send a qualified A/C repairman to fix it soon. Summer is coming fast and it's already hot here.

  3. Is it customary for a Circle K at 110 S Main St, Snowflake Az 85937 to allow people to hang out in front of their store playing a guitar using the stores power outlet to play? Or someone on a 3 wheel motorcycle to play his radio loud and just hang out? This has been going on for the the last 4 days, when I go up there. It looks like they are panhandling and loitering in front of your store. I’m going to stop going there, it makes me uncomfortable with this going on. Just thought, I would share this with you. I have pictures of these 2 men, in front of the store.

  4. I reside in West Ashley, Charleston, South Carolina, where there are two Circle K stores in close proximity. Lately, the store I usually frequent has been closed more than it is open. Therefore, I decided to visit the other store. However, the attendant informed me that their computer system was down and would take some time to come back online. I purchased a drink and some candy and waited patiently. While waiting, I mentioned to the attendant that the other store always seemed to be closed. Unfortunately, he dismissed my concerns and asked me to leave the store. When I mentioned the new manager, he became agitated and threatened to call the police. I was banned from the store for life. I contacted Southeastern’s office thrice, and they promised to review the security footage and get back to me, but they never did. Consequently, I now patronize other gas stations, even though I had been using Circle K for over three decades.

  5. I’m writing to you in regards to a lady you have working in one of your grand junction co stores every time I walk into this particular store I’m usually out working and having a hard day, and I know that because the only time I would go to the circle k on 10th and north ave is when I had a rough day and ran out of fuel or cigarettes or something I usually purchase from a big box store. Well In short I’m not a regular I believe this gals name is donalou long story short I was extremely thirsty and also hungry had no clue that I had left my wallet at the house well this amazing employee of yours pulled money from her own wallet and told me it’s on her and when I said I will pay her back, she told me don’t worry about it. Well I figured everyone is so quick to call and express the bad I am on my way back to her now I have my wallet but this women always has a smile even on my worst days passes on her kindness kudos to whomever hired this amazing women. Believe me I do not believe every good deed needs to be rewarded but I believe this one does. Sincerely Jon Seriani

  6. Your cashier cursed at me
    Told me to get the f out of the store when I was trying to exchange the wrong cigarettes he gave me before I even left the counter his name was Daniel it was Tuesday 4/11/23 at approximately 8:15pm

  7. I spend a lot of money in Circle K, 4747 Maxwell Road, Stedman NC, 28391. On 12/5/22 at 9:37 pm, I spent 52.73. I asked the cashier Sarah for a JUUL device, along with my other purchases. I got home and it wasn’t a JUUL device, it was a JUUL USB charging deck. I go there the next day with my receipt and purchase, I asked her to put the money back on my card. She said she didn’t know how and went around the corner to the manager. The manager said she can’t take it back, I told her I was sold the wrong device. She still said no, my son was with me and I purchased a 3.39 Monster drink. The charger they sold me was 5.99, I want my money back for something I didn’t even ask for. I still have my receipt and the wrong purchase.

  8. Please give me the name and phone number of the person who is responsible for the Circle K stations in the Akron OH area. A couple of months ago I started paying $5.99 + tax for a month of drinks. I go about every three days to get a cappuccino at the station on Graham Rd at Bath Rd. I haven’t counted the number of times when I got mostly water without taste. If I’m lucky someone in the store looks for a bag of the powder.
    Two weeks ago none of the machines were working. The next day I was in the Montrose area and stopped there. Result? None of the machines were working. On my way home I stopped at the station on Portage Tr. and Northhampton Rd. Guess what? All the machines were down. All that within 24 hours. Yesterday I stopped at Graham Rd. and brought home hot water. This afternoon I went and there was no powder for the machine. I ask – who is responsible for this? How do you manage to stay in business?

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