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Speedway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Speedway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Speedway LLC.

Speedway Corporate Office Address:

500 Speedway Dr.
Enon, Ohio 45323 USA

Speedway Corporate Phone Number: 1-937-864-3000
Fax Number: 1-937-863-6722
Customer Service Number: 1-800-643-1948
Credit Card: 1-800-428-4016
Payments: 1-866-731-1345

Speedway Mailing Address:
Attn: Customer Service Department
P.O.Box 1500
Springfield, OH 45501

Speedway Corporate Office

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  1. I was wondering if Speedway is doing anything special for Veterans day, such as military discounts, etc. I think those who serve our nation should be recognised and thanked for their service in some way. Also, I think it would be good for Speedway as a business, to be one of the businesses who acknowledge andappreciate the men and women who serve our country.

  2. I had very bad morning with the cashier K. Jerome (Kim) at 4000 East Dale Circle Montgomery, Alabama 36117. This lady must have got up on the wrong side of her bed or what, but I know that she was nasty as hell, please can someone contact me about this matter (issue) please, this was not right.

  3. Damage to car from Speedway car wash. On 10/16/2020 I purchased gas and an ultimate car wash from Speedway #0009575. Before I entered the car wash I read all the warning signs and did as instructed, mirrors in, antennae down and no add on or after market items on my vehicle. When exiting the car wash dryer I noticed something come off my car in the rear view mirror. I got out and found my cover for my third row brake light had been knocked off the car by the car wash. I immediately contacted the attendant and showed him the damaged part and the car. He took my name and number and told me the area manager would call. The attendant did call me back and said the area manager said to call customer service adding with a laugh "good luck". I talked to CSR Sierra, who was very helpful. She filed out a report, #0334593, which was supposed to be done at the location. I received a letter dated 10/20/2020 from a claims adjuster, Michelle Girard, saying that they are looking at my claim and also verifying my claim #. They denied my claim, I then sent a letter to the head of customer service asking him to meet me halfway and pay for the part and I would pay for paint and installation. I wasn't even dignified with a response! I have been a loyal Speedway customer for many years with over 210,000 Speedy rewards points which I have pointed out to the people I have spoken to. Winter is coming on and I would like to have this issue resolved as the cover protects my third brake light. It appears this is how they treat loyal customer BEWARE!!!!

  4. Went to the store located on Washington Blvd. in Belpre, Ohio yesterday and got two cartons of cig. Both of them were supposed to be box and not soft pack. I didn't pay that much attention but when I opened my carton they were the soft ones and since I wasn't going to be able to go back till the next night to try and exchange them I smoked two packs. So stopped at the station and went in, I told this lady I got cigs yesterday and they were supposed to be box and the girl gave me soft packs. She said we don't exchange cigs or beer. Well I am not trying to do beer. I explained I just wanted the box, again no exchanges. How dumb can they be, if it has the same state tax stamp on the bottom you can do a exchange, we use to do it at our family business all the time. Not ever going back there again and I will take my $127 a week some place else. If they figure that out they just lost $6604.00 a year just for smokes not including the gas.

  5. Speed way is a horrible place to shop will never go back the Morrisville NY store again. Call customer service and they were very rude.

  6. I was at the speedway on 5430 Monroe st in Sylvania I have been buying swisher sweets cigars there for three weeks I could not get them eny were else because they come 20 in a pack like cigarettes THE REP that comes in said were not going to carry them eny more '' GREAT''''' now I have to buy them on line WHAT A PAIN

  7. I was very impress with the speed and knowledge of Veanna. I visit Speedway in Dunn, NC on 5/12, brought a couple of items and the guy behind me was standing to close. I didn't have enough room to slide my card, veanna asked the man to move his items to the other side of the counter and he was rude. I told her thank you. On my return visit she said he called her in for asking him to move his items to the other side. She was very kind to me.

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