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  • 7-11 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

7-11 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact 7-11 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

7-Eleven, Inc.

Official Address:

One Arts Plaza 1722 Routh St., Suite 1000

Dallas, Texas 75201 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-828-0711

Fax Number: 1-972-828-7848

Franchise: 1-800-782-0711

Customer Service Number: 1-800-255-0711

7-11is a famous for their chain of convenience grocery stores. 7-11 built it’s reputation with clean well lit stores that are open 24 hours. 7-Eleven Inc. is privately owned and it a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan Co.


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  1. Why does 711 in Virginia treat their Employees like crap. It seem like you don't want to treat people the right way. You don't care about your workers. How can you cut people hours from 32 a week down to 16 and think someone going to live off that. When I was hired I put down for full time hours but get paid like I am part time trash. Jeff Strong is the worst General Manager in Suffolk Virginia. Its really sad how 711 brand don't care about who works for them. No breaks, nothing just want us to work in these stores alone and put ours lives at risk. Care more about the people sending money in the store, but if you don't have worker then you won't have stores to run.

  2. Is there a field rep or someone that oversees bulk propane dispensers in Northern California.

  3. Your statement above this contact section needs to be reworded. First of all, I am a handicapped individual and every time I stop at one of your stores, the gas pumps are out of receipt paper. I then either have to do without or walk into the store for my receipt which is very difficult due to my condition. I live in New Braunfels; TX and all of your stores here are that way. The cleanliness of these stores is also very questionable. Honestly, I will from this day forward drive out of my way to not have to use one of your stores. I'm sure this will go in one ear and out the other because big corporations normally do not care what the general public thinks!!
    Also, about half the time when I pull in, the pumps are out of order and I have to get back in my truck and go to another pump or better yet another store.

  4. We are very well known to 7'11 in havredegrace md. We laugh and joke with the workers. This new boy alex has been working there for nights for awhile now. He sees us all the time so i pick my daughter up from work and we stopped at 7'11 to get mango juice that 7'11 has and nobody else has it because its a 7'11 brand. We wanted to find something else to eat but didn't know what we wanted so we standing at the freezer door looking at hot pockets. Then the door opens and a cop walks to register and i see my provisional vision of alex knod and look at us and the cop turns and looks at us. Then we walk down to get a sub and i turn around and the cop is right there watching us. At this point i felt so disrespected by alex. We standing at register and the cop is standing behind us. Alex had to of called because the cop didn't get anything but watch us. I always go to 7'11 through out the day and look around pick stuff and sometimes fill their bins with straws, donut bags ETC. I cant believe he did this to us and i had so many emotions going either mad, pissed, or sad. I felt like crying when i got back in to my car. He doesn't need to be working there if hes that scared or nerves being by himself. I shouldn't of been treated like that.

  5. I have tried three (3) times to Register, and every time, up comes Authorization not verified. Left two (2) e mail messages, and one (1) telephone call for assistance and NO ONE, repeat NO ONE has returned my e mail messages and or telephone number. What is going on with 7/11??? Must I make a trip to Japan to get signed in???

    Wednesday January 2 2:30p est

  6. Hello, before I got the rewards card I was told that they need 20% sales from the card or someone would get Fired. SO for people to keep there job I decided to get the card. Well on 5/15/18 at 3:15pm I was told I was to slow, BULLSH**, The cashier needs to slow down and allow me to get my card out. This is so I may get some rewards. So for now I will not use the card, maybe throw the damn thing in the trash. Bottom Line, I was forced to get the card or somebody would be fired next time fire someone I don't care anymore. If I cant use the card someone needs to be fired. This was the 7-11 in Oakfield NY,14125. thank you .

  7. I heard about what happened to the lady and her disabled friend at the 3100Wickham Road Melbourne 7-11 and since I am not one of those people who say – OH thats not right and then forget about it-I am putting my 2 whatever in.
    As a business owner who uses that particular store for fuel in my fleet vehicles, (and the crews who ride in them and stop there for their morning munitions), I have instructed all of them to not be seen in one of my vehicles on the property of that store or ANY seven -eleven store. If I hear of it it is grounds for immediate dismissal. Cumberland Farms is now MY company's pit stop of choice. Yes- I have paid the balance off of my citgo fuel card and cut it up.
    Treating those two good kids that way was a disgrace not only by seen eleven but by the Melbourn Police department and I hope they include the City in there lawsuit. Good LUCK u2!!See you at Cumberland Farms!

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