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Wawa Corporate Office Phone Number

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  1. The Wawa on Hampton Blvd in Norfolk Virginia has a hand free door handle on the mens bathroom. I would highly recommend looking at the potential for a serious injury from that type of handle. If someone was to use the handle the way the instructions on the wall show and someone was to enter the bathroom at that exact moment.it would likely break the arm of the person trying to exit the bathroom. Just trying to keep someone from being injured and Wawa being sued

  2. Hi my name Betty, I read this morning that WAWA will begin offering services in North Caolina starting the year 2024. Please begin with Fayetteville, NC the military home of Fort Bragg. I love and am very familiar with your hoagies and other fresh products, first introduced in New Jersey (Willingboro). upon departing Fort Dix and being relocated to NC, i could not find a hoagie to satisfy my tastebuds, so I would drive with my children back to NJ. We settled for Jersey's Mike. Please choose our city, you will impressed with the sales. Thank you.

  3. I recently moved to Melbourne florida and have been going to store no. 5283 because it is the closest one to me.your company needs to stop letting the homeless hang out there just now 1 was changing his clothes right outside the store as a customer I have a right to not see this on a daily basis.i said something to the store manager and he said if I don't like it go somewhere else.it someone needs to investigate this asap

  4. to whom it may concern, I have some info I think you should know about a manager in wawa in Manahawkin. I hate fraud and there is fraud going on. the manager in question is april Harrington.she is a fresh food manager on wawa rt 9 Manahawkin NJ. I work with her ex husband.they have been divorced 5 years and are not remarried. his job offers health insurance .he is on her health insurance.the company he works for is American flooring manahawkinn nj. the number is 609-597-8781.also he is always bragging about all the free food she gets from there and all the money she steals from there.just thought I would let you know.hopefully I will get a response from you.a concerned citizen / customer

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