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Greyhound Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with,,you call customer service and they cant even speak English,,I ordered a ticket and had to change it due to airport changing my schedule,,the guy I spoke to couldn't even speak English. The itinerary wasn't even shown when I looked it up but the money was taken out of my account,,these people have no idea what they are doing and I am quite irritated and the so called supervisor was very rude when I told him the guy who I spoke with before didn't not even know English,,,we need to file a class action lawsuit against this company,,,

  2. Greyhound owes me over 2,000 dollars of lost luggage and insulted me with only 250 dollars.I traveled for 2 days without any luggage and NYC customer services weren't any help either.So the Federal Trade Commission will take serious action ASAP and arrest Greyhound luggage staff in Oklahoma City for stealing my lost luggage 2/21/07 at Oklahoma City.The news media will know my story,watch and see folks.

  3. Greyhound will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission for forgery and staff stealing my lost luggage 2/21/07 at Oklahoma City during busswitch.The news media will know my story,watch and see ok?

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Corporate Office Headquarters