Lyft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Lyft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
548 Market Street Suite 68514
San Francisco, CA 94104
Corporate Phone Number: 1-855-946-7433
Email: n/a
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-855-865-9553

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On April 24 around 4:43 AM, I order a Lyft, I waited longer than Usual for this drive to pick me up. I looked at my App to discover that the driver was dropping off another passenger. long story short the next day, I discover an extra charge of $80 for damages. Sent a chat message to Lyft for what damages and was told to check my email there is an explanation and a picture. A ridiculous accusation from the driver to make a quick buck. The driver sent me a picture of his rubber mat being wet and having liquid/drink spilled on the rubber mat.
I informed Lyft that is false and it didn't happen. All I was told due to the contract agreed to I need to pay damages and clean up. For something, I didn't do. The pic could have been taken months ago or the passenger before me could have done it. The pic is not proof enough for the false statement and the charge of $80. His car mat is not even worth $80. Lyft and Paypal left me an $80 charge.
I feel scammed and I heard of this happening to other people, but I can't believe this happened to me too and I have to take a loss of $80
Consumers should be aware of what they are getting into when ridding a Lyft.

I purchase a lyft card and they will not honor their own card for service! Will be looking into legal action to get money returned. This is a TERRIBLE business!

And how come there is no email address or phone number to staff? I cannot get a hold of anyone. I need a person, not a computer.

We are not employees of Lyft. We are self-employed. Just because you are deaf doesn't give you special privileges. If you act like an idiot, and you're a danger to the driver – you deserve to be kicked out.

i had my rider in the car and the app kep loading for like 20 mins then it said i missd the rider and she was in my car driving her 2 mils to a store. and then had 3 other riders get canceled by lyft think you guys need to work on your app its not the first time. i want to work all day but the app is not working right and its up to date Help

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