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  • Uber Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Uber Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Uber and Uber Eats Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

182 Howard Street Suite 8
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-986-2104
Fax Number: 1-877-223-8023
Uber Eats: 1-833-275-3287
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039

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  • uber your name means (cheat the people & runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dont answer e- mails don't answer phone messages lost purse & items called 14 time

  • I have been working as an Uber driver for two months and I was suspended for low ratings at 4.53 and was forced to take a driver improvement course which I did and I aced it. After that my ratings steadily increased and the majority of my people were giving 5 stars so I went up to 4.64 and then I was terminated because of low ratings, not when my ratings were dropping but when they were rising. This is an unjust termination and when I try to contact customer service they say there is nothing I can do, it is what it is. Things happen that are out of my control such as a car cuts me off and I have to hit the brakes to keep from getting into an accident and I have riders complaining about me hitting the breaks. I tried telling customer service of these situations and a negative review should be disregarded if a rider unfairly gives me a bad remark in uncontrolled situations, customer service response is it does not matter. If I get a negative review to save everyone's life then I get to keep the negative review because a rider unfairly decided to do so. The time I was suspended and the time I was terminated my ratings were increasing.

  • I opened an Uber account and added a promo code for $20 off my first ride. Yay. NOPE. The code, after it was entered, said $5 off my first ride. I contacted support and waited for a response as to how I can delete that code and add one that isn't a lie. The response I got was "NO RESPONSE NECESSARY. Your promo code was properly added and you can select it at checkout." So the support person never even read the initial post seeking help. I was very clear about it and even sent a screenshot of the promo code advertisement. I contacted support again and the response I got is that promo codes can never be deleted. NOTHING ELSE. No suggestions as to how I might be able to use a truthful promo code. You'd think Uber would be happy to gain a new customer, but apparently not. I tried deleting my account, but it stays valid for 30 days. Therefore, I cannot open a new one because my cell phone number and email are already in use in the first account. I guess I'll have no other option but to choose Lyft on Friday when I land at the airport. I can't recommend Uber because Uber doesn't care about customers or the inconvenience that its unfriendly online program causes by not allowing a simple thing like deleting a promo code. Sad.

  • My modest redress to the start off note as i address you forth.My firm recollection of the transgression was i ordered food on slc,UT,where i'm currently and and solely located. the driver called from Denver co with exact food Oder.manager from restaurant called back shortly; had a harsh and threatening tone was unprofessional and rather uncouth vocal tone.charged me for the Oder and hanged up.

    As a reasonable persona;was obliged to have the phone conversation recorded.Currently I’m dumbfounded by the aggravatingly; browbeating; tormenting; ruffian;out of line and uncivil use tonnage in service to customers and is absolutely unacceptable.Hospitality industry is solely ALL based on trust,standards and location(convenience). His very use of cynicism,negativism,pessimism and dim view still has me astounded.

    In short:This is the image that Uber eats portrayed to its clientele.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Some Uber's Driver unprofessional dropped wrong destination and faraway and hurry runaway and no responsibly. My Daughter picked up from School and dropped off wrong destination. My Daughter walked at least quarter mile to home unsafety for her alone on the street. I really disappointed Uber Driver not training well services customers. No more trust Uber driver's very badly behavior Toyota Prius 6YYJ756 Picked up at 1401 Mardan rd. San Jose CA 95132 dropped off at destination 1505 Schallenberger rd. San Jose CA 95131 Instead My destination 1450 Oakland Rd SPC 29 San Jose CA 95112! So What's the hell with this Uber Driver??

  • I have just found out from my bank today that my debit card had been charged many times sense 2016. But I had never signed up nor used Uber in any way. My bank is asking me to reach out to Uber to help settle this matter, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Finally after 30 minutes of surfing the web I came across a Customer Service number that has a Recording to Email Uber with any situations or problems. Which I just made efforts, I would sure hope someone does contact me so I can feel comfortable, and not made feel like a lier to my bank. Hope this message reaches someone who can help me in this matter. I live in Denver CO

    • I just found a charge on my debit and have never used them either! As a matter of fact I have never taken a cab of any kind! I am curious if this got resolved. I have filed a fraudulent claim but can't find any way to speak to a real person at uber.

  • Worked Uber part time last year, but did earn over $600, both in gross and in net after all fees. Uber seems to think that a non-legal tax summary on the dashboard is all that their drivers require to file their taxes. News flash for Uber, you are in non-compliance with the law when you are not providing a 1099-Misc to drivers that are eligible. Have gone round and round with your help line to absolutely nothing being resolved, although all responses from help line come back as resolved, when the issue is far from being resolved. So Uber helpline all look very incompetent. Get into compliance with our laws regarding making this document available to us, from our dashboards at minimum. By the way, TurboTax, Uber's tax partner, cannot import this information from Uber either. This morning, I emailed my Senator for his assistance with getting Uber in compliance with IRS requirements. Even if that means having IRS agents come directly to the corporate offices, to ensure that this requirement is met. This is all because Uber has a non-responsive system. Will attempt to call your numbers at corporate HQ today and will persist until I reach a live human being that speaks English as a native language. Yes you are asking me to choose a profile to post here, does not offer rideshare driver, nor does it even offer Uber customer as an option, so I chose anonymous, even though, it will most likely print out all of my information, when I hit Publish.

  • I have been accused of lying by hashim @uber South Africa,for the drive who fraudulent took my account to drive to a place I have know idea where it is and if I call tries to contact,please anyone who knows how esculent this matter kindly await cause I'm not willing to let this go without being resolved

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