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  • The General Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

The General Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact The General Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

PGC Holding Corp.
2636 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37214 USA
Phone Number: 1-615-242-1961
Customer Service Number: 1-866-519-7422


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  1. I was in an accident caused by another driver with Geico insurance. My truck still isn’t fixed, while the others involved had their vehicles repaired weeks ago. The General won’t help me, but Geico suggested I ask Victoria Barefoot to fix my truck and then seek reimbursement from them. I don’t understand why this is happening since it wasn’t my fault, and the other driver admitted to it. I’m struggling financially and mentally, and several associates say the General won’t help me. Geico couldn’t find my claim number, which the General may have canceled. I need help from the General to resolve this and get back on the road.

  2. This company is the worst. They need a class action suit for all the money they stolen from people like me. I made policy changes and was never credited any previous payment whatsoever certainly my premium traveled and was told oh no that’s the price from this day forward…. Like what??? I think it’s more like they don’t know how to operate the software, they need to train or get trained themselves on how to operate the software properly. In the meantime millions of people are being ripped off. I will come back and LMAO with a class action suit finally happens. I am going to class action lawsuit website right now to put in my case.

  3. I was struck from behind on 08/02/2020; and, a claim was filed by the insurer. A Claim # and an adjuster were assigned. I rec'd no call from the adjuster and called her 3x, left voicemails. As of today – I heard heard nothing. My insurance company tried to get involved as well, no help! DO NOT USE THE GENERAL INSURANCE.

  4. The general is the worst was in a accident over a month ago and still fighting to get my check but they have the car these people are a joke

  5. I too am having horrible experiences with this fly by night company. My Durango was totalled and my adjuster McKenzie Holt assured me that documents would be sent over night through FedEx. The next day I phoned FedEx and they confirmed with me that a shipping label was prepared but it was for two day shipping and that nothing was even shipped out yet. I called adjuster back and she was very rude and arguementive and said that she never told me it was being sent over night. But I had her on speaker and a friend heard the conversation. Also I am only getting rental paid for 72 hours after I verbally accepted the offer for total loss pay out. They are doing everything they can to stall. I need a vehicle to take my son to concussion appointments. I don't have money to pay for rental. That's the least they can do after being disrespectful and holding the process up.

  6. I was on hold with General Insurance but then my phone lost service so I called back. Fred, who works at the Gardena location answered the phone in a hostile voice, stating I put you on hold for a reason, so once again please hold on. Him not knowing my phone lost service, got mad at a valuable customer for no reason. If you don't want to deal with people don't work in customer service!!! Of course I had to state what I wanted again once I called back, how else would you have directed my call properly??? Fred needs to do better and watch how he talks to people.

  7. This is the worst insurance company ever!!!!! they took a payment and two weeks later cancelled my insurance because I told them that I won't be renewing with them. I now have insurance with GEICO who is giving me more for less.

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