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Esurance Corporate Office Headquarters

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Esurance Corporate Office Headquarters
650 Davis St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
Email: Esurance Email Address
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-875-4500
Fax Number: 1-415-875-4501
Customer Service Number: 1-800-378-7262

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I just wanted to let you know that your company has been the worst that I have had to deal with in a very long time.  Both times when I have called for information, I was denied any information, although my son had called to give permission for info to be given to me.  These things are never that easy to deal with in the 1st place and getting the run around from all of the folks at your company has only added to the difficulty in resolving the final issues with the lending bank.

My husband and I have policies with Esurance and I guarantee we will be cancelling them ASAP.  I will not recommend your company to anyone and will start a "Don't Deal with Esurance" blog in the near future to spare unsuspecting folks the stress that I have endured.

Esurance is completely unprofessional and a bunch of Liars. They will not file the claim against my insurance properly. I have given them proof of insurance a dozen times and all the contact information in the world but they still rather advise one of their customers to sue me instead of processing the claim against my insurance company. Its been 3 months and they still refuse to file the claim and state that i have no insurance. They are rude on the phone and will avoid your phone calls and emails. They wont tell you whats going on or what the problem is they will just say that you dont have insurance. This is the saddest excuse for a company I have ever dealt with.

Esurance is a BAIT and SWITCH company. They do not properly ask questions and then they conduct "inspections" on your home. After their inspection they will then change your rates. This is because they want to get as much money out of you as possible and if you try and cancel your policy they will hit you with cancelation fees. This is not a standard practice in the insurance industry. Esurance is only concerned about maximizing their profits and will lose a customer instead of taking the time to assist a customer.

In addition, THEY have not real affiliation with Allstate. Allstate Insurance only provide the financial backing but does not have any oversight

I tried in 2013, and just tried again to get an auto policy with Esurance. The rates were great, but according to the sales rep that I just spoke with, someone in the corporate office decided that my 1975 K20 pickup fell outside the gross vehicle weight limit, and cancelled my policy. It is a standard pickup truck, long box, 4WD, regular cab. I drive it about 1000 miles per year when I go to the recycling center, get firewood, etc. I have offered to go to a certified scale and get it weighed, take pictures of the vin, whatever necessary to get covered, but it's no use. I have an excellent driving record, excellent credit, a jeep, 2 trucks, a boat, 2 motorcycles, and a home to insure, but someone in corporate has their own agenda. The folks at Esurance need a lesson in how to do business. You folks are completely retarded. Good luck with that.

My car got backed into in a parking lot. The man who hit it has esurance. The representative was nice at first. When it came to setting up for a rental while my car is getting fixed, I CAN'T reach anyone at esurance! My car has been in the shop for 2 weeks and still NO rental car. I am disabled and need a car to get around! I have left message after message and still NO return call. The place that is fixing my car has tried to contact them also and NO return call! They did get a hold of someone else at company but they told them to deal with person dealing with claim. WE would if he would answer the phone or at least return our calls! I am VERY disappointed in the esurance out of Texas!!!!

Esurance doesn't care about loyal customers, they rely on bait and switch tactics, and unethical backdoor rate changes, to take as much from a customer as possible. It's done before you can escape, and the cancellation is 10% so if it's 1200, you still owe them 120.00 to pry that knife out of your back. Also, expect smug attitudes, arrogance, fearless rude behavior (employee is always right motto.). My only regret was that I'd never went to esurance. What a total nightmare.

It is interesting that people seem to have different experiences with Esurance depending to whom you claim is assigned. I was the victim of a rear end collision, when I was not at fault. The fault entirely was the other driver. The initial Esurance claims representative, was difficult to get in touch with and difficult to deal with. Because I had liability coverage only, I was made to feel like I was insignificant to Esurance. The claim agent made me feel that whatever problem I had with the repair process for my auto, should be discussed with the insurance company of the person at fault. The statement she made was that I should contact the other company and in essence not bother her again with my problem. After a lot of anguish and doubt of the value of Esurance, I called the supervisor of the claims rep and there was an immediate change in the procedures. I was a person again.

I was assured that just because I did not have FULL coverage, I was still important to Esurance. I was assured that Esurance would do all that was within their power to guide and assist me through the maze that is the insurance claim process. And although they would not be able to pay for the repairs because of policy limitations, they would watch over the procedures with the “other company” to insure that I was treated fairly.

So I can appreciate the anxiety that people may have experienced with Esurance, but I must express that seemingly when you get pass the initial claims rep, the supervisors are very good people who will do all they can to help their policy holders. I continue to recommend Esurance and until they prove me very wrong, I will continue.



To whom it may concern,

I feel compelled to write about a great experience that I had with one of your customer service representatives. In this day and age we are human contact is far and in between, It is it was a very refreshing experience that I had with one of your customer service reps. As we all know a large part of our society now lives paycheck to paycheck in finances are are very tight when I called this morning to make a payment on my insurance policy that was going to cancel I was looking at ways to possibly have it extended or to make a partial payment. Operator Rita K.was very compassionate and helpful understanding respectful of my financial situation however through it all she kept the level of professionalism and finally we came to the point that the payment needed to be made in full.

In my line of work I deal with all types of people usually not during their best of times I've learned to put my guard up during human interaction, well Rita Kay. Taught me a great lesson today I'll take that back a few lessons today never going to a situation assuming the worst and also it's best to Pay your finances sooner than later she did this with a smile over the phone I'll tell you my room got brighter as I spoke to her.

I hope these few lines make it to the right people in this day and age where insurance companies fight and haggle for the bottom dollar from customers I'll tell you I will pay top dollar and stay with Esurance if the customer service that I received today becomes the norm.

If there is anything else needed on my behalf to ensure that Rita K. Gets the recognition that she deserves please feel free to contact me


Location Manager in Riverview Office in Florida should be given education on when employees are correct and when customers. Let employee go without friendly consultation. they need to learn course on how to manage employees

I agree with you. The adjusters/supervisors of the adjusters need to learn manners and customer service

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