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EzPawn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact EzPawn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1901 Capital Parkway
Austin, Texas 78746 USA
Website: https://www.ezpawn.com
Email: customerservice@ezcorp.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-512-314-3400
Fax Number: 1-512-314-3404
Customer Support and Help: 1-855-366-3279

  • I bought my wedding ring at ez pawn in April got married Aug 2019 I wore the ring only 2 months and the ring turned silver. It's was sold to me as a 14 kt gold. I had a VIP bought so that I could have the opportunity to exchange it for what ever reason. When I went to return the ring back and the lady who sold it to me we can keep the ring and talk to cooperate office or yo u can look and get another one. Not only did she not give me VIP on the fake ring she said I had to pay for it again. Not only did she sell me a fake ring she didn't even put in a transaction number for the other ring or did she try and make up for the fake one. In all reality I feel my ring should have got VIP since I paid for it on a fake ass ring. She did give me the VIP nor did she offer and discount. But yet I still had to pay the difference. Now they give me a 70 loan on a 235 dollar ring but you didn't even give me half the money at least on the loan.

    • Wow !! They just did that to me and I’m trying to get help with corp to get them to investigate the easy pawn in antoich tn

  • On top of all that….the guy he start helping just walked thru the door. He lies in my face and says..oh i was already helping him.the guy stepped bck but to make me mad he helped him anyway… starts speaking Spanish..smirking and eyeballing us..i stood for 20min there was nobody standing there but me.he lies in my face then says what you talking abt me? Cnt even focus on your customer that you let skip the line instead you pushing to fight a women and her nephew. rotate employees and watch the complaints follow this guy.nastiest attitude i expect from a burger stand. He clearly had a problem with us only.

  • Ezpawn in Lakewood Co. Very predjudice.after standing in line for 20 minutes a employee named dre(serious unprofessional attitude) walks up instead of saying next..he starts helping a customer that just walked in the store. I said excuse i was next.he had the nerves to ignore me..tme..then say look he is next. He then eye balled me and nephew had the nerves to call us outside..meanwhile the ENTIRE staff watched him act unprofessional and told him.dont say anything…what about knock it off and be professional.its obvious he didnt want to really go outside but they didnt care abt this employee acting a fool.told a manager on site he said he will talk to him..i doubt that. He will act however until he meets the wrong customer.he yelled yall dnt have$ as we walk out.my shoes and nephew shoes cost more than his entire get up..maybe he was mad at that fact.i had to remind him thats how he gets paid..so your welcome. He has been rude many times before. I do biz on a regular and they all team up together. I will be writing a formal complaint on this place.

  • EZ Pawn-Henderson Nv-I have an item on loan with this store…each time I go to extend for another month this store is charging me the $5 fee and the 13% charge. I have never paid that extra $5 fee at any other EZ Pawn-When I ask why they are charging it (since there are no signs that clearly state that will be charged) I have gotten several different answers. It's a "Community Tax Fee"; it a "service charge", etc. According to my EZ pawn paperwork, that $5 is only to be charged when I take the item back. I WANT ANSWERS! It's now up to $20 more than I should have to pay to continue the loan.

  • Well..I have a good one & it all Equals out to Incompetence. Ez pawn here in Indiana, In my personal Opinion really needs some serious re staffing and retraining. I basically Brought to items in both electronic and you would think that the wires and/or power cords for each item would be wrapped with The corresponding item..yeah not so in this case. When I came to Pay for and claim said items the associate brought me the 1st one and proceeded to ask me and I quote " Do you Still have the wires and/or controllers for this? And I looked at her and my reply was no your supposed to have those. She then goes in the back and comes out with the 2nd item and realizes that she had Placed all of the wires on top of the one device and wrapped it all together. Now I've been in customer service and done something similar to that job and last time I checked when you have 1 item usually the wires and/or controllers are supposed to be wrapped With that specific item and the Wires and controllers for the 2nd item should be what yep you guessed it wrapped with that specific item so the end result would have been me coming home which by the way I had to take a bus halfway across town because the specific pawnshop is nowhere near me.. But if wrapped correctly with each item the end result would have been me coming home and unwrapping one item with finding all of the wires and/or controllers and unwrapping the 2nd item and it finding all the corresponding wires not in this case the 1st item I have all the wires and AC chords and the 2nd item I have the controller and the wire that goes from that item into the TV but lo and behold no power cord so calling that the specific store the management proceeded to tell me that it was my responsibility to make sure that I had all the proper cords and wires before leaving the store well all I can say is BUZZ wrong answer. If the store associate had made sure that the wires for one item were wrapped in secured with that 1 and then the wires are and/or controllers for the 2nd item were securely wrapped with that item I can guarantee you as I stated previously that the end result would have been me coming home and having all the matching wires and all the controllers for both items and it would have had no problem whatsoever So in closing if you are currently here in Indiana my advice is you try to stay clear of This particular easy pawn and trust me I think you'll know it when you see it because well as I have found incompetence sticks out like a sore thumb

  • Lying thieves. Store managers are not trustworthy, and lie in order to wrongfully obtain pawned items for sale. they make verbal agreements, and then hide behind store policy to protect themselves. Do not trust theses people. they are self-interested scum, and deserver the lawsuit that is being arranged.

  • The EZPawn in Federal Heights Colorado is no better then the rest apparently. My husband purchased a generator for our RV, it didn't run at the time of purchase but had no gas in it, we were told "if you cant get it running bring it back and we will replace it or refund it". When we returned to the store today, the "lady" behind the counter was totally rude and unprofessional. I actually just stood there wondering what we had ever done to her for her to be so mean. I took my 4 year old nephew outside because I didn't want to be around her animosity and negativity, meanwhile she continued to escalate in her bad behavior with my husband, pointing in his face, not honoring the "policy & (so called) protection plan" that we paid an extra fifteen dollars for, threw his I.D in his face. needless to say, we
    could see we weren't getting a different generator or store credit so we were leaving, with a product that didn't work, a supposed 6 month warranty that did us no good, and another unprofessional employee chasing my husband out the door. Jason, the store manager, bum rushed my husband and demanded he give him his I.D then the receipt, he actually grabbed for my husbands wallet! told us to never come back to "his" store again. All in front of a 4 year old little boy. Way to go Jason, ya bully. We made a police report and are going to take them to small claims court.

  • Hello your EZ Pawn in West Helena Arkansas is full of crap there's just one lady in there name Jasmine La boy she took care of us and other customers while the manager was on the back on her phone talking to a friend not a customer that is totally unacceptable left that woman alone to handle everything in the front well that woman Jasmine had tears in her eyes but she helped us out while the manager was just cracking up on the phone I think yeah should do something about it

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