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EzPawn Corporate Office 

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EZPAWN corporate office is located in Austin, Texas. Ez Pawn is a pawn shop chain offering pawn loans, retail merchandise, and other financial services. More details about EZPAWN, including their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company.

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EzPawn Corporate Office

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EZPAWN’s Competition

EZPAWN faces challenges from both national and regional pawn shop chains. Nationally, it competes with other major players like Cash America, Pawn America, and First Cash Pawn.


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EzPawn Terrible Customer Service

February 7, 2024

I went to this EzPawn on 6003 Bellaire Blvd for a refund, I told them I was in a hurry because my Uber was about to leave so I had to wait for a little longer so they could ring it back up to see what was wrong with it I rushed out of there without the processing paper for the refund so they called and said come back up here either later or now to collect your refund process paper and you will get your refund back she goes in the system and said oh you wanted a credit slip I said no I was called up here to get my refund process paper now I can’t get it that was unfair!


EZ Pawn - Crooks and Scammers Absolute Theives

November 28, 2023

I went into an ez pawn and bought a Les Paul guitar and two months later decided I wanted to exercise my “warranty” that I purchased from the scammer behind the desk who is the manager of all the stores so he says. Anyhow when I came in and asked to exercise my warranty and get the same amount I paid for the guitar 900$ in credit towards something else I was simply laughed at because I chose a gold necklace priced at 800 dollars and a ring priced at 79 dollars well under the 900 I spent. That’s when these sisters informed me I had to pay an extra 250 dollars for the difference in the jewelry. I asked why and was told because he said so and if I wanted to cough up the money or leave his store he didn’t have time for and I quote “ broke homeless blanks like me.” When I informed this crook that I owned my house and made probably double his salary he said nobody of my color makes his kind of salary. Trying to keep my cool I walked out the door and came back in a few min to get my guitar and they were calling the police on me. I reminded them of the cameras there and said I’d wait. When the police showed they asked me to leave not even hearing my side. These people are flat-out crooks I believe they’re trained this way. Buyer beware !! These people will scam you out of your money fast.


EzPawn Complaint Department

December 13, 2022

Why is it that when I’m in an EzPawn store, I hear an advertisement over the loud speakers that says “If you don’t like the price of an item just make us an offer” Bullcrap!! All they do is say “It hasn’t been out long enough” Then tell you the exact percentage it will drop on certain dates. LAIRS! such B.S!


EzPawn Customer Service

December 13, 2022

Wow !! They just did that to me and I’m trying to get help with corp to get them to investigate the easy pawn in Antoich TN


EzPawn Customer Service

December 13, 2022

How can one of your stores be selling a 500 and something watch to a customer.. and relizing that its broken. And then the Manager Joe Perez. took watch to a jeweler next door and finds out that the whole inside of the watch is broken.. He stated the watch was working when the person who pawned it. And that is lies if something ias broke it will not function correctly.. I also didnt get a full refund due to a restocking fee for something that is broken. so tells me they will put that watch out again for purchase to scam another customer… Manager is rude and company out to get your money.. will report to the BBB..

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