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  • EzPawn Corporate Office Headquarters

EzPawn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact EzPawn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1901 Capital Parkway
Austin, Texas 78746 USA
Website: https://www.ezpawn.com
Email: customerservice@ezcorp.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-512-314-3400
Fax Number: 1-512-314-3404
Customer Support and Help: 1-855-366-3279


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  1. How can one of your stores be selling a 500 and something watch to a customer.. and relizing that its broken. And then the Manager Joe Perez. took watch to a jeweler next door and finds out that the whole inside of the watch is broken.. He stated the watch was working when the person who pawned it. And that is lies if something ias broke it will not function correctly.. I also didnt get a full refund due to a restocking fee for something that is broken. so tells me they will put that watch out again for purchase to scam another customer… Manager is rude and company out to get your money.. will report to the BBB..

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Corporate Office Headquarters