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  • Tesla Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tesla Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Tesla Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tesla Motors
3500 Deer Creek
Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-681-5000
Fax Number: 1-650-681-5101
Customer Service Number: 1-877-798-3752


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  1. I have an idea that has nothing to do with Tesla. It is for Mr Musk to create jobs for the poor. I want nothing in return. Please email me so I can send this proposal. I do not want a donation. I repeat I want nothing in return.

  2. I have an idea that I think is perfect for Tesla. It could help clean up California's roads as well as help prevent some fires here. Is there a way to talk to some one about it?

  3. Dear Tesla,

    I would like to bring to your attention a problem with Tesla service center in Las Vegas Nevada. The location , 7077 West Sahara Avenue, has become to small and inefficient to handle the needs of the Las Vegas area, population of 662,000. I had a service appointment for Friday July 10th at 9:00AM. I arrived 30 minutes prior to my appointment only to find there was no place to park on the property. All the parking spaces were used and 3 cars were double parked blocking the very small parking area. I had to back out around the building and park in a handicap marked space. I was told by service, due to the volume of service appointments, They would need to keep my vehicle through the weekend. The question in my mind was why did they book so many appointments at one time. Inside of the service area every bay was full and there was a line of vehicles along the north wall the length of the building. Three days later I have noticed on my Tesla app my vehicle was still parked outside in the handicap parking space. Each day I checked on my vehicle several times a day with no movement. This type of service is giving Tesla a bad reputation in the Las Vegas area. I hope the problem can be fixed soon to remedy the love/hate relationship I have with Tesla.

  4. Extremely unhappy with Tesla re: my model 3 order from 2016. Want to speak to a Corp. Mgr. but no-one answers your phones. Please have a Corp Mgr. call me at 516-676-2526. I am a Tesla stock holder. I have a request for Solar Power Wall. Again my call request is re: Model 3 order over 2 years old.

  5. We are trying to sell my home and have a buyer. Buyer does not want the solar system on the roof. We are trying to resolve but your office, in Utah, does not respond to the calls: Real Estate, buyer nor seller. Office person told us to call and leave a message and she would call right back after or before her office contacts were made. OK. Everyone has done that!

    Our closing is set in Mesa, AZ in days from now and this has to be settled before that. We have lowered our house price again and again to try and sell and, finally, with little to no profit to get another home, TeslaSolar City is sitting on their employee corporate behinds!

    Yes, we liked the Solar, and yes it saves on electricity, and our home is totally electric in a state that has sunshine 365 days a year. However, we cannot convince several years of interested buyers to accept the contract! I was told my handicapped husband and me, in my 80's, would be held responsible if we can't pay the Solar bill. We were hoping to settle with an amount we can ill afford to pay, but not one person from your company has been back to us on that, either!!! It would be nice if Utah would take the time to help resolve this MAJOR issue! We are almost out of money and already live on Social Security. Somebody in your company must be alive? Must have a phone? Must have some compassion? Perhaps?

  6. I'm an iraq veteran, always been exceptionally intelligent. But never interested in the beauty of history…well after appreciating the fact that I survived war and ptsd……I have been thrusted into the world of Tesla! I am so keen into the significance of this company that it's most assuredly my calling. TO THE LEADERS OF TESLA…. you are my heroes. I am the one employee who has been groomed and intentionally educated on the Bigger Picture….every marketing move you have made is something I would do if I had a billion dollars. You keep the same clean drive to better this planet and mankind as Tesla Died defending…..YOU WILL LITERALLY Rule THE WORLD AND STOP Global Warming!!! Hire me Chyshimom@yahoo.com. …. I Could Easily Be The One To Tell The Story And Plant The Seed

  7. Good Morning
    I live in Pittsburgh PA. I have seen your new product for roof shingles and would like to offer my home as a model/test home in this region. I have an 110+year old Victorian with large roof area. I get Three side exposure daily. The region can range from sub zero temperatures to upper 90's. Solar isn't as big here as in other places. I hope that changes with the new shingles your company has developed. Classic looks without the bulky panels on the roof. I would Love to get on board with this technology but am in able to cost wise. I'm extending the opportunity to help a region that is a little behind in solar usage. Please consider my home for this product. mkraus@olsonind.com
    Thank you

  8. to the head of the company , bold move, it seams that you are truely interested in revolutionizing the industry. you are not going to do it with battries. i have new technology that can do that for you. technology you won't find in the patent office. if intrested contact me and we can talk. jlnphpclub@yahoo.com

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