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Reach Toyota Corporate Office 

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Toyota’s Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Plano, Texas. Below are details about Toyota’s corporate HQ, including their address, contact numbers, and an overview of the company.

How To Contact Toyota Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Toyota Corporate Office: Overview

  • Toyota Headquarters USA Address: 6565 Headquarters Drive, Plano, TX 75024, USA
  • Toyota Head Office in Japan: Toyota Motor Corporation – 1, Toyota-cho Toyota-Shi, ACH 471-8571 Japan
  • Phone Number: 1-800-331-4331
  • Fax Number: n/a
  • Japan Phone Number: +81-565-282121
  • Customer Service Number: 1-800-331-4331
  • Website: toyota.com

Toyota Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Toyota HQ

A Snapshot of Toyota’s History

Toyota also owns Lexus.

Toyota’s Position

Toyota competes with other major manufacturers like General Motors, Jeep, Volkswagen, and Ford.


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Attn Toyota Complaint Department

December 13, 2022

Was looking for a 2015 Tacoma TRD PRO, ran across add on Carfax. Wasn’t even close to a TRD PRO, the advertiser was Lithia Toyota of Medford Or. Do you allow your dealerships to promote false advertising. Will also be copying the Oregon Attorney General’s office.

Dennis Bazzani

2014 Toyota Corolla radio/GPS Are Out

December 13, 2022

I bought my 2014 Toyota Corolla brand new because of the quality product they make. Little did I know that 9 years later the radio/GPS are out. I took it to the dealership where I bought it yesterday and they gave me all options on replacing it. Toyota isn’t taking any responsibility for a radio that doesn’t last. Others are having the exact same issue. I’m disappointed and hesitate to recommend Toyota.

Rhonda Glenn

Toyota Recall

December 13, 2022

Tried to get the recalled minivan door and airbag issues repaired using the recall case number and phone number included in the many correspondences.

When we called they gave us a number for a local dealer to use for these repairs. When we called, they told us they could not help us and to try another dealership.

In the meantime we keep receiving more warnings about the dangerous nature of these recalled parts. We want to get this taken care of for the safety of our family. The recall notice states that they will pick up our vehicle, give us a loaner car and then return repaired car at no cost. At this point we are unable to find a dealership to even do the repair!!!!!

We believe that this is a scam and that Toyota is cya.

Should something happen we have texts and other correspondence to support this claim.

Toyota should be held liable.

Kathleen Malley

Toyota Customer Service

December 13, 2022

I think Lexus should be self cleaning


Toyota Sequoia and Grand Highlander Not Family Friendly Designed

December 13, 2022

Dear Toyota,

I am a working American mother who has come to love your vehicles due to the dependability. The first Toyota my family owned was a 4-Runner which we absolutely loved however it was not capable of growing with our family. We traded in our 4-Runner for a 2017 Platinum Tundra and a 2017 Highlander SE. Long story short the truck gave us what the Highlander couldn’t which was towing abilities and the Highlander gave us what we needed seating-wise as a family of 6. We had to take two vehicles every time we took the boat out. When we heard of the launch of the all-new Toyota Sequoia, we were beyond excited. My Husband loved the new body style of the 2022 Toyota Tundra so much he was on a waiting list for OVER 9 months attempting to find a TRD PRO that wasn’t selling for THIRTY grand over MSRP. Well, his 9 months were worth the wait because he managed to find a 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO in Solar Octane for only twenty grand over MSRP. That being said we were BEYOND excited at the release of the new Sequoias. The old body style looked like a 2000s Dodge Durango and was so old there was no desire to buy one. We are rapidly outgrowing our Highlander as our children get older and want to stay loyal to Toyota however, the new Sequoia not only goes for over one hundred grand for the desired trim model it still isn’t child friendly. After the price became so high with dealerships we were “jumping for joy” when we learned the Highlander was going to grow in size. Waiting anxiously each week to learn more about this new family car that is not only affordable but the most dependable on the market we saw videos of the interior.

The Interior of both the new Sequoia and Grand Highlander is the reason I am sending this very message. It became VERY clear to me that a person who does not have children of their own designed both the new Sequoia and Grand Highlander. The exterior of both is what Toyota lovers have been dreaming of for years, however, the interior is NOT family Friendly. The new Grand Highlander was designed to bridge a gap in the size of vehicle Toyota has been missing HOWEVER the biggest design flaw occurred. The second-row captain’s chairs. I am a mother of four and will only drive a vehicle with captain’s chairs because I wait in drop-off and pick up lines daily. Why do I love captains’ chairs? Because the children in the back can simply get up and go out or in the door without having to move or lift a seat. If I have car seats in BOTH captain’s chairs I cannot lift the second-row seats to move them.

This new design in BOTH the Sequoia and Grand Highlander has cupholders in the floor. Sure, my children can step over them. However, If you pay more than fifty grand for a vehicle do you want children climbing and stepping on fixed appliances daily? HARD NEGATIVE. So with the immense amount of excitement, this American Toyota-loving mother of four had for both new SUVs I couldn’t be more disappointed. One is outrageous in price and the second-row seats are fixed in place and the other has a cupholder with zero walk-through.

All of this being said, I love your product and would be more than happy to give my input on future designs as a mother who would drive the 2017 Highlander but not 2022 due to the new shark round body style. (probably why the grand highlander is designed from the Rav-4 and not the new highlander)

You made my dreams come true with a bigger Toyota SUV yet took away the accessibility on the interior which went hand in hand with the need for a larger one.

Yours Truly,

Toyota Lover, mother of four

Siera Parsons
Corporate Office Headquarters