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Reach Jeep Corporate Office 

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Jeep is owned by Stellantis which was created with the merger of Chrysler and Fiat. Jeep’s US Headquarters is still located in Michigan at the former Chrysler Jeep corporate office. More contact information is listed below.

How To Contact Jeep Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Chrysler Group LLC now Stellantis

Jeep Corporate Headquarters Address Location and Phone Numbers

Jeep Headquarters Address: -1000 Chrysler Dr. Auburn Hills, MI USA 48326-2766
Jeep HQ Phone Number: 1-248-576-5741
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-992-1997
Jeep corporate website: Jeep.com
Corporate Website Jeep’s Parent Company: Stellantis

Jeep Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions to Jeep Headquarters USA Home Office

Jeep’s Competition

Jeep’s competition include Land Rover, ToyotaChevrolet, KIA, Nissan, and VW.

Jeep Wrangler Crossing Water


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Jeep Patriot Bad Transmission

January 27, 2024

I have a 2013 Jeep Patriot that I purchased in 2020. I know that makes the truck 13 years old but the mileage was less than 100,000. The transmission went out and they also said that I may need a new motor as well. The sad part is that the cost to fix the transmission is $8000, more than the truck is worth. I’m still pay on the vehicle and can’t even sell it because I owe so much on it. I wonder how many other people had the same problem?

Victoria Maddox

Jeep 2024 Compass Braking Shuts Off

January 24, 2024

2024 Compass forward collision alert & amp; Braking shuts off!

Purchased the vehicle and drove about 40 miles on the way home, forward collision shuts off and could not reset, I took back to the dealer and got it to reset. The next day, was told to drive it and see if shuts off again, I did not make it home, and shut off again, talked to the dealer and reset it to on again, and was told to try once more. Took a trip to my daughter’s about 300 miles and shuts off again. I am getting really disappointed by now, took it back to and said fix it now or get the traded car back. Left it there for a week and was told they could not fix it because Jeep had no idea how. This is a complete disregard for a person’s saftey to sell a car with this feature and have it not work. Not happy with Jeep or the dealer.

lyle wayne lidstrom

Corporate Office for Jeep - Mac Haik Jeep , Georgetown , TX bad service

October 12, 2023

At this dealership we get our oil changed regularly. This time the car made it just a few miles from the dealership when the oil began running out setting off low oil lights and stalling. She pulled over immediately . The dealership did pick it up by tow truck and provided transportation. Our Jeep has 124,000 miles on it so I wanted some assurance that no permanent or unseen issue existed. I asked for a written warranty of some kind for protection. This dealership and the auto group MAC HAIK AUTO GROUP thought it was enough that they put in a new oil and filter and sent me on my way. This could have ruined my engine and caused internal damage. They continue to minimize and CYA the whole thing. These people do not represent JEEP in a good light and should be investigated for their way of conducting business.

Sherman Kurtz

Jeep Customer Complaint

March 4, 2024

Just want it fixed! Well, I’m very Discouraged about my Jeep! I’ve only had it 3 Years and now the controls don’t work down below to turn anything off or on. The dealership tells me it’s the part that’s in behind there. That’s gonna be $900. Something like that should have lasted a lot longer on the. The G it’s only at 20:20. I’ve tried everything you cannot reset it. You could not even turn the screen off. I think they should put a new one in it.

Nancy Ann josey A Josey

Jeep Customer Service Issue

January 30, 2024

“Don’t point the finger at me!” (Jeep HQ says indirectly) We purchased our vehicle at your location in November 2022. We submitted our vehicle to an Auto Body Collisions on Nov 29th, 2023, because it needed to be fixed due to an accident. It is now Jan 30th, 2024, and our vehicle is still at the body shop because Chrysler Jeep Fiat Co. was on strike and was not able to send the parts needed within a normal time frame. We are now frustrated because what should have taken 2 weeks, is now taking 2 months plus and no one wants to take the blame and help with solutions other than the normal expectations. “Ma’am, you have to wait for the part to arrive”, “there is nothing we can do”, “we do not loan vehicles under these circumstances”, “So sorry for your frustrations, but…”. Meanwhile, I have no vehicle right now to transport my family of five because it’s not under their guidelines that they can help me with a rental or a loaner since it is not a manufacturer issue. I think you all can agree with me now that it is a manufacturer issue since they can’t even work efficiently enough to provide their customers with parts because they don’t have control.

Then I go to the dealer where I bought my vehicle in Armory Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat of Albany and they can’t do anything for me either because again, their guidelines state they can’t. It’s not their responsibility to help us in this situation is what they said indirectly. Therefore, if a company can’t help me as a whole, then why deal with them at all? Just a warning to those who want to purchase from this company. Prepare to fight on your own, no one wants to take the blame for anything. They apologize with words but show no regard for their actions. I can see why the 14,600 UAW members went on strike.

Jazmine Garcia
Corporate Office Headquarters