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Reach Out To Jeep Corporate Office – Review & Complaints 

Jeep is owned by Stellantis which was created with the merger of Chrysler and Fiat. Jeep’s US Headquarters is still located in Michigan at the former Chrysler Jeep corporate office. More contact information is listed below.

How To Contact Jeep Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Chrysler Group LLC now Stellantis

Jeep Corporate Headquarters Address Location and Phone Numbers

Jeep Headquarters Address -1000 Chrysler Dr. Auburn Hills, MI USA 48326-2766

Jeep HQ Phone Number: 1-248-576-5741

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-992-1997

Jeep corporate website: Jeep.com

Corporate Website Jeep’s Parent Company: Stellantis

Jeep Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions to Jeep Headquarters USA Home Office

Jeep: An Automotive Icon

Founded in 1941, Jeep stands as one of the most iconic and recognized automotive brands in the world, especially noted for its rugged off-road vehicles. Originating from the need for a military vehicle during World War II, Jeep’s original 4×4 model set the standard for toughness and utility. Post-war, the brand swiftly transitioned into the civilian market, embodying the spirit of freedom and adventure. Over the decades, Jeep has expanded its lineup to include a diverse range of SUVs and trucks, but always retaining its core identity of durability and off-road capability. Owned by Stellantis, Jeep continues to inspire loyalty among its vast global community of enthusiasts, with vehicles that are just as at home on city streets as they are on challenging terrains.

Jeep’s Competitive Landscape

In the automotive world, Jeep finds itself contending with numerous brands aiming to capture the off-road and SUV market segment. Brands like Land Rover, Ford (especially with its Bronco model), and Toyota’s 4Runner and Land Cruiser models present direct competition, boasting their own storied histories and off-road credentials. However, Jeep’s longstanding reputation, combined with its unique blend of style, capability, and versatility, ensures it remains a formidable player in the SUV sector. As the automotive landscape shifts towards electric and hybrid vehicles, Jeep is also adapting, showcasing electric concepts and announcing future electrification plans to stay relevant in the ever-evolving market. Other makers that compete with Jeep include Chevrolet, KIA, Nissan, and VW.

Jeep Wrangler Crossing Water

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Jeep Headquarters Reviews and Jeep Complaints and Praise

See the comment and review section below to read or write corporate office complaints, reviews, or to praise your experience with Jeep’s customer service and corporate office.

Corporate Office for Jeep - Mac Haik Jeep , Georgetown , TX bad service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 12, 2023

At this dealership we get our oil changed regularly. This time the car made it just a few miles from the dealership when the oil began running out setting off low oil lights and stalling. She pulled over immediately . The dealership did pick it up by tow truck and provided transportation. Our Jeep has 124,000 miles on it so I wanted some assurance that no permanent or unseen issue existed. I asked for a written warranty of some kind for protection. This dealership and the auto group MAC HAIK AUTO GROUP thought it was enough that they put in a new oil and filter and sent me on my way. This could have ruined my engine and caused internal damage. They continue to minimize and CYA the whole thing. These people do not represent JEEP in a good light and should be investigated for their way of conducting business.

Sherman Kurtz

Main office for Jeep - I didn't have the noise going into the shop

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 13, 2023

I brought in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee for an oil change. I picked it up after service and the very next day it thudded under the hood. brought it back that same day and they claimed they fixed the minor problem. 2 days later it’s thudding with the same noise! they claim the arms are broken. it’s part of the tire support. how can that happen? maybe wear and tear. didn’t have the noise going in


DO NOT bother with Jeep "Customer Service"

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 10, 2023

They do everything to prevent you from filing a complaint, everything. I have a genuine Issue and there is NO HELP AT ALL, NONE.

1) you will be on hold forever

2) you will be asked to provide “information” that has nothing to do with filing a complaint

3) “Escalation” means absolutely nothing

4) This is some cut-rate call center in an “offshore” location – the phone connection is terrible, on purpose

Randy Breton

2018 Jeep Renegade- Bought new within three months the hell I now live in started

Rated 2.0 out of 5
October 20, 2023

I bought a brand new 2018 Jeep Renegade back in July of 2018. I loved it even though it was a little small for me and my kids. I loved it. This was my first brand-new vehicle. Anyhow, in September of 2018, I started noticing little things, like one speaker not working for a bit and then it would come back on later, same with the screen on the radio, etc. Well then shortly after maybe Oct or Nov of 2018 I started getting all these lights and my car was sputtering and acting like it did not want to accelerate. I kept taking it to the dealership where I bought it and every single time they would say there was nothing they could do about it because the lights were not on anymore. EVERY TIME! I did not know what else to do. So then a few months after that, I am driving down the highway and what do you know, my car starts chugging, and the car stops. Come to figure out, “I ran out of gas” even though I had a quarter of a tank in there. We just happened to give it a shot and add more and of course, it started. Then shortly after that, my battery started dying so now my car won’t start. I bought a brand new battery and it is still dying. I have to charge my car every night. I figured out there are two recalls on the 2018 Jeep Renegade, the exact two issues I am having with my vehicle! And what do you know, the dealerships say my vin is not part of the recall and they won’t fix it. They want $175 just to look at it, and now that all my warranties are up, everything will be out of pocket on something that should have been taken care of years ago! I am a single mother of three and a stupid first-time car buyer, and I feel that the people I have spoken with throughout this timeframe have taken advantage of the situation. HOW CAN MY VEHICLE EXPERIENCE THE EXACT TWO RECALLS AND THE EXACT MAKE, MODEL, AND YEAR, BUT MY VEHICLE IS NOT PART OF IT–HOW DOES THAT WORK? At this point, I do not ever want to buy a Jeep again.

Sara Truax

Jeep Connect charged me multiple times without a refund

Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 10, 2023

BEWARE!!! cancelled my subscription, and continued to charge my card multiple times. 15 calls, and 16 emails, still zero resolution, and have not refunded my money even though they admit that there is an error. Sent screenshots of the charges and the cancellation and had to lock my card to prevent the continuation of charges. They do not return calls, lie to you, and continue to take your money. Very unsatisfied and will never purchase another Jeep after this, and we own 2.

Melanie Holt
Corporate Office Headquarters