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Chevrolet Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
 300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265-3000 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-556-5000
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Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-1020

  • A friend of mine got hit hard by a deer in Georgia in his new Silerrado ( 2 weeks) and actually was able to drive home to Florida. It tore his truck up and the Georgia patrolman was so surprised my friend had no injury. The Onstar kick right in… startled him from the shock of the impact. The front grill gone… but no fluid leakage. It was like 2 am so he just decided to drive it home. He had no leaks, had headlights and help from any of us if he needed it. He's a bow tie kind of guy and a try GM fan. Silerrados are built tough!

  • I would like to start off with saying that the Chevy Silverado saved my husband's life. Many moons ago my then boyfriend purchased a 2012 Chevy Silverado brand new. He had gotten a promotion and celebrated with getting a reliable vehicle. We have had this truck since then and it has always been a great truck from moving and traveling to and from work, as well as throughout the country and back. On February 14, 2022 he had gotten into a horrible accident on his way home from work. Just two miles from home. He had gone off the highway into a ravine and nosed dived into the only hole that was perfect for the front end of a mid sized truck. Then rolled it a good 50 feet away. He had broken his neck and, as of now, is considered an incomplete quadriplegic. The wreck was of no fault of the truck. He had a medical condition that was getting worse. Working and driving to and from work was what kept his stubborn self hopeful and independent. He was wearing his seatbelt and the structure and stability of the truck was able to keep him alive.
    This was not the first time he had wrecked in the truck. A few years ago he was in an accident that landed him in the hospital. We are not sure if this was the start of his medical condition or what caused it. The Chevy Silverado kept on kicking and continued to be a steady mode of transportation for many years. When telling others of the accident, I make sure to inform them of how the truck kept him protected.
    Now the Chevy Cruze, on the other hand, turned sour after 100,000 miles. Which does not make my life any easier now working two jobs and having a husband in the hospital over 100 miles away.

  • Probably never get a comment like this but your commercial for Christmas 2021 is one for the records. There are so many stupid commercials and I ever stop to watch but this year brings warm feeling and a tear to my eyes.
    I lost my dad awhile ago but when that girl has her father’s car made over for Christmas it just made me think of him and the fond memories of him and his cars.
    Thank you.

  • bought 2013 chevy impala lt with only 55,000 miles on the car, only 7 months with the car and the check engine light came on dec 23 2019, the injector let out gas through out the whole car and damaged my engine. I need a new engine for a car I bought on march 28th 2019…… warranty will not cover due to the point of failure (injector0. I still owe $8,000 on a car that doesn't work and cant get a bank to approve a loan for so much money, I can trade the car because they valued it for $1 due to it having no engine because the mechanic at chevy had to break it down …… will taking legal actions help me at this point ??

  • Unresolved case issues:

    I wanted to follow up on a few things. I think that there may some confusion with my contact number, My contact number is 909-762-1737. I am also reaching out in regards to an update for my case. It has been a few weeks since I have opened the case and the dealer seems to be giving you all the run around just as they have me and that was my whole reason for asking for help.

    I purchased and paid for my vehicle on 9/3/2019 which included a service for $1,500.00 that I did not received. That service is noted on my contact which I have sent to you. I am very disappointed as to why this matter is taking so long to be handled. As a consumer I have always valued Chevrolet and have purchased two other vehicles from you all in the past years and this is why I continue to use Chevrolet. I feel that I keep being passed off by getting messages that the dealer is not answering phone calls, which is the same complaint that I have reported. I do not understand that why this matter has not been taken care of yet, the dealer obvious is very shady and is choosing to not respond to your calls, it does not take 2 weeks to reply.

    Today I will also be reaching out the Better Business Bureau in regards to this issue as well, as I am doing everything on my part and this issue as not been resolved.

  • My name is Dolores and I own a 2015 Impala, my transmission went out at 120K miles, even with my extended warranty i could not get it covered. i am paying for a car that does not run and is only 4 years old. How could you sell a car that way and not help your customers? weren't you awarded some prize in customer service? I hate this car and will never recommend Chevy to anyone. last 8 of my VIN F9105552 in case a miracle happens and Chevy would like to speak to me. because so far your dealerships have not helped at all

  • Hello, I am a very unhappy customer! I contacted Bridgewater Chevy to lease a 2018 equinox on 3/22/18. One of their sales associates contact me back and made me a good deal. We agreed to meet, which they would have brought the car to my house and completed all paperwork at my house on 3/26/18 at 5pm, which is a very convenient process. He runs my credit and that whole day he claims that the credit didn't come though. The sales associate call me on 3/27/2018 at noon and says my credit was approved but the price increased $20. I than disapproved the deal and no longer wanted to proceed. He runs my credit card without my permission for $500 on 3/28/2018 and sends me a text message showing he charged me. (He got my credit card number on 3/24/2018 because it was the only way to hold the car with $100 deposit.) On 3/28/2018 I called the dealership bridgewater chevy to make a complaint and spoke to the girl at the desk Amanda and I asked for a Manger and instead she transferred me to the associate Jason. They were refusing to have me make a complaint and refused to have me speak to a manger. Amanada Than transferred me to a guy claiming to be a manger Eric F. I do not recommend Bridge water chevy to anyone! They make G.M look bad!!!!
    I am livid with CHEVY OF BRIDGE WATER (NJ)

    Thank you for having me vent.

  • I just purchased a 2018 Colorado ZR2. After about a 1,000 miles on the odometer the truck started shaking and vibrating violently. I took it in and the transmission filter had failed. After having the filter replaced and the transmission flushed, the truck still has the same problems. I took the truck back to the dealership and demanded a new tranny. They declined and pretty much told me to fly a kite and said it was driver neglect is why im having troubles. I've filed a complaint with corporate GM and have heard a thing back. The icing on the cake is that they send your call to a call center in India. Buy American right? No get bent over by GM a worthless company that had to get bailed out by the gov't and still not pay back all that is owned to the taxpayers. My family has been GM costumers are whole life but this is the last straw.

    P.S. I traded my 2016 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax because it was taken to the dealer several times for DEF problems with only 10,000 miles on it.

  • I bought a 2010 chevy equinox from Ron Craft in Baytown,TX in November of 2016. I paid $12,000 for the suv a month after I got it it has been nothing but problems. I had timing belt water pump chain actuators camshaft fuel injections replaced in May of 2017 before that the lights went out on the dashboard. in October of 2017 it started acting up again and the dealership said that now its the parts outside the engine what was done was the parts inside the engine. I had the easycare extended warranty that they offered and they said the parts were covered along with the wheel bearings the exhaust and intake actuators because i took the vehicle to a licensed mechanic that wasn't the dealer easycare warranty told me and the mechanic they have the right to deny any claim the choose. I will NEVER go back to ron craft or buy another chevy thanks to ron craft and easy care

  • I have a 2017 Chevy Bolt. When I first charged the battery, the mileage range at a fully charged state was 210 miles. Now, I have 10,000 miles on the odometer and my mileage range at full charge is 150 miles. Is this the norm, or do I have a defective vehicle?

  • I have a HUGE concern with Ferman Chevy in Brandon FL. This is for a 2014 Malibu purchased in 2014 off the lot. All service and oil changes have only been completed by Ferman. On 8/3/2016 when I had the oil change completed I had the interior filter changed at my request. When I return for next oil change 5/26/2017 they tell me the interior filter is covered in mold and I need a flush. I discussed this with Service Manager but he stated whoever changed the filter in Aug didn't report if he saw any mold but I need to have to done. So out of pocket goes another $263.21 for flush and oil change. On 9/29/2017 I have oil change and order replacement (for second time )the drivers side arm rest. It keeps coming unwrapped. On 10/5/17 my engine light came on and I went back to Ferman. Was charged $107.00 for Battery Sensor Module. The car was parked because I left town to attend my sister's funeral so when I came back on 10/18 and tried to start the car, the battery was dead. Took it back to Ferman and now they want $385 to replace the battery. I left a voicemail for Service Manager Steve at 2:15 pm on 10/19 but he as not returned my call yet (3:45 pm). I truly feel the Service Department damaged my battery and they should be the once replacing it. If the battery was having issues then why wasn't it addressed when I was in on 10/5 to replace the sensor? I have to tell you, I truly feel I am being taken advantage of by this Dealership. I was thinking about upgrading to a 2018 Malibu but if this is how I feel about the Service I receive, then maybe I need to go somewhere else for my next car.

  • I leased 2015 Chevrolet Camaro 3 years ago and now it's time to turn it in. I went to different dealers to inquiry about buying it. Every dealership told me to go back to the original dealership in Pompano beach, Florida because they will not charge me a dealer fee. When I spoke to the Pomp. dealership they insisted on charging me an $800.00 dealer fee to purchase the vehicle. This to me is an outrage, they are clearly trying to steal $800.00 from me. I'd like to ask corporate to step in an help me out. Can you please call them and inform them that there should be no dealer fee to purchase this vehicle. Thank you.

  • I am so frustrated that i have reached out to the BBB and television media and am now going to start sharing on social media regarding. Here's what i sent out to the first news station: When i put pressure on the brakes of my 2013 Camaro, the radio and air conditioning shutoff and turn back on. my husband reached out to chevrolet on and was given a hotline to call for "Recalls" 1-800-222-1020. He called them on 9/5/17, they stated that they did not have any recalls but we found plenty of complaints all over the internet about similar situations. The lady on the recall line seemed very concerned and created a case # for us, she said we would need to go get a diagnostics done on the vehicle, and that the vehicle has an extended warranty but that she was going to have someone else from Chevrolet contact us within 24 hours to help get this taken care of and so that it can be monitored since it was an electrical issue from what it sounded like. On 9/6/17 i received a call from Customer Care of Chevrolet, I explained the problem, and my concerns about the car catching on fire because it seemed like an electrical issue, I explained that the car has not had any alterations on it from the time it was brand new (it was all still stock parts) and she too stated that i needed to have a diagnostics done and that she would help me set up the appointment. She reached out to the closest Dealership and connected all three of us. I set up the appointment for tomorrow 9/7/17, and the lady at the dealership advised both myself and the customer care representative of the cost and asked the rep if the cost was being taken care of by GM. The rep said No and that it was up to the customer to pay for that. I explained that this was a manufacturing issue and that this should be covered by the company. So now i am afraid to drive the car until i can get this resolved with Chevrolet to even get the car looked at, if infact it is not a manufacturing problem, then of course i should pay for both the diagnostics and the repair. Chevrolet does not seem to want to work with me to get this dangerous situation fixed.I would like to have them do the diagnostics at no charge since this is probably a manufacturing issue ( i get the impression some wires are being grounded some where) and fix the problem with the car at no change. If it truly is not a manufacturing issue and just general wear and tear on a 4 year old vehicle then i can see that i would need to pay for it.

  • I have a 2015 Z51 corvette. Love the car. I believe its suppose to be America's sports car made in America. These cars are quite expensive. My ? is why is all the apparel with Corvette logo's so expensive? It isn't made in the good ole USA. Hats shirts ect. You need to evaluate the this situation. Prices too high for clothing and other thing not made in the USA.

  • I have had it with my Chevy Traverse 2010! I usually drive a car until I cannot drive it anymore. I just got it paid off and I am still putting money into this stupid thing! Transmission issues, strut & break issues, sensor plug issues, dash lights change all the time, and now power steering issues… This is draining and very scary to drive with. The steering freezes up when turning slowly. Makes hard to park and turn corners sometimes. Almost causes me to have accidents. Chevy needs to do a recall on this as I've seen several people post about this issue clear back in 2013! I grew up in a Chevy family, but will not buy another Traverse! If I even purchase another Chevy! This is ridiculously unsafe!

  • I have called Rodgers Dabbs Chevrolet 6 times now. I can't get any manager on the phone. In march I was driving down the road and hit something that flew out of the Back of another truck. It messed up my front end and put a hole in my oil pan. I took it to Rodgers Dabbs they fixed my body work and replaced the oil pan and told me i was good to go. I filed it with insurance. I went to travel to the beach this weekend with my family and a hour from my house in laurel I was crossing a bridge when it made a loud bang noise and I had no control over my car. I thankfully got my family to safety on the side of the road. I looked under my car and there was a huge hole in my engine. It slung a rod. I am so disappointed that Rodgers Dabbs neglected to check my car out properly and sent me away in a dangerous car. I checked my oil before I left my house like I'm supposed to do. It had oil in it. But the rod that was slung out was burnt up. So now the dealership is telling me I have to make another insurance claim and tow it to their dealership and pay the fee to get it looked at again. All because a certified tech did not do his job properly and throughly check the engine and its components. From my first car to this car I have always driven Chevrolet. But this makes me a little skeptical about getting another Chevrolet now since it has been proven to me that a certified technician did not take the proper steps to keep his customer safe. My car will now need a new engine. Or I'll have to get a new car. I am disappointed to say the least.

  • Wishing I never bought the 2017 Silverado, So this product you so strongly stand behind is junk. I have been trying for days now to get the truck in to a dealership to be looked at so that this nice brand new truck doesn't end up in the junk yard, but the people that work for you at the customer care 1-888-222-1020 don't care, I so disappointed in the false statements i see on TV with your commercials, Yep getting ready to send a $50,000.00 2017 to the junk yard, Why because the extended warranty i pay for does nothing and neither does the warranty that came with the Truck, guess i wait till it brakes down and with all the recorded call we both have with me calling for days now to try to get it fixed, we both know that i will get it totaled out and go back you Dodge at least they really do stand behind there products, Thanks for the lesson Chevy

  • Hello,

    I am so unhappy to say the very least. I just bought a 2016 Chevy Malibu that had around 19,000 miles on or about April 25, 2017. I am already having issues. I was driving one day on the highway and the car started to aggressively shake and then slowed down quickly. I could not go beyond 30 mph, the engine light came on and an error message that said engine power reduced. I could have been killed had there been a car behind me. I called the dealer and they are not willing to take this car back? I am shocked at the total disregard for customer service and or satisfaction. Chevrolet I see this is an ongoing issue that seems to be a problem? It is unfair consumers have to be stuck with issues that are not disclosed. Someone has to take responsibility.

  • This dealership is located in Avondale,AZ.
    I'm writing today to provide future customers with insight in the sales of Chevy cars. I recently bought a car and the salesman really did his job by selling me all this extra coverage. It ranged from bumper to bumper, tires, and dent coverage. All extra. I spent thousands more than I had planned. I feel like I was taken advantage of. I wasn't informed that these were options and that I didn't have to choose them. Also, Be aware of ads that get you in there but then don't honor those prices! Instead of being happy about having a new car, the deal leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  • Don Preissner

    On April 16, 2016 I purchased a 2016 Chevrolet Impala LTZ. Granted, it was used but very low mileage. Reason I selected this vehicle was a good consumer rating and, it has a feature we had in our previous car being a heater in the back of the front seats. This feature should heat the back of the front seats independent from heating the bottom of the seat.
    It will work when the switch for both seat and back is switched on, a feature we don't want to use.
    Both Turner Auto, Montrose, CO and Hellman Auto, Delta, CO have looked at the problem. There support people told both dealerships not to replace a control module as this is not the fix. Apparently Chevrolet is aware of the problem but will not authorize a fix (TSBPIC6202) and I have never been told what the fix is.
    In checking this feature in the 2017 Impala, it worked. The 2017 appears to have the same interior/exterior design as my 2016. Seems they could provide a fix for my car as I have been waiting for 8 months.

  • I have a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox that I absolutely love. Bought it brand new in 2011, changed the oil every 3000 miles. The change engine oil light came on last week so I was going to take it to the dealership this week only to have it cut off on Saturday and not crank back up. The motor will spin but not catch. Had it towed to the dealership today and was informed that there is problem in the motor and it is going to cost $500 just to tear the motor down and find out exactly what is the problem. This was after I was told there was no oil in the car. Had no warning lights or anything come on inside the car. Still making payments on this car and was told when I bought it that because I was able to drive my last Chevrolet which was a Blazer for over 10 years and got over 100,000 miles before I traded for the Equinox that I should be able to drive this car for 20 years. Yeah right, five years and the engine is gone. That is a bunch of bull. I have always owned a Chevrolet, my whole family are Chevy people but I may just be trying something new after I get this one paid for and start to buy a new car. Really disappointed in Chevy on this one.

  • BAD TIRES COULD HAVE COST ME AND MY HUSBAND LIVES!!! I am writing because I wanted to express how disappointed I am with the service I received. When we brought I traverse from Maxiprice dealer in Loganville we told the dealer and the sales rep the car was alerting us the pressure is low and we had to keep putting air in the tires. they told us it was just the weather the heat and the alerts will stop. So two weeks from buying the car the pressure of the tires keep being low so we went to another dealer and they said your tires are bad and they will need to be replaced. So that same day I called Chevrolet Maxiprice and asked what can they do about the tires and they said it is not covered. I was not given any options to help me get them replace or maybe a deal to get new ones so I keep driving and last week me tire split wide open in the middle of the busy street on our way home from work. This could have cause a big accident, those tires have been on the car from the time it was purchase and I am so disappointed in such a big company allowing someone to purchase a car with tire that can cause someone to die or have an accident. We would like our money back for the tires we purchase, the day we had to take off and the stress and the anxiety it caused from us almost being in an accident or losing our lives. This is the dealer fault for giving us tires that was no good.

  • Bought a brand new 2016 Z06 corvette with original 10 miles on the vehicle. Everything is great with the car and enjoyed the vehicle while it was still running. Never took the car to the track because i am not into that. So while enjoying the vehicle and cruising in cruise control at 54 miles an hour, i started hearing a very loud knocking noise. I was close to home and waited until Monday (since this occurred Saturday night) for the dealership to pickup the car. It has been 5 weeks and I still do not have the car in possession. It took them near 5 weeks to replace the lifters, the cam, a lifter rod, and a damaged oil pump portion of the manifold. Two days ago, they said the car was ready for pickup. It was great seeing the car again, although i have no personal views i would like to share with the entire experience, but everything will be fine now since i have my car back. Start the car, and check engine light is on. They connect the PC and now its a 'Super Charger coolant pump' issue. The car is running in limp mode. I looked at the mechanic and service writer and said seriously? I should have purchased a GTR. Still working on this mess with Chevy's Customer Relations but its going no where. Terrible experience and I will be contacting Corporate shortly for better resolution and service. Great looking car, terrible engineering design for basic driving on the road. Sorry, this car is not a track car! Case number 8-234-7561372

  • I went to Gordon Chevrolet to get the special on the oil change and tire rotation. While waiting I went to the new and lease car section. When I got my car back I notice my car drove and felt weird. I notice that the they had giving me Bad, dirty-smelly-oil which make the whole car stink. I HAD TO REPLACE THIS OIL AND GET IT OUT OF MY CAR!
    2) they drain all the brake fluid out which make the break light come on indicating I need to buy NEW BREAKS and replace fluid… I just put new fluid in it…and that was the first time since I brought the car 4 years ago and I do not need breaks!
    3) the Mechanic that work on my car maliciously did something to make my car drag, un safe to drive, and make noise when I drive which was NOT like that when I brought it in. While in the leasing and new car section, I had indicated that I had good credit, but was not interested in buying or leasing a car. Thy insisted and even got MAD because I would not let them run a credit check. When leaving I notice the Salesman was in the mechanic working area….and I believe because I did not let them run a credit check for a new or lease car…My car was a victim of being damage to either come back for service, or buying or leasing a new car. I will NEVER Come to this place again nor ever buy a Chevrolet car in my life time. I need my car for work and transporting my child back and forth to school.and doctor visits. THEY HAVE JEOPARDIZED OUR LIVES IN A CAR NOW UN-FIT-TO-DRIVE BECAUSE OF THEIR GREED regardless WHO THEY HURT, WHILE TRYING TO MAKE A PROFIT…how dare them do this! These people are NOT honest and they badly damage my car. They should be ashamed as the tactics they use such as damaging your car so you can bring it back to them or damage your car so you can LEASE or BUY a new car.. .HOW CAN PEOPLE STOOP THIS LOW! I WANT MY CAR FIX FROM THE DAMAGE THEY DID OR REPLACE MY CAR ASAP..
    I did reach out to their customer service and is waiting for a response…they have both my numbers

  • Worst customer service EVER. My 2012 Traverse just hit 40k miles and the alternator is shot. I called to see if the warranty would cover it, and of course the 36K bumper to bumper would not cover it. I then asked if there were any recalls because there are several online forums dedicated to this issue and they hung up on me. I called again – hoping it was an accident – and got hung up on again. I still have a Toyota that just hit 100k and has only been in the shop once for a fan belt. Was going to trade it in for another Chevy, but now I would not even consider it. No wonder why Americans buy foreign vehicles.

  • I'm replying to one of the idea's that I have for Chevrolet.There are so many car accidents from people that txt & drive! Probably just as much as people who drink & drive? My idea is to have an computer app or sensor/ gadget that is wired into the vehicles wireing system & it will not let that person txt or receive txt's.Or not to make or receive phone calls.Depending on how old the operator of the vehicle is? The law enforcement has this machine for people who have got a DUI and the machine is able to determine if the operator of the vehicle is able to drive by blowing into the device.If they have the technology for the DUI machine.I'm sure there's away that a device can be made for the huge problem that we have for the people that txt & drive! I believe that this idea would be a great option for a person who is buying a new vehicle! And Chevrolet would be the first dealer ship to offer it in there vehicles. If you have any questions you may contact me at

  • I think every one who has been taken advantage of in their own areas need to arrange meetings by setting up gathering place and putting the time and place of discussion in their local paper to discuss this because lets face it all of these complaints are just thrown it the trash . Lets get this on a bigger forum by having public meetings and even start clubs to legally battle this crooked unethical immoral Bshidd. That is how to take care of this illegal nonsence (COATES) These coorperations need a lot of customers to file a joint class action lawsuit and sign petions (540)-923-4748
    PS—-AINT SKEERED HOMIE they can bite my ASS

  • my 1990 blazer had to be repaired. The vehicle did not start. The Battlefield Chevrolet dealer in Culpeper tried to repair it. They put a new coil and new distributor on it for $ 600.00 . I picked it up missing and shaking 5 miles later it cut off not to start. A rollback towed it back. The service manager stated that a new greenhorn technician was working on it an did not hook up a sparkplug wire. They put new wires and a distributor cap on it. This time the total was $1000.oo plus . The same vehicle cut off and would not start a rollback came and picked it up. They said it was the starter the original problem. It is not my problem they don't know what to do but they suckered my 80 year old father into paying. They break every law do what they wish screw people out of mega dollars and some how justify that crooked shidd. It is a ton of different people who have been illegally taken advantage of and up til this point they have gotten away with it.I think it is time to Rebel !!!! Rodney Coates (540-923-4748) Madison Virginia Enough is enough

  • I am contacting you about a very disturbing transaction that my husband and I had experienced at a local Chevrolet dealership. I had called about this previously but had been directed to the dealership, which has gotten me nowhere.

    At the end of August of 2015 my husband and I were contacted to come to a dealership because he put in an inquiry in about trucks. When we first arrived, we asked for the woman who had contact my husband. We waited a few minutes and a gentleman said he would help us instead. He initially seemed nice, but he was not transparent about the transaction that took place.

    We both has 2 great cars with substantial trade-in value. The salesman suggested that he run our credit. I asked him if they were soft or hard inquiries since we were not sure exactly what we wanted to do. He said soft. After hours of being there, we told the salesman that he could take my trade-in as the down payment for my car, and he could take my husband’s trade-in for the down payment for his car. We also told him we wanted a 3 year lease for both cars. He convinced me to take a car that I didn’t ask for and a color I didn’t want, and my husband to take a truck that was way over his budget.

    To make a long story short.. what the salesman ended up doing was:
    • Running 3 hard inquiries on me (2 through GM Financial and 1 through Quirk Chevy) – because of this my score went from a 735 down to a 690 at the time
    • Running 4 hard inquires on my husband (3 through GM Financial and 1 through Quirk Chevy) – because of this his score went from a 753 down to a 710 at the time
    • Made my car a 2 year lease, and my husband’s a 3 year lease
    • Took our trade-ins and paid my car for the next 2 years
    • Made my husband’s payment almost $700 a month – originally he said that the payments were going to be $250 for me and $400 for my husband
    • Put on record after the fact that we leased his truck for $10,000 more than was the sticker price was listed at and what we agreed to
    • Did not negotiate on the price
    • And a few other things that were just shady

    I am contacting you because injustice was done was done by an employee associated with Chevrolet. We were taken complete advantage of because of our age and lack of experience. We are a newly-wed couple. It's just not right. After doing some investigating, I am not the only person who this has happened to from this dealer. This is unprofessional, immoral, and has made things very stressful. I feel betrayed, duped and am mortified that someone could do this to us. Some sort of compensation, negotiation, action needs to be made about this.


  • Coggin chevrolet at the Avenues in Jacksonville Florida sold me a used car that I was provided a Car fax for, they gave me only part of it. It shows 2 owners, there were 5.It shows no damage what so ever.Today I had them refax me the car fax acting like I misplaced mine, I found out the truth. I would suggest that NOBODY BUYS FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. THE CAR LOOKS GOOD, UNTIL THE PROBLEMS BEGAN. NOT ONE PERSON WILL TALK TO ME.I AM SO ANGRY I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY DID. I CALLED CORPORATE IN DETROIT, COULDN'T GET TO A HUMAN. I WON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS. WE DO HAVE LAWS AND I AM ONE TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE FOLLOWED.


  • Coggin chevrolet at the Avenues in Jacksonville Florida sold me a used car that I was provided a Car fax for, they gave me only part of it. It shows 2 owners, there were 5.It shows no damage what so ever.Today I had them refax me the car fax acting like I misplaced mine, I found out the truth. I would suggest that NOBODY BUYS FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. THE CAR LOOKS GOOD, UNTIL THE PROBLEMS BEGAN. NOT ONE PERSON WILL TALK TO ME.I AM SO ANGRY I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY DID. I CALLED CORPORATE IN DETROIT, COULDN'T GET TO A HUMAN. I WON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS. WE DO HAVE LAWS AND I AM ONE TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE FOLLOWED.

  • I bought two 2012 chevy equinoxes. I was a very satisfied chevy owner until recently. Approximately two months ago my son in-law was driving one of our equinoxes and suddenly the dash started flashing stating the stabilitrak needed to be serviced. We brought it into our mechanic and they put it on their computer and no codes came back saying there was anything wrong with the stabilitrak. Then he was on his way to work and the stabilitrak went and he lost control and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree and it said the stabilitrak needed to be serviced and it was not driveable and it had to be towed to our mechanic to be repaired. Next on March 18th my daughter was on her way to work when she lost control of the car because the stabilitrak flashed suddenly saying it needed to be serviced. She hit the divide and all air bags deployed. She was very lucky to have survived that accident. I read up on recalls and there are none. I did find a service bulletin for this. I don't understand why there is not a recall for this. I feel Chevrolet needs to take responsibility for this. It is unfair that my insurance rates need to go up while there is a defect in this vehicle that caused this accident.

  • I had an amazing buying experience from Lancaster, CA. Chevy. I bought a 2015 Chevy Spark 3.19.16 . I called up and got to speak directly with the Sales Manager Nina Garcia. I explained we had been looking at the Chevy lot in Valencia, CA and they were not helpful at all or flexible in helping us find the car we wanted in the price range we wanted new or used. They told us Ford Auto Nation no longer negotiated on price at all. They would not budge. So we went to the next closet lot in Lancaster. I'm so glad we did. The awesome OM (Nina Garcia)at the Lancaster, CA is a true asset and credit to the Chevy Corp. She scored our business immediately. When she couldn't find what we were looking for on her lot she didn't give up, she hunted online the entire state of CA to find a car for us in the price range we needed. She kept in constant contact with me via calls and email.In less than 8 hours she found a car that fit exactly our wish list. then she blew my mind and she had it flatbedded out her lot. The car was in San Jose. That is 8 hours away and she got it to us the very next day, I didn't even know that was possible. The car we got was a 2015 Chevy Spark (black with silver trim). It's beautiful. The price was perfect, the car is perfect and the service was above perfect. Our salesperson Travis Fritz did an amazing job. He was calm and friendly and knowledged and polite and patient with us. He was the cherry on top. He was himself and he is a very endearing fellow. Our whole experience was 10/10 from beginning to end. I will absolutely be back to this lot to buy all of my future cars. I have a big family and loads of friends so they will be seeing a lot of me I think.

    The sales contract was exactly what was negotiated. Not a single error or mistake was made. The financing was pleasant and quick. They did not misrepresent anything. All was exactly as pre-discussed.

    PS – I have worked in sales myself for over 25 years. I have always been a top producer too. I am not an easy customer. I set the bar very high in what I expect in customer service, product knowledge and professionalism. I expect nothing but the best. I received exactly that. From beginning to end. The sales staff, finance people, car detailing crew, service dept, appts for future upgrades…it ALL was par excellent. I hope all of the other Chevy lots will take notice of the Lancaster, CA lot and pay attention to their business model. They are doing it right. The lot was packed, they had plenty of people on staff and they all looked and acted very professional and presentable and smiles were plenty and everything was operating perfectly. They did not act like circling vultures which most people expect on car lots. They also were showing great respect for each other and their customers which is not a common thing on car lots. These sales people did care about each other and their conduct showed it. I tested one sales guy Nicholai (just for fun and cause I'm mean. hahaha) to see if he knew his stuff and he did. Without hesitation he answered my technical question immediately with the right info and facts and smile 9I prechecked the answer to see if he was right). I liked that. I like when people take pride in their jobs and pride in their employer and try their best. Thumbs up to all the staff.

    We love our new Spark. It is super cute and runs great. Thank you Chevy in Lancaster CA for making this a great car buying experience. See you again soon.

    Dina Caddy

  • I purchased a car from Gordon Chevrolet in Philadelphia I did not think that I was eligible to purchase a car as I have never had any credit but to my surprise I was approved I was told the price would be a little higher and I was okay with that the dealer showed me a price of 24.000 for a Chevy Cruze anyway WE completed the deal and I gave a car up for trade within a week and a half I get a call about my payment due dates how many payments etc. So I am thinking I.m good next thing I know I start getting calls for a W-2 from 2015 which I did not have and was never brought up during the sale I.m only two weeks into owning this about a week later I found out that now the car is not financed so I say take your car back give me my trade back the dealer says ok we will call you because your car is now on another lot and we have to get it as of 2-17-2016 I Have had no more contact with the dealer they will not return my calls oh yeah found out that they charged me 15.000 interest on a 20.000 dollar car going to make a you tube video of my experience and put them all over Facebook these people are scum and they should be prosecuted for the underhanded things they do so I.m probably gonna end up with no car I wish I had never gone into that dealership I am 57 my wife is 58 bad knees and if I lose my car I lose my job I hate chevrolet

  • Dear Chevrolet,
    I will NEVER buy one if your products. You might be asking yourself, is it because our products are ugly? They are, but that's not the reason. You might wonder, "Does is have to do with all the road noise that can be heard when driving one?" It could be, but that's not the reason. Could it have to do with lame attempts to make your cars more appealing with technology rather than making them more comfortable to ride in or drive? Wrong again!
    Here it is. I am shocked at how your corporate allows their dealership owners treat their employees. there it is – you're equal to Wal-Mart to me.
    My sister works in one of your small town dealerships where she is demeaned by the "office manager". These run the gamut of comments of why she is so slow to the "cold shoulder". She is a hard worker and quite intelligent. Whenever she goes to the owner she is given a polite "Thank you", given the brush off, and of course, nothing changes. Many of the customer in town are pleased with the customer service she provides and how pleasant she is. She also drives to make all of the exchanges with other dealerships and they also find her both pleasant and professional.
    I am fully aware that dealerships owners are in charge of their dealership. However, I see it differently you have a responsibility to all employees, after all the employee at your dealerships are the face of Chevrolet.

  • Chevrolet does not care about our problems, the Dealerships will tell you anything to get your money..I paid 1 $125 for a diagnostic test, once that was taken care of then my complaint about the serpentine belt slippage..After paying $190 for a new belt tensioner, they claim the belt was good, it's back to slipping again..Then I'm told this is a problem with this model, so I guess It'll be coming off the road, 2010 Silverado with 73,000 miles and evidently can not be fixed, it's junk….

  • I have owned chevrolets my whole life and still do I have had a 1969 z28,1971 monte carlo454SS, I have owned a 1967chevyII wagon, I have owned monzas, citation, I have had many blazers and still own a 2002 blazer4x4, I own and drive a 1968 c10 truck, I just traded in a 1996 silverado, I just got a 2015 4×4 silverado double cab LT The dealership. HUBLER indianapolis indiana. do not buy any thing from this dealership. I have bought many new vehicles from them and got this new truck from them and wish I had kept my 1996 silverado. The dealership lied and cheated me on my trade in. The hubler dealership lied to me and told me they would put new all terrain tires on this truck and after I got it they told me I did not need new tires and would not put them on the new truck. The salesperson told me this truck had on screen maps and navigation. it does not it has on star not the same. The window sticker advertises this new truck will get 16mpg city and 22 mpg highway . this new truck gets 14mpg city and 17 mpg highway terrible gas mileage. This new truck has developed a loud ticking noise it did not have when I test drove it . The dealership tells me it is the fuel injection and they will do nothing and The new trucks transmission does not shift properly they tell me that is normal. Chevrolet has very very bad customer relations They do not care about loyal chevrolet customers or any customers they know the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL BAIL THEM OUT AND THE REASON THEY NEED A BAILOUT IS BECAUSE ALL OF THE LAWSUITS FROM THE TERRIBLE VEHICLES THEY ARE SELLING AND CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. THIS IS THE LAST CHEVROLET VEHICLE I WILL EVER THINK ABOUT BUYING AND WILL TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE. BS this truck has 2900 miles the dealership did not give me the original second set of keys. they did make a copy but it took them 3 weeks. THERE ARE MORE ISSUES BUT I HAVE WASTED ENOUGH TIME TRYING TO GET THIS DEALERSHIP TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT. I AM GOING TO A LOCAL TELEVISION STATION NEXT. BBB WILL DO NOTHING.

  • On Dec. 30, 2015, I took my 2009 Chevy Traverse in for a $99 diagnostic check because the Brake light was on and the traction control/stabilizer lights were coming on and off. After over a day of inspection, I was told that I needed to replace the Master Cylinder, brake booster, brake switch, and add brake fluid for $1000. Not able to afford it, I took my car. I went to another auto repair shop to get a second opinion and was told the codes generally noted that my brakes needed to be fixed. He would have to run a diagnostic to get more details. I later took my car to a brake repair shop to get a third opinion and was told that I only need brake pads and the rotors need to be resurfaced for $250. I took it to one last place for brake inspection. I explained that I'd had diagnostic run at the dealership and told them the outcome. The service manager stated that he would not tell his technician in order to get an unclouded inspection. The findings were that I needed brake pads, front rotors replaced and rear rotors resurfaced and brake fluid needs to be flushed with new all for $550. My concern is that of the four service shops I went to, only the Chevrolet dealership told me I need to replace major, costly parts, when apparently, I only need minor brake work done. It's disappointing. I feel like they were trying to get as much $$$ out of me as possible.

    Jenna F.
    Houston, TX

  • On 3/7/2015 I went to a well known local Chevrolet Dealer in my area, knowing I could not afford a new P/U, I purchased what I thought was a nice used one..It's a 2010 Silverado Reg Cab wt with 70,000 miles..The dealer convinced me to get an extended warranty which I did..I have only put a little over 3000 miles on this truck and the engine light came on and the serpentine belt was making a racket, I took it to the dealer..I was just called and told the extended warranty will not cover the fuel sensor problem causing the engine light coming on, or the belt tensioner..I understand this is a common problem..But my real problem problem is that McGee Chevrolet salesman convinced me to buy this insurance..This is just a money making situation for a Chevy Dealership..Once this has been repaired and I pay the $500+ for the repairs, I will never go back to this or any other Chevrolet dealer ..I will also advise anyone NOT to buy an extended warranty..Chevrolet has seen the last of me..

  • I am writing on behalf of my 78 year old Mother, against my wishes she and a friend went alone to purchase a "New Car: this was only after her 1999 Van was in an accident, it was always a great Vehicle non Chevy but made in 1999 years before Robots replaced people. My Mom just lost her husband a year prior and I KNOW she was not in ant position to go Car Shopping. I was literally in shock when I saw that she came back with a Chevy HHR 2009! She paid TWENTY THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN DOLLARS CASH for this USED car that is now what I know to be a Death Trap, shutting off while driving,electrical problems lights going on then off? I am appalled with Chevy for not taking responsibility for your wrong doing, I just read all of the RECALLS. These cars need to be taken back and destroyed, all people should be given a New car of equal value in my Mothers case a Brand New Tahoe or something worth over TWENTY THOUSAND PLUS DOLLARS. I went back to the Dealership the Next day less then 24 hours later, I was Told they could not refund my Mothers Money and take the car back? They also said her check had not cleared yet, I then showed the Supervisor the print out from her bank showing the check was paid at Nine AM that morning the Minute the bank Opened!My Mother has heart problems and I have health issues I was determined to help y Mother in at the very least exchanging this Death Trap for a New Car that had no recalls or at least not 502 of them, the guy wouldn't budge I wanted the Police called because I know you have THREE DAYS TO BREAK A CONTRACT IN THIS COUNTRY, The Supervisor was a Thief and Crook, we had gone back several time within a short time period and no one would help us. The last time I took her back was when I found out that the car could be put in park and "jump" out of gear??? That is inexcusable, if my Mother is exiting this car and gets knocked down hurt or worse let this be a FAIR WARNING YOPU WILL BE SORRY FOR SELLING SUCH SUBSTANDARD VEHICLES TO THE PUBLIC, let alone allowing Dealerships to literally rob old ladies and get away with it. The Dealership in Woodbridge Township on Route one, the Supervisor GENE is no longer there, I guess he ripped off enough people to go back to the Country he came from that Allows such trickery and stealing. Chevrolet used to be one of the BEST CARS MADE prior to the Millennium, maybe five years prior I have NEVER SAW SO MANY RECALLS ON CARS,NOT ONLY CHEVY BUT OTHERS CHEVY JUST SEEMS TO HAVE A NEVER ENDING LIST. TWENTY THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS PLUS AND THE TIRES WERE ARMOR ALLED TO LOOK NEW,THE BATTERY DIED WITHIN A FEW MONTHS AND YOUR RECALLS HAVE COST MY MOTHER A FEW GRAND MORE, All of her savings are gone, Oh you have them, it would be a great thing to see Chevrolet be ACCOUNTABLE stop allowing people to drive around in death traps especially now that YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM,YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE<it would be in the best interest for the future of your company to rectify this situation Now before anyone else gets hurt or worse killed because of your Neglect regarding these FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO RECALLS. Thank you ,my father retired from GM in Linden NJ. That was when CHEVY was a name People could TRUST. Those days are long gone.


  • I will not have this experience again, I was buying a truck something with torque a 3500 HD but I might have to wait for a few months says the salesman how about a 2500hd with dual wheels and diesel engine ok I replied, so it would take a few days to get here I'll wait. Now after the wait Macho Gonzales my sales rep calls me and explains my truck is in. I come down to Chevy in Vineland N.J. meeting with the sales Mgr.John now with my trade in 2004 Dodge 1500 with my snow plow attachment still on it no big deal they will transfer it to my new truck that was driven from up state Pennsylvania not trailered. First mistake 259 miles on my new truck what, then the sign in the show says 20% off all vehicles which they say doesn't applies to my 2015 2500HD Silverado, mistake number Two. Now being pressured in finance they claimed they would fix the sign mistake number three so others wouldn't see what I saw. I would not by from this dealer again because of their lack of communication or respect for the customer. I'm still waiting for the call to transfer my plow attachment now in the third day called and texted and called several times no answer. Make sure if you buy from these guys you get things in writing.

  • purchased a new 2015 Z71 4 wheel drive that I can't use in 4 wd the first time I carried it in had only 100 miles now they refuse to repair it saying they need to check my truck to order the part and this is after it has been in 4 times for repairs

  • I inherited my mom's 2004 chev aveo hatchback. It had 31500 miles on it when I got it in 2008. It now has <54000 on it. I only drive it in our 3mile x 3 mile town and into Austin about twice per year. On 8/6/15 I ran into the back of a little truck going <20mpg. My sandal came unvelcrowed on my right foot and I couldn't get to the brake. My seat belt came loose, so my knees hit the dash – lightly – it wasn't a high speed crash. However – I am on Coumadin. The radiator was broken, grill bent, front bumper crumpled, radiator broke. No fender damage, headlights ok. This is the 18th and I am still in bad shape. My knees were black. Doctor said I had 1 1/2 pt. blood clot in each knee. I'm still not walking well. the point is – the blankety blank seat belt did not hold!! I have huge bruise across my tummy – so I can prove that I did have it on per ems (the first thing I do when I get into the car is hook up the seat belt – does not do a thing for you if it does not hold. I would like some compensation for my suffering – because I am still suffering after 12 days. It was a nothing collision and I should not have even been hurt – IF MY SEAT BELT HAD HELD!

  • I have an idea to keep babies safe. Attach sensors to the rear seat belts to trigger the alarm if the belt is not unhooked. There will be no way anyone can walk away from the car without knowing someone is in the back seat. By adding a small timer to allow getting out of the car and getting to the back seat, will keep this from being an annoyance. Also if you have no kids or pets the system can be toggled off by the dealer only. This would be a cheaper way, because the alarm is already installed. Sensors to the rear seatbelts (would indicate someone is buckled in) would be a minor cost. (it would be the reverse of when you try to drive and the seat belt light beeps to warn you, you are not buckled in) so the same program can be used, just needs to be adjusted to read the rear belt sensors. I am to poor to patent this idea and hope someone can help me save a life… even if just one. Plus this would allow Chevrolet to be the only car and truck manufacturer to offer this on all vehicles. Would be a major sale incentive.

  • My son had a rollover accident in his new Chevy Cruse. His car is totaled and he walked with seat belt abrasions only. Got an idea for commercial, pictures of these accidents and the kids standing next to them alive

  • Hi,
    I recently had my 2011 Chevy Cruze in for service and a hole was found in my condenser. The cost would have been around $700 to fix. Needless to say, I still have no A/C! However, did look into getting the parts and having it done. While looking into it, I found that this was a common occurrence and had happened to numerous people. I also found that it had been covered by many of these people because GM changed the design of the Cruze to prevent just this damage and should be under warranty since there was a vehicle redesign to prevent this particular problem on later models. However, I called the dealership near me and was told that it would not be covered. I feel that this should be a covered cost for a few reasons: 1) GM changed the design of the Cruze to prevent just this damage and there was a vehicle redesign to prevent this particular problem. 2) I never saw a recall notice to have my car brought in in order to have the new condenser shield put on (so this problem didn't occur). I live in Columbus, Ohio and would really appreciate someone helping with this issue.

  • chevy cadilac of bend oregon they spot on delivered me and sold me a car with scratches all over it this is suppose to be a brand new 2015 chevy malibu as well as not having any speakers in the very back of the car when i bought it i have called and complained to the gm and now i am calling and complaining to the corporate office i want to be compinsated for the 2 speakers missing and the scratches i want repaired so far the only thing that has been agreed to fix is the driver side door noone has mentioned anything about my speakers i mean come on this is a 17,000 dollar car give me a brake chevy call me back chevy corporate office to discuss this matter

  • My name is Edward A. Bowles in Lebanon Indiana. Irecently left a E-mail with your company concerning Design concepts.this is added information.I like some of the older systems like The EFI systems and distributor V-8's with cast iron blocks.I hope your company doesn't do away with the good Chevrolet dependability that's been known for decades.I hate seeing nightmares like Pontiac Aztec with a rear end that looks like they might have used on my Briggs an Stratton lawn mower,1000.00 dollar fix it front end on Chevy Colorado,or the Chevy Astro Van Cause of the suspension system that was put under neath it.Ive been a mechanic for 35 years I know whats good.The cast iron blocks,EFI systems in the 90's where some of the best ever.I mentioned a split dashboard concept,I like a full dash.I don't like the idea of it having to pull the whole thing out to change a heater core.Making room in glove box area to easily install a heater core when needed.I don't like seeing heater hoses running from one end of the chevy van to a heater in the rear.maybe a more beefy heater core running plastic out let for heat through the roof systems of the vanvehicles.Approved heat resistant adhesive matting or spray on protective coatings Line-Ex.A weather resistant vehicle with luxury as well.also coatings for undercarriage.Making thigs so they are possible to work on.GMC arcaida,the plastic for the bulbs where good.Looking for a cleaner one piece design for headlights.I had the floor-jack and front right tire off and a good portion of tools out just to change headlights.Stupid,Two decent size bolts and Iam replacing head-light bulbs a clean design that I don't cut my hands on. Edward A. Bowles Po. Box 801 Lebanon Indiana 46052.

  • There's a truck in my neighborhood that has a handwritten message on its back that reads,
    "this truck has 710,000 miles and counting, how many miles do you think your car will last? So there you have it!!

  • My name Is Ed Bowles in Lebanon,Indiana Guess you could call me a Chevy fan.I like some of your older models the G-20's.Vans.There hard to find parts for at times a lot of them went to scrap.I have a G-20 model currently.Thought it would be cool for some similar body styles,with engines like in the Chevy Silverado's V-6's.Or maybe a beefed up Model with V-8's.Using a Camero Body Style Front,Rear.Sides with Performance Heavy Duty Breaks,Weather Resistant heavy Duty Break Lines.I have th Shorty Model G-20 with V-6 engine.I like the Leather Seats,and the nice Interior of the Chevrolet Camero.Accept its too small for me.People in the public have complained and found the break Lines Rust through in the nansty winter weather,you never know when they might blow out.Thought it would be nice to use dynamat for insulation or a more modern insulator for Chevy Van walls.I had reagular house insulation in my 95 model.Iam a mechanic work on Chevys Fords,Chryslers.Looking for a New Party Wagon If your Interested.Thought I would pass it along,I also like the Line-Ex products for making a vehicle winter proof I live in Indiana.It would be nice if you didn't have to take out the whole front dash to get to a heater core,one of the nice things to have when its 1 dergree out.Iam a poor man don't have the power to build this model.I like Leather Interior with Hand Roll up windows with heavy duty handles that wont break inside or out.Some of the things learned from working on your older models.Ed Bowles Po. Box 801 Lebanon Indiana 46052.

  • The history of The 95 Chevy Blazer

    That is my Grandson in (1996) riding in that little car, when he was about five, he asked if he could have that Blazer when he start driving, laughing i said yes, well when he started driving, sure enough he was driving that blazer, which he and the truck is the same age, now they are about to take the journey to his next destination where he will be station in Texas.

    My Grandson is truly a die hard, the truck is still in good shape….
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    'The history of The 95 Chevy Blazer That is my Grandson in (1996) riding in that little car, when he was about five, he asked if he could have that Blazer when he start driving, laughing i said yes, well when he started driving, sure enough he was driving that blazer, which he and the truck is the same age, now they are about to take the journey to his next destination where he will be station in Texas. My Grandson is truly a die hard, the truck is still in good shape. …'

  • My fiance and i purchased a 2005 suburban and have had nothing but problems with reduced engine power. It's my first Chevrolet and my last. Why doesn't Chevrolet owner buy out unhappy customers stand bye your garbage that your selling. I have six kids and cannot keep putting money into a vehicle.i cannot use very unreliable. When i purchased the vehicle i never thought i would end up putting so much money into it. Haven't got my money's worth.

  • Jennifer Lattano
    Philadelphia, PA
    Jlattano@yahoo.Com March14, 2015
    Re: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
    Bought May 2010

    Dear CEO, VP, Customer Relations and to all my Chevy family,
    I am a 41 year old working middle class woman who feels the need to share her Chevy Camaro memories.
    I grew up on Chevy Camaros. My mom having a purple 69 Camaro, my friends and I building a 73 with a 454 big block, orange with white stripes and my 1st car being a 92 RS.
    So imagine me at 35 seeing the "New" 2010 Camaro making it debut in a movie which lead me to make that car my Screensaver because I was having it. Welp, it came out and I bought my baby Sleek Black and I put hot pink stripes /hash tag decals on it. I LOVE MY CAMARO!!!

    It Saddens me to tell you that i have to deal with constant breakdowns since 2010.
    • Timing Chain
    • Transmission
    • Both Catalytic Converters
    • Coolant lines
    • High Pressure Fuel Pump
    • Sparks plugs
    • Battery

    My 2010 broke down and was towed 2x in 1 week and 3x in 1 month.
    I spent over 20,000 dollars on a dream that turned out to be my biggest nightmare and nobody cares all because I love my car and I don't want to sell it but I may have no choice.

    My car is 5 years old now. 70,000 miles and it's junk.
    If I sell it then I disappoint some kid. I won't do what GM
    Did!! Leave all us dedicated Chevy fans in the dust. .

    Jenn Lattano
    Disappointed Camaro Owner

  • After 3 months driving the used car, the battery had to be replaced and the windshields also, when I called the dealership that this is too soon to have something go wrong, I was told that they are not responsible, since they only guarantee it for 60 days, on day 61 this happened. They stink. They advertise they want to build relationships. Never again with us, and I hope other people will stay away.

  • To whom it may concern. I purchased a 2013 Silverado on 1-31-2015. I love the truck BUT, I have a issue . I advised the sales person that there was not an owners manual in the vehicle.I asked the sales person Mr Howard Zeitlin to provide one and was assured that a manual will be provided within a few days. It has now been 2 weeks and after talking with Howard we have been advised that he is waiting for a vehicle to be traded in so that the manual can be taken from that vehicle and given to us. I don't believe that having to depend on a trade in should be a determining factor. A manual should have been ordered and we should have already received it. There are things I need to know about the vehicle I purchased and I expected a manual in a more timely manner. So what are we going to do about this????? William Ward, Tarpon Springs Ferman

  • Hi, My name is Tanya Amador and I have a 09 Chevy Malibu. I have taken it in for service about 4 times and they always say nothing is wrong with it. The problem I am having is After about 25 minutes of driving, the transmission (or I believe it's the transmission doing it) jerks and jumps, then the service ESC and service traction displays on the info center. It has 84,000 miles on it but it's all highway miles. I have almost been hit 3 time because the car has done this and died in the middle of the street and at the time I had my children in the car with me. This has become a danger to us. what can I do to find out why this keeps happening. The Mechanic's just keep saying it cleared all 14 codes, whatever that means…it's fine. I am a single mother that works full time to provide for my children, I can not afford to buy a new car, mostly when I just finished paying this on off last year. Please help me with this Issue. Concerned Mother.

  • I must say I as well am like the stories I read here. Not happy with my Chevrolet SUV , well to be honest my story starts with their customer service. I live in Houston Tx., I purchased a 2014 LT Traverse… Very nice SUV… well we have had it for about 5 months. The other day as my wife is driving, the truck decides to stop shifting in the transmission. We call the dealership and they send a truck to pick it up. I go down to the dealership where the truck is and ask to speak to the sales manager. The person behind the desk clearly wants nothing to do with me or my concern, but she tells me that the manager is out today and that she will call ( Chris ) over as he is the next in line. We met Chris and tell him that we need a loaner car while they are fixing our car that has the best warrant coverage Chevy offers on it. Chris tells us he has no car to give us until ours is fixed. I ask if he could call a rental place and get us one. At first he says those place are closed at 3pm in the day, then he says yes but that we will have to pay for the rental as they will not. So I asked for a car off the lot , he tells me that these cars are not insured. I then ask to speak to his direct report, Chris tells me he just went to lunch at 3pm in the day. (mmmmmm)So with this my wife and I leave the dealership, I like most people here have purchased chevy my whole life, with one exception ( I have a dodge srt viper Truck as well) Customer service is the only thing different between , Ford , Dodge and all other makers of cars. Cars will break down no matter the name, but the customer service you give is what keeps people coming back. When I take my Dodge in they treat me like I am somebody, they ask if I need a ride home or they will come pick me up and take me back to the dealership to get my truck. Their service is great and they fix my ride …..But again I take my BRAND NEW SUV back to Buckalew Chevrolet and this is the treatment I get . I guess they really do not care about their customers after the sale of the car or truck. My wife put a statement out on her Facebook page to her friends, I can tell you this from the response( we are not alone in how we feel about Chevrolet). I guess my next step is that when I decide to buy another new car or truck , we will go to a different maker. If someone reads this , and they talk to the CEO of this company, please tell them that the customer is not always right , but they are still the customer , I hope they understand this phrase……

  • I am going to handwrite this to corporate office too but I am totally 100 % disappointed in Chevrolet!! I am well into my 50s and since I was 16 I have only bought Chevrolets. Well my last purchase was a Chevrolet Colbalt. I loved this car for a very short time. Everything is going wrong with it. It is not a reliable car by any means like Chevrolet used to be. It has had 3 major recalls but aside frim that everytime I take it in for an oil change something else majir seems to be wrong. It is not lasting at all and I take very good care of my cars. I cannot afford to get another car right now so I pray it will keep me safely on the road until I can. I have dealt with the same dealership for all my cars, and my chikdrens cars. Unfortunately Chevrolet has put alot of doubt in me towards them and when the time comes that I can get another car it will not be a chevy!!

  • I have a 1999 Chevy K1500 with the 5.7 in it. I just topped 200,000 miles on the original motor and tranmission. I love the truck needs a little work but just wanted to let yall know how much I enjoy yalls trucks. Thanks for keepin it American. Yall can contact me at my name is Brandon Gardner.

  • CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department

    P.O.Box 850

    CHEVROLET Motors




    ATTENTION:Asif Hussain aftab sayyed

    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the lucky winners selected on this year CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION 2014. We felicitate with you and your family and especially for being a citizen of (INDIA). This promotion was set-up In United Kingdom CHEVROLET MOTORS to encourage prospective Mobile users. Congratulations on behalf of the ''CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM'' Our Screening Committee And National Advisory Board has completed all verification and screening by the Screening Committee of "UK's Overseas National Advisory Remittance Claims Unit. You have been approved to received your Demand draft and Chevrolet Captive car by a special diplomatic arrival been approved by the regulation council of the Chevrolet Motors Promotion 2014. Your cash prize of Two Crores Thirty Five LAKH Rupees (RS,2,35,000.00/INR) will be delivered safely to your door step through our Accredited FedEx Dispatch Officer. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special affiliated courier company under Diplomatic Umbrella. We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your door step. Your name, phone number and address has been Received.

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    You are to contact our Senior Delivery officer via email id: true or fake sir plz reply me as soon as possible

  • why when you call to complain about the service and the managers they dont believe you ? thats why gmc mhas so many law suits against them! sorry company!!!! keep treating people bad and you will be out of buissness soon!!!!!!

  • Why hasn't anybody put an alarm set ask you if there's a child in the backseat with all the infant deaths occurred during the summer that shouldn't cost that much to put it in and I would think that people with families wouldn't mind paying a little extra to have this it will ask you check for child o check bac check back seat maybe all vehicles should hav maybe all vehicles should have this

  • I am so appalled seeing your advertisement during the Olympics in reference to a young conniving babysitter taking advantage of parents by charging more than she deserved because she thought they had lots of money. How respectful a lesson is that to a young person at any time let alone while watching these sacrificing, hardworking Olympians? Shame on you, Chevrolet.

  • After thirty years of brand loyalty to general motors you have lost me as a customer forever! Your ad during the Olympics is a slap in the face to marriage and familues everywhere! You are contributor to the moral decay of our nation that was founded under God. Shame on you!

  • I purchased a 2005 Trailblazer in 2006. The transmission went out at 104,000 miles. I purchased a new Chevrolet transmission to replace it and have only had trouble since. I have replaced the air injection pump value, air pump for last 4 years around the time I have to inspect my car. Replaced torque converter and the air pump plug. ALL this has cost me over $4000. My gas guage has not registered correctly since 2012. I did not receive a letter about the 50/50 deal in 2011, I just now received a letter stating the problem and am over the 120,000 mileage cutoff. If I would of received letter in 2011 I would have taken that deal. Now it will cost another $400 to have that fixed. If u look at their calculation, in 8 years you could of only driven 1500 miles a year or less than 29 miles per day. This calculation is rediculous!!! Most of us drive more than that and it is just another way for the Chevrolet Corporation to get our of paying. I would not recommend a GM product to anyone if they are not willing to stand behind their product. My car is serviced every 3000 miles. I was told they had never heard anywhere in the US of a Chevy transmission going out at 104,000 miles, so I guess I am the only person that happened to in the US. What is the chance of that happening to someone????? Oh, and cannot put drive shift into drive without forcing it, sometimes you are driving and it registers N, or D3 and you have to wiggle to get it to Drive. All this since
    new transmission went in in 2011.

  • I bought a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 4X4 club cab brand new off of a Chevy dealer lot. From day one, the engine has a ticking in it. I have been told "that is normal". The ticking is louder when it's colder. I have complained from day one about this. This truck just turned 65,000 on it. The instrument panel went bad along with the fan speed. There was a TSB on it. GM graciously performed the work on this for me. I do not tow anything, but just recently towed a utility trailer. I went to use the towing overdrive and it didn't work! It worked until I brought it into Pat O'Brien Chevrolet in Willoughby for the instrument panel. Because the one year was up, they will not re attach it without me paying them $90! When in the first place, they didn't hook it back up!!! Now, I went to apply my brakes. At just 65,000 miles, all of my brake line blew! I couldn't stop because of course months before that, my emergency cable snapped! I used my emergency brake everyday! I was told you either use it or not. I used it. I got all of my brake lines done to find there is a problem with the anti locks going off coming to a stop of 5 mph. I pulled this problem up on the internet, and it stated that GM is having problems with the sensors and rust. I called O'Brien dealership again. They ran my vin # and told me my truck is not part of that TSB or recall!! WTF??? Not liking Chevy or GM products at this point!!!!!!! They build $30,000 plus vehicles but can not back up their flaws!!!

  • I hope someone is looking into Ron Hullett Chevrolet in Camdenton selling a wrecked Traverse as a NEW vehicle, and the refusal of the owner and manager to deal with the customer. Only a quick resolution will keep show that this was not intentional, and the refusal of management to deal with the situation… is this a mistake or is it intentional procedure for this dealership/company?

  • Sharon September 11, 2013 at 9:04pm
    I just purchased a new 2012 Chevy Camaro LS on september 3, 2013 for my duaghter for her birthday on sept 4. I purchased this car from the Jon Hall chevrolet in Daytona Beach FL, it was the worst experience I have ever had, I mean ever had in my life with a car dealership !!! The night I picked up the car I noticed a small scratch on the side of the car I told one of the salesmen about it and he said it was no problem just come back and they will fix it the next day but when the next day came the story completely changed. They said we put the scratch on the car ourselves. I was so surprised how they tried to make me out to be a liar. I will tell everyone I know not to ever buy a car from jon hall chervolet in daytona beach .I will facebook it, I will instagram it, text it, I am going to put it out anyway I can. The Jon Hall salesmen I dealt with were liar and their words are not worth anything. Buyers beware, especialy woman !!!!

  • I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer, with 341,000 miles on it. Can I get into the 300,000 mile club, or better yet get a new Trailblazer? Have had it since 1997 with 42,000 miles on it. Want to drive it until she cant go anymore…Been to many Packer Games…

  • I just purchased a 2013 2500 HD Chevrolet…. I have owned a 2002, 2003, Silverado.. I now have a 2005 Trailblazer… but I am so sick of the seats that are in our 2013 … I carry 3 lint brushes in the truck and still can't keep the lint off the seats.. this seats are terrible…. I hate them with a passion…. I also hate seat covers… whoever came up with this color and material to be put in the Chevrolet's have made a big mistake…. What can be done for these poor quality seats. I know I can't be the only person that hates them… I will never buy another Chevrolet with this kind of seats…. I hate to think I have to live with these black catch everything seats.. U can't even have a Kleenex or a paper towel near them… U can look at them and I believe they will get something on them.. they grab all hair like a magnet… surly Chevrolet can find a better color and better material… Very , very unhappy with the seats.. everything else is OK , I do miss the handle overhead at the door… but I can live with that, but these seats will drive U crazy… wish I had never bought this truck because of the seats…

  • I purchased a 2012 chevy impala and had to take the vehicle back several times(at least 4)to have the cd player fixed. I purchased the vehicle from ancira in san antonio, tx. I was told that the cd had to be reprogrammed to play cds other than music cds. other times I took the vehicle in I was told that I needed to turn up the volume on my cd player to hear the cds due to the poor quality of my cds (oh, come on—-from over 6 different cd companies???); that the heat and humidity in texas had warped my cds and that is why mine wouldn't play (so why does my daughter and her family's cds play in their car…as well as those in the vehicles pulled up at stop lights next to mine???). a rebuilt cd player was ordered and finally put in my car but it too quit working. finally after a call to corporate headquarters a new cd player was taken out of a 2013 impala on the lot, but before I was given my keys and paperwork, the service manager gave me a lecture on the difference between a dvd and cd and I was told to never put a dvd into a cd player. he went into great length to describe the color difference between the 2 labels, the difference in the letters between dvd and cd (oh, I guess a b.a., magna cum laude, renders me unable to read), etc. the woman in the waiting lounge looked at me stunned and just said I can't believe that he talked to you that way!

  • I would like to talk to someone about my experience with Grabiak Chevrolet, in New Alexander, Pa. They almost destroyed my car with shoddy workmanship in there service dept. Bent my Radiator,did not gap my spark plugs correctly,installed my brakes incorrectly. I took my car to a Chevrolet dealer, to get the proper service for my 1981 Chevette. I received nothing but problems, and a high payment bill for shoddy service.

  • Horrible experience at Gateway Chevrolet in Avondale AZ. Worst experience ever. Called dealership to ask if they had any used Chevy Suburbans at my price range before driving 2 1/2hrs. The guy(A.J) said he had about 8 in our price range. So we got in the car with all 3 of our kids. When we finally got there, there was NO Suburban. Nothing at all. The guy had gone home, so we spoke to other salesman and none of them could find any of the Suburbans he had mentioned to me over the phone. Very dissapointed since we had traveled 2 1/2hrs to purchase the Suburban. Plus the worst customer service dealership I've ever being to. Will NEVER go back to this Chevy dealership in Avondale AZ.

  • I am very dissatisfied with the treatment I received after purchasing a 2008 Chevrolet Aveo from Terry Labonte Chevrolet in Greensboro, NC. I had the car 3 months and it started to overheat. I took it back to the dealership and as this was Saturday the service manager said the service department would be closing at 6pm. I arrived shortly before 6pm only to be told they let the service guys leave at 4pm! The service manager (Dave) said to leave my car and they would take a look at it on Monday and call me before anything was done to my car to let me know of the cost and then I could decide whether or not to fix it. I received a phone call from the service manager on Monday telling me that the top and bottom radiator hoses and the thermostat needed to be replaced and the total of the bill would be $565 plus tax! I told him not to fix it because that was too much money to fix so little. I called the owner about this and he told me he would check into it and to remember I bought the car as is and purchased no addition warranty, I told him that my salesman informed me that the service department checked the car out thoroughly and did $1000 worth of work on the car. I felt with that information it was not necessary to purchase addition warranty. I informed the dealership that I lived out of town and asked if they could assist me with transportation home ( a loaner car of some sort). The answer was no. I told the service manager that I would have a friend come and tow the car home and I would get someone to fix it for less and he said I would have to pay $70.85 to pick up my car since he looked at it. This was not made clear to me when I left it there.
    It seems this dealership gives little regards to their customers once the sale is final. What a shame since I have owned a chevy for over 35 yrs.

  • I think since everyone is remodeling old cars and makung them more modern you should do a split window vette and fix the visibility on it.It would dominate the industry and make a ton of $$.

  • My '01 Suburban 1500 has bump stops at the front suspension that are deteriorating. My local dealer says that GM has discontinued that style and there are no substitutes. The after market does not have any available, either. The bump stop acts like an overload spring, plus adds stability in the steering along with the front shock absorbers. The original was a rubber coated foam cushion that rested against the from wishbone. They sit in an inverted cup with four indentions around the side that locks in whatever the base is. There is no possibility for installation of a bolted mount available from the after market. I like my Burb, and want to keep it in top shape. I think it is not just comfort but a safety issue while driving.

  • never go to kingdom chevy in Chicago 6601 S western their customer service in the service department is terrible. they treat you no respect.

  • I want to tell you a story……
    How my 2011 Chevy Silverado saved my life
    One morning on my way to work, I had a horrible accident. I was going thru an intersection when all the sudden a truck was taking a left turn. I hit him at 55 mph. All my air bags went off and I was pushed into 2 traffic lights. I was wrapped around both poles. When the paramedics and fire fighters showed up they thought I was either dead or need to call flight for life by the looks of my truck. The truck was totalled. I walked away from the accident with only brusies. The paramedics told me that big truck saved your life and did everything it was suppose to due. I went out a week later and bought another chevy truck a 2013 Avalanche. I will only buy chevy now. Plus both trucks I got awesome deals.
    Thank you
    Lucky Lady in ARIZONA

  • Hello , I purchased a 2000 Chevy in 2012 from your dealership on S W 74 Th and walker , Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . I had to replace my batteries for the third time and my radio need the code reset. You have a lady in maintenance named KIM who is very rude . I am supposed to have my code . But she charged me 55.00 dollars for reset . She said I could not have it because it was in the contract ? I didn't sign no contract for that . I am a Disabled Veteran and have had a Chevy most of my life . I am going to FORD next time to buy a new truck . You and your people are rude and your trucks are bull . My family all have Chevy's and they are trading in for FORDS.

    • That's a dealer issue. You should of asked to speak to a manager. I'm sure if you contact them they will refund you or do something to fix the problem. Chances are they don't even know. Give them another chance. You'll be sorry if you buy a Ford.
      Karma Baby

  • after 1 year of ownership I've had a new 1 battery and 4 brake pads and 1 new tire so 6 times I had to go back to the dealer in less then a year and they still claim there's nothing wrong with the tire and they said hope you never come back for anymore problems don't worry I WON'T BUY ANYMORE CHEVORLET PRODUCTS AGAIN!!!!!!! THERE'S NOTHING AMERICAN MADE ABOUT THEM.

  • I bought a 2012 Malibu and the first six month they replaced the battery and the front brake pads now after the first oil change and tire rotation I had a wobbling in the front tire
    then took it back in 4 times before they would get me a new tire and they still claim there was nothing wrong and that they hope I NEVER COME BACK FOR THIS PROBLEM. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A CHEVORLET PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Yes I waited most of my life to get my own Chevy so I bought a new 2000 Chevy Tahoe with z71 pkg. very very nice. I was very disappointed when I had to have the air condiioner and water pump replaced in it at only 46000 miles but I wrote it off as a Monday or Friday job since I had warranty to cover it. So I went with my daughter and she bought herself a brand new 2006 Chevy Cobalt oh so proud of it and now with only 62000 miles on it they are having troubles with the transmission in it and have been told that this mite cost them 1500.00 dollars to fix. I'm very disappointed with the Chevy corporation and you probly have lost some Chevy loyalties over this which is to bad because as you know word of mouth can run very fast. I would like some kind of reply on this please at

  • I have a 2006 chevy equinox 87,000 miles had one month heater quit. Blows cold
    Air. Reviews I read.sayd something about a accutor door stuck on cold
    Is it a recall on that.

  • Clendennin continued: The gentleman explained to me that through his discussion with my local dealer he was told there would need to be further inspections of the vehicle to provide a more accurate quote for the repairs required. In all my life I have never heard or experienced anyone receiving a quote for work to be performed, and then retracting after the customer agreed! I explained this to the Chevrolet customer service manager. He repeated that this is what he had been told today by the Award Chevrolet service manager and that the repairs could actually be less than initially quoted. Then he stated the only thing that Chevrolet corporate is willing to do at this time is offer me $1500.00 off the purchase of a new vehicle and they would be unable to help with any powertrain warranty coverage for my required repairs. At that point I wished the man a Merry Christmas and drove back up to my local dealer. The service manager at Award Chevrolet told me that my vehicle in fact was going to be diagnosed further, and there was the chance that the repair costs would be lowered. I told the manager that I was really excited to hear that the costs are coming down, and anxious to get my vehicle back asap. He stated they would begin work tonight, and I should be able to pick my Tahoe up on Friday. Well a few hours later he called and said that they have opened the rear end up and determined the costs to be substantially more than previously quoted by his employees, but he was still unable to give me an actual dollar amount for the repairs! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!
    This is the file number I have with Chevrolet regarding all I have explained. #71-113-402-9415 This is the phone number to the agent who was initially helping me 1-866-790-5600 ext.#32855 and this was the manager at Chevrolet corporate she refered my case to. (Rod) 866-790-5600 ext.#32331 This is the phone number to Award Chevrolet here in Crestview, Florida 850-398-4718 The service manager is Roy Graves. My phone number is 850-499-9456. We are so dissapointed in this whole experience

  • Hello. I am hoping to find someone willing to help us in our financial hardship. We have a 2007 Tahoe that has been very well taken care of. We never have pulled anything with it, or done more than our low commuting to work and school functions. The vehicle is driven a total of a 10 mile commute on the week days. We purchased the vehicle used in December of 2010 for $26,840.95. At that time, I belive it had a little over 50,000 miles on the odometer. Currently, the milage is still only 71,149. Through research I've been told that our 5 year/100k powertrain warranty expired in March of 2012. Two days ago we learned from a mechanic that the rear end is going out and will need immediate rebuild or replacing. My question is can Chevrolet please help us somehow with the costs should we repair the vehicle at an autorized Chevrolet dealer? Being that the vehicle has been very well maintained and used sparingly, along with the fact that we are just outside the powertrain warranty timeline, I would hope you could help us. I will also add that I am 44 years old. My wife is 40. Neither of us have ever owned anything other than a GM vehicle. Her father retired from GM. We were born and raised in Detroit and will die promoting American made vehicles! I hope someone is willing to help us. Thank you. Sincerely, Mr. Al Clendennin
    :This was sent to the Chevy customer service website. They responded and said there is a good chance they could possibly help us, but the vehicle would first need to be properly diagnosed by a local Chevy dealer. The next day I took the 2007 Tahoe in to my local Award Chevrolet dealer in Crestview, Florida. This was Saturday, December 8th. 2012. I was told the technicians would have a quote for me on Monday, December 10th., and that the repair would take no more than one day to complete. On Monday just as promised I got the phone call telling me the repair totaled just under $1400.00. The costs were to include fixxing the rear end, and new rear brake pads and rotors that were also found to be needed. I said o.k. to the costs and that I needed to inform Chevy that there was diagnostics completed in my attempt to get some warranty coverage. I then contacted the agent assisting me with the possible warranty coverage, and explained what I had been told from my dealer. She said she would have to contact them to verify the information. That was done and the quote for just under $1400.00 was verified, along with the dealer also telling her the work would now take 2 days to complete. The Chevrolet agent informed me that the process would now need to be forwarded to a manager and that I should receive a phone call within the next one to two business days. Today is Wednesday, December 12th.. The new agent, a manager from Chevrolet customer assistance, called this afternoon.


  • purchased 2011 chevy cruze last year,transmission went out had fixed by dealer .but car still dosent run wright still have same problem trans feels like its going again brought car back to dealer cant find anything wrong. how do i get this problem fixed ? dont want to drive car anymore it may break down to far to get back to dealer if trans breaks again. concerned chevy driver what to do?

  • My mom took my Saturn to Webb Chevrolet for brake work and now theres a rumbling sound. When she took it back, they charged her $125.00 and did ABSOULTELY NOTHING!!! I called Webb for a copy of the work order and he says I'll have to come in for it. Why he couldnt fax it is unbeknownst to me. So I call the Corporate offices and 39 minutes later, I'm still on hold. GEESH!!

  • Having issues with my chevrolet hut 2010 key gets stuck in ignition and recently the windows won't go down i'm frustrated made purchase back in december and it only has 38000 miles on it

  • I purchased my chevrolet hhr 2010 back on december of 2011 i've only had two oil changes I now have 38000 miles on it when I purchased this vehicle it had 19000 miles on it and recently I have been experiencing problems the key keeps getting stuck in ignition now the windows make a sound when u try to let them down but they won't go down now i'm out of warranty but don't know what to do or why this is happening. Please help

  • I have a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado. I have taken the truck to get the brakes fixed twice. First I took the truck to precision tune. Next I took the truck to mieneki. I am sure I spelled that wrong. Bottom line no one can seem to stop my brakes from making noise. It did not make this noise when I bought the truck. I am about ready to trade it in on a Ford. Maybe they can make a truck whose brakes work correctly.

  • Live in Colombia S.A. in Pasto Nariño and i've been waiting for the dealership here to give me my car for over two months….GM is there anything you can do.They keep beating about the bush and saying different days, call tomorrow, call in a week…The car is at the dealership but they say paperwork is taking time but I already have the loan and have been approved by my bank I have paid a down payment, I just think two months is a long time to wait to drive my car…

  • I have filed a compliant with Chevy, because my Chevy cobolt with 21,000 miles has had to have the clutch replaced already. There is no reason for this unless I have found out that the flywheel used is very thin and the problem is always placed on the owner. I have been driving manual cars for 30 years and have never had to replace a clutch until I purchased a chevy.
    Any one with this problem contact corporate customer service and get a case number, because I am very dissatisfied with this problem on the car and will never purchase a Chevy again
    Pat Sheridan

  • i would like to know how many times a a 2012 2500 silverado Texas edition with less than 12,000 miles has to be put in the shop to fix the same problem. i am the only one in my company who requested a cheverolet, all others drive fords, and yet i cannot keep mine running longer than 72 hrs at as time. it is back aqt the dealership yet again Champion Chevrolet in Corpus Christi TX. iam affraid if this keeps up they will force me to drive a ford. and my wifes existing caddy will have to be replaced with God forbid a Forgin Job. Please GM get your Head out of your A%#$@, and make it right.

  • I recently purchased a Chevy Equinox, however i am very dissatified with your customer service. I traded in a 2008 Chevy Cobalt. After the trade in I received a letter stating the ignition cylinder was bad and that if I had fixed it I would be reimbursed for the expenses. I did not fix it but in the trade in the delearship reduced our trade in by 250.00 dollars. I informed them about the letter and called them. That was two weeks ago and have not heard from them since. This purchase was made at Champion Chevrolet in Corpus Christi, Texas. I called the customer service number on my letter and spoke to Melissa, who put me on hold for 15 minutes and was informed that reimbursement was not an option. I now have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt (with the same problem, but does not qualify either)and a 2008 Chevy Silverado which I was going to replace with a new one. Key word being WAS!!!! Unless your corporate customer service resolves this for me I will never purchase a Chevrolet or GMC vehicle again. I know one person will not make a difference to you but I will also make sure nobody in my family or friends consider doing business with you again. I am very dissapointed.

  • hi sir recently I have received a message on my mobile that i have won 700,000 pounds and a chevrolet car which was been send from uk worldwide cherovelet company.I would like to know if this is fake or real and this is my number please call me.