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Boscov’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Boscov’s Corporate Office Headquarters

4500 Perkiomen Ave.
Reading, PA 19606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-779-2000
Fax Number: 1-610-370-3495
Customer Service Number: 1-800-284-8155
Store Locations: 1-800-755-6391
Boscov’s Credit Cards: 1-800-755-7872
Boscov’s Gift Cards: 1-888-850-9964
Corporate Gift Cards and Fundraising: 1-877-824-3565
Gift Registry: 1-800-284-8155, option 4
Delivery: 1-888-696-8199
Appliances Repair: 1-800-448-3997

  • I just need to vent about the fact I bought a dress for $40.99 in December. Returned it in December and instead of getting $40.99 credited to my card, $39.99 was credited. Then a $1.00 balance appeared and because I wasnt' checking my account because I thought it was a zero balance, I was 1 day late paying it. Boom.. $35.00 late fee. another $1.00 charge, still thinking I had a zero balance, only to log in to see another $35 late fee! So now my balance is $73.00!!! I texted and called customer service. No explanation why my return was short-changed, and no forgiveness of the late fees. I closed my account and will NEVER shop there again. Credit card theft!!!!!!!!!

  • After receiving the wrong merchandise I called the CS number to try to correct the error. I waited 30 minutes to talked to a representative then was told she couldn't help me and transferred me. After 10 minutes no one answered I hung up. Went to the On line that still no help. I will not spend another cent in that store. Oh by the way the merchandise I received was way more than what I ordered.#STBY

  • I shop all most every Saturday at the location in White Marsh Mall. Yesterday, July 9, 2017 @11.15. I walked into the upper level of Infants and Toddlers. I looked around for at least 10min to find someone to exchanges my item I purchased. After looking around I found a person, who wasn't in that department he walked around with me trying to find someone, after another 10minutes or so. This women came out of no where, he asked her if she was working in infants. Her reply Yea, She, said to him you can help her. I said someone help me please I've already been here for 20 min. All, I want to do is exchange my purchased. So, finally after she took me to a register. I put all my stuff on the counter. Only to find out that the register isn't working (her comment o well these computer aren't up to date)so, she grab my things and we went to another requester. I didn't have my receipts but, everything was changed on my account.. She, scanned them. they saying.. O you didn't purchased these all at the same time.. Me..Umm no, but they were changed (under her breath I get a this is not going to be a good day)So, now she as asked me for my c/c and id.. no problem… not once but 3x… So, now she says I can't put the return on your c/c. Okay just put them on a store credit.. After 3 store credit later. 3 different cards. I finally leave to go to another part of the store. I went to the jewelry counter. And, the lady says to me are you okay.. I said NO!. I just had a really experiences upstairs. She get on the phone and calls the store manager. Which pretty much said. I'm sorry! but, that the way the store credits work. So, pretty much. Her employees can have an attitude and treat people the way they wont… No! customer service in this store…

  • A few weeks ago I sent a message concerning the accessibility of the BOSCOVS Store in the Cumberland Mall, Vineland, NJ, I haven't received a phone call yet!

  • I was in your department store on April 8th, the day the Easter was to greet the children, when I overheard the most vulgar, despicable comment made by one of your employees. Come to find out, his name is Christopher and he is the manager of fragrances and cosmetics, he said and I quote " I hate children, and this is why I suck d***!!!!! I will never shop in your store or your affiliates again

  • I recently shopped at the BOSCOVS Store at Cumberland Mall in Vineland, NJ. Every time I go in there the aisles and departments gets tighter and tighter with racks and products. As a disabled person, this very frustrating to see the blatant disregard for people and the law. All ever hear is the loopholes to the law, which of course they will never admit to!. They said,oh, well we'll get someone to help you!. Help us, first of all that's belittling and besides no one offers to help anyway!. One question, what if this were you?!.

  • I recently visited the BOSCOVS Store in the Cumberland Mall, in Vineland NJ as was appalled at the disrespect they show to the disabled or anyone with a mobility device let alone anyone with a baby stroller where accessibility is concerned. The aisles and each department has become so tight with products and racks that it's virtually impossible to clearly and safely access any of these things. I'm tired of hearing someone will help you if needed, when actually no one offers help and I'm tired of hearing excuses as to why the store is like this!. All that is bring done is the loopholes are being used to do whatever you want to do! Think about this, what if it were you!.

  • I was shopping at the Colonie Center Boscov's (Albany, NY) about 2 weeks ago. I meandered over to the furniture department and was appalled at what I heard. There was an employee berating, and I mean berating! one of the other employees. The one that was being torn down saw me and came over to see if I needed help with anything. It was then that I saw that he was the manager of that department! So the other guy must have been some sort of boss over him. And he was saying all of this within the hearing of me and other customers, although I don't think he knew that he could be heard. What in the world kind of company allows its upper management to speak so degradingly to an employee? I can't imagine what would make that okay and I can't imagine what it must be like for any human being to have to go to work and be treated like that. Whomever this man was (I think I overheard the name Dave, but not sure), the negative moral he was creating was felt, loud and clear.

  • How can a employee get writing up fir missing work when they had a ddoctors note having the flu if your management cant do anything better they need a new job i bet nothing would have been written up if they missed time i cant stand management like that the person with the flu could have gonr back to work an more employees could have contracted the flu from this one person being written up for being sick does not make go since

  • December 2016…To Whom it may concern: I don't know if this will get to the right person or even if anyone will take this seriously, but as I was shopping in a certain store, which will remain nameless, I lamented to a woman about the fact that I can't find wide width shoes or boots in stores anymore. I told her BOSCOVS USED to sell wide width shoes and boots, but you would be hard pressed to find anything there now. At least not here in Toms River NJ. I asked the sales woman if they had ANYTHING in a wide width and she said no, we don't carry them. The both of us were disgusted and left. Then, I went to Marshalls thinking I may find wide width boots there, but again, no luck. Another woman was complaining about it too, again in another store; a different woman. As we continued to complain, two other women heard us and joined in the conversation. We are all over 50 and as we age, our feet get wider. We can't help it…it's not something we can control…it just is! We NEED WIDER SHOES AND BOOTS! We aren't teenagers any longer with skinny feet!! We have bunions, less padding on the bottoms of our feet, problems with out toes, etc. Please PLEASE will you carry nice looking stylish boots and shoes for us BABY BOOMERS!! There are millions of us!!
    Carol Aller, Toms River NJ.

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