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  • I just need to vent about the fact I bought a dress for $40.99 in December. Returned it in December and instead of getting $40.99 credited to my card, $39.99 was credited. Then a $1.00 balance appeared and because I wasnt' checking my account because I thought it was a zero balance, I was 1 day late paying it. Boom.. $35.00 late fee. another $1.00 charge, still thinking I had a zero balance, only to log in to see another $35 late fee! So now my balance is $73.00!!! I texted and called customer service. No explanation why my return was short-changed, and no forgiveness of the late fees. I closed my account and will NEVER shop there again. Credit card theft!!!!!!!!!

  • After receiving the wrong merchandise I called the CS number to try to correct the error. I waited 30 minutes to talked to a representative then was told she couldn't help me and transferred me. After 10 minutes no one answered I hung up. Went to the On line that still no help. I will not spend another cent in that store. Oh by the way the merchandise I received was way more than what I ordered.#STBY

  • I shop all most every Saturday at the location in White Marsh Mall. Yesterday, July 9, 2017 @11.15. I walked into the upper level of Infants and Toddlers. I looked around for at least 10min to find someone to exchanges my item I purchased. After looking around I found a person, who wasn't in that department he walked around with me trying to find someone, after another 10minutes or so. This women came out of no where, he asked her if she was working in infants. Her reply Yea, She, said to him you can help her. I said someone help me please I've already been here for 20 min. All, I want to do is exchange my purchased. So, finally after she took me to a register. I put all my stuff on the counter. Only to find out that the register isn't working (her comment o well these computer aren't up to date)so, she grab my things and we went to another requester. I didn't have my receipts but, everything was changed on my account.. She, scanned them. they saying.. O you didn't purchased these all at the same time.. Me..Umm no, but they were changed (under her breath I get a this is not going to be a good day)So, now she as asked me for my c/c and id.. no problem… not once but 3x… So, now she says I can't put the return on your c/c. Okay just put them on a store credit.. After 3 store credit later. 3 different cards. I finally leave to go to another part of the store. I went to the jewelry counter. And, the lady says to me are you okay.. I said NO!. I just had a really experiences upstairs. She get on the phone and calls the store manager. Which pretty much said. I'm sorry! but, that the way the store credits work. So, pretty much. Her employees can have an attitude and treat people the way they wont… No! customer service in this store…

  • A few weeks ago I sent a message concerning the accessibility of the BOSCOVS Store in the Cumberland Mall, Vineland, NJ, I haven't received a phone call yet!

  • I was in your department store on April 8th, the day the Easter was to greet the children, when I overheard the most vulgar, despicable comment made by one of your employees. Come to find out, his name is Christopher and he is the manager of fragrances and cosmetics, he said and I quote " I hate children, and this is why I suck d***!!!!! I will never shop in your store or your affiliates again

  • I recently shopped at the BOSCOVS Store at Cumberland Mall in Vineland, NJ. Every time I go in there the aisles and departments gets tighter and tighter with racks and products. As a disabled person, this very frustrating to see the blatant disregard for people and the law. All ever hear is the loopholes to the law, which of course they will never admit to!. They said,oh, well we'll get someone to help you!. Help us, first of all that's belittling and besides no one offers to help anyway!. One question, what if this were you?!.

  • I recently visited the BOSCOVS Store in the Cumberland Mall, in Vineland NJ as was appalled at the disrespect they show to the disabled or anyone with a mobility device let alone anyone with a baby stroller where accessibility is concerned. The aisles and each department has become so tight with products and racks that it's virtually impossible to clearly and safely access any of these things. I'm tired of hearing someone will help you if needed, when actually no one offers help and I'm tired of hearing excuses as to why the store is like this!. All that is bring done is the loopholes are being used to do whatever you want to do! Think about this, what if it were you!.

  • I was shopping at the Colonie Center Boscov's (Albany, NY) about 2 weeks ago. I meandered over to the furniture department and was appalled at what I heard. There was an employee berating, and I mean berating! one of the other employees. The one that was being torn down saw me and came over to see if I needed help with anything. It was then that I saw that he was the manager of that department! So the other guy must have been some sort of boss over him. And he was saying all of this within the hearing of me and other customers, although I don't think he knew that he could be heard. What in the world kind of company allows its upper management to speak so degradingly to an employee? I can't imagine what would make that okay and I can't imagine what it must be like for any human being to have to go to work and be treated like that. Whomever this man was (I think I overheard the name Dave, but not sure), the negative moral he was creating was felt, loud and clear.

  • How can a employee get writing up fir missing work when they had a ddoctors note having the flu if your management cant do anything better they need a new job i bet nothing would have been written up if they missed time i cant stand management like that the person with the flu could have gonr back to work an more employees could have contracted the flu from this one person being written up for being sick does not make go since

  • December 2016…To Whom it may concern: I don't know if this will get to the right person or even if anyone will take this seriously, but as I was shopping in a certain store, which will remain nameless, I lamented to a woman about the fact that I can't find wide width shoes or boots in stores anymore. I told her BOSCOVS USED to sell wide width shoes and boots, but you would be hard pressed to find anything there now. At least not here in Toms River NJ. I asked the sales woman if they had ANYTHING in a wide width and she said no, we don't carry them. The both of us were disgusted and left. Then, I went to Marshalls thinking I may find wide width boots there, but again, no luck. Another woman was complaining about it too, again in another store; a different woman. As we continued to complain, two other women heard us and joined in the conversation. We are all over 50 and as we age, our feet get wider. We can't help it…it's not something we can control…it just is! We NEED WIDER SHOES AND BOOTS! We aren't teenagers any longer with skinny feet!! We have bunions, less padding on the bottoms of our feet, problems with out toes, etc. Please PLEASE will you carry nice looking stylish boots and shoes for us BABY BOOMERS!! There are millions of us!!
    Carol Aller, Toms River NJ.

  • Good gosh a lot of negativity on you Boscovs.
    While this is a positive experience I wanted to share. And hopefully the employee is at least recognized.

    As a new young home owner's I needed curtains. Let's be real. I don't know "jack" about curtains… previous owners left what they had up but they were this god awful looking waste of fabric…
    While shopping at the Colonie Center in in Colonie, NY. I didn't intend on shopping for curtains, but stopped in to Boscovs to see what they had. I was warmly greeted by a lady named Janet. Told me to let her know if I needed any help. I told her thank you and proceeded to look around the displays…mind you, still no clue what I'm looking at.
    At some point, I wasn't really paying attention to time, Janet found me again and asked how I was doing, obviously looking like I'm trying to perform surgery..she started asking me questions about my windows, ultimately, as I just moved into my home wanted something to cover my windows. Something simple, universal, until I decide to full on tackle the decorating part of home buying.
    Janet was extremely knowledgeable of what products Boscovs had and what curtains block out light. Help with drafty windows. She made the entire process less overwhelming…who knew curtains could bring on so much stress!
    Long story short, Janet was amazing, if I find myself with another question I ill go back just to ask her and while I didn't make a purchase that day, simply because I was I indecisive, I left with a better understanding of what I was looking for.
    Thank You Janet at Boscovs in Colonie, NY!!!

  • Hello,
    My mother went to take advantage of the product Rodent Sheriff that was advertised in your mailed circular and stopped by Boscovs on June 11th! Well it was not in stock and my mother asked why then was in advertised in your circular and was then given a rain check. Today is the 17th and still not in stock! My question to you is why would you advertise having a product in your circular that is not in stock in your stores? YOU SHOULD NEVER ADVERTISE HAVING A PRODUCT IN YOUR STORES WHEN YOU DO NOT! My mother wasted time and GAS to go back to your store and You still do not have the product! Not consumer friendly Boscovs, not consumer friendly at all!

  • Hello,
    My mother went to take advantage of the product Rodent Sheriff that was advertised in your mailed circular and stopped by Boscovs on June 11th! Well it was not in stock and my mother asked why then was in advertised in your circular and was then given a rain check. Today is the 17th and still not in stock! My question to you is why would you advertise having a product in your circular that is not in stock in your stores? YOU SHOULD NEVER ADVERTISE HAVING A PRODUCT IN YOUR STORES WHEN YOU DO NOT! My mother wasted time and GAS to go back to your store and You still do not have the product! Not consumer friendly Boscovs, not consumer friendly at all!

  • i have had a very bad experience about a tv stand with no hard ware to put it together with got nothing but run around one person tells you to talk to someone else and when i called the store i bought it from they gave me a bogus phonenumber and she had a attuide from you know where they need to resolve this behaver i done with them now im stuck with a stand that cant be used

  • Love the stores and the people. I'm an older customer an in stores frequently. But what drives me crazy is the sales changing all the time. Mr. Boscov's why can't you just do a sale for a whole week and stop making it so confusing for us older /retired customers that shop all the time. thank you

  • I called TO ASK ABOUT MY BILL ON 4/27/16. First I called Cominty bank, whoever they are and the number I called is Customer Care team at 1-800-826-2947 . They hung on me 4 times because I asked for a supervisor and since I verified my info 4 times I was getting a run around. I called the CEO office and was told that no one works there LOL so there is no CEO? I am so pissed off. I may just pay my card off and never use Boscov's again! I was in the hospital x6 days recently almost paralyzed and home with physical therapy and visiting nurse service. All I wanted to do is make arrangements with someone to pay on may 12th but no one would hear of it. I'm crying at the way I was treated. scum bags!!!! How dare you treat a customer like that. So pissed!

  • I will never work for this company and I would not recommend anyone else to either I had a problem with the register and they would not send anyone to help me it took the guard to find someone to help me they are the worst place to work for

  • I am so upset. What good is it having those security tabs on apparel when they don't work. Is it just so that the customer has to come back to your store when the sales person leaves them on. This is not the 1st time this has happened to me and I am in my 70's and not happy about having to take the trip back there as I don't like to ride alone in my car so I have to get someone to take me or ride with me. SHAME ON YOU.

  • I live in the Maryland area. The store at White Marsh is admittedly much better than some of the other Boscovs I have shopped, even tho I enjoy them all. BOSCOVS is missing an opportunity by not expanding in Maryland and surrounding areas, assuming the stores are as attractive and well run like White Marsh. We are being left with only Targets and Walmarts. I would suggest BOSCOVS take a hard look at the development in South Baltimore/Locust Point. Very high income, but we can't buy a T-shirt or anything but running shoes. A gold mine if you can find a location. Also bursting at the seams with population is Martinsburg, WV. When will you return to Glen Burnie at Marley?

  • Yesterday, I went to your Shore Mall Location in Atlantic Co., NJ to return an item that I had purchased online from your website. I was told that they could not take this item back because it is not sold in their store. Online it was advertised as a warm up jacket, when in fact, it was a scrub jacket. After a frustrating experience with a sales person and then the section Manager, I was sent to the courtesy desk to see if they could handle it. I purchased this item on my store charge, which by the way I will never do again, and feel I should have been able to get an immediate credit on my account. I have been a shopper at Boscov's for years and this experience was a complete turn off as far as my ever shopping at this store again, and will be cancelling my charge. If you advertise an item online, the store should stand behind the return.

    • I was an employee of Boscovs and the return policy is if you have your receipt or your charge card they can find the purchase and then refund the customer's charge card or store credit for the purchase.

  • I was at the Christiana DE Boscov's yesterday, and after 20 minutes, finally getting someone to help me in the small appliance department, only to find out they did not have anymore vacuum cleaners that they advertised on sale. Then I went to customer service only to be told that the department has to write up the rain check, so I went back, only to find she wasn't around, meanwhile waiting, another gentleman paged the person, whom he got to first, to help another customer, after I had been standing there for 15 minutes, the salesperson was Katie, it seems to me she wasn't very forthcoming in information, when I asked her the first time about the vacuum cleaners, that she suggest that a rain check could be done for me. It took me over 2 hours just to try and get a vacuum cleaner and a sweater. I will never shop there again. Whereas I called another Boscov's this morning, the Concord Mall, and he was quite helpful, I inquired as to if they had these vacuum cleaners there, and he said, they sold out on Saturday, but he could be me down for a rain check, took my name and number and will call me, before I even asked about getting a rain check, Just see the difference in stores and people trained. I will continue to shop at Concord Mall, as I have had good experiences there, never go to the one in Christiana, DE they have unqualified people working there. 9/21/15

  • Recently, I had a negative experience with a sales lead named Jolynn Vergara. Her personality was abrasive, off putting and condescending. I was shopping At Boscov's East for a quick stop on my way back to Pittsburgh, and I was with my elderly mother. We encountered Jolynn and saw how brash she had been with previous customers. My mother made a comment that she wanted to go elsewhere but we were already in line. When we got to Jolynn she made us feel uncomfortable, she was negative and grumpy. And she talked A lot. Like someone psychotic. We left with a bad taste in our mouths. my mother felt so insulted. I know Boscov's and I know the greatness it represents. To have an employee like that is really a reflection of management. I hope something is done about this. It's truly disheartening.

  • Not only are coworkers not allowed to talk to each other, but other managers are not looked upon in a positive light if they talk to the employees in the cosmetics department, not even if you're buying. Thankfully, she was transferred.

  • Worked at store 18 for almost a year and a half.Unfortunately,I got injured at work and was out for months.when I came back to work HR move me to another department according to them it would be easier for me as walking is concerned because As far as my walking is concerned it's not a hundred percent back to normal and knee is kinda weak still.after few weeks HR move me to another department,a huge one lots of walking around.I was hesitant at first but like others told me to just give it a try first and then go back to HR after so I tried.The very first day I was in the department,my knee got so swelled up after work.The next day,went to HR hoping that they will do something or can switch me to the first dept where they put me the first time I came back from surgery but they didn't and will not do something about it.The only choice that is clear to me is either to quit or resign since HR told me that they don't have any other opening.It was hard for me to decide but I am also concerned about my condition and don't want to take the risk to get hurt again at the job because it could happen one wrong turn or move it can happens especially I am not a hundred percent well as walking is concerned.Made my decision to just resign the next day and gave a formal letter to HR and she just said yes nothing more.It just seems like they just don't care enough when a coworker got hurt at work.Everything got messed up after I got injured.I am just hoping I will get another job as soon as possible.

  • Dear Boscovs Corporate Executives,
    I am a part time employee at your Exton store. I love Boscovs and have several ideas on increasing business and even more importantly, moral of employees in individual stores. When the employees are happy, the customers are happy! I have owned several businesses and being in my mid 50's have been working since the age of 13. I know it costs the company a lot of money to hire an employee and I believe there are simple fixes to the turnover in your stores. I would welcome an opportunity to sit down with the new CEO, Jim Boscov and even Albert Boscov himself to share what I have observed and taken the time to speak to other employees, who believe it or not, have great input but feel that nothing will ever change. I'm all about change and a firm believer that the success of any business begins from the time the customer walks in the door.
    If you are even a little bit interested in having a conversation, please contact me first by email at: and I will send you my phone number, or if you prefer, I'll call you. I live in Honey Brook so I am pretty close to Reading and can rearrange my schedule any time. My name is Teri Eide and currently am a full time Realtor part time Cosmetic Consultant for Clinique

    • I will never work their again I had a bad experience their closing I got no help their register are dinosaurs and they keep breaking down they need to be replaced and they need to change a lot about their store and you are right they never will and because of that they will never be able to keep good working people

  • Dear Boscov's Corp.
    I would like to commend your employee, Janet Cruz, Boscov's Lingerie Department in Moorestown,NJ. She is totally dedicated to servicing your customers. She goes above and beyond what I imagine she gets paid for and nothing is too much trouble for her. It would be wonderful if more sales personnel could be like her. It is my belief that she should be recognized for her trouble and I am certain that the Moorestown store doesn't do that.

    Thank you for letting me go on.
    Barbara, a long-time customer –

  • Dear Boscov's Corp, My name is Jennifer Scalzo from Lackawanna County I have an idea about attracting people to The Steamtown Mall in Scranton, PA. How cool and fun it would be to remodel the food court and Put a PLANET HOLLYWOOD IN THE STEAMTOWN MALL!! WOULD ATTRACT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!! MY EMAIL:

  • I went to the Exton Pa. store 11/4/2014 looking for slippers, the sign on the display said $7.99 only to find out that they were $23.99. I then called the store manager and got the third degree how FAST they forget ,that the state gave them TAXPAYER MONEY to keep them in business !!!!!! So you should shop elsewhere, Walmart ,Sears,J C Penney.

    • I did not know Boscov's got taxpayer money, this is something I will consider in where I shop, as I'm not supporting entities, corporations, stores, banks, or anyone whom got bailouts and the taxpayer again is footing the bill, when the taxpayer didn't get $hit. Thanks for the information.

  • I ordered a pair of Bare Trap shoes in my size which is a 8, they were too big. so they sent me a shipping label and I sent those back and ordered the next size down 7.5 get them they were to short. I called to get a shipping label to send them back. I was told my label would be to me within an hour. checked no label called back got a rude customer service rep. that told me it takes 24 and I told her it didn't take that long the first time so she told me to wait after 24 hours I never got the label called back was told the label had already been ordered, so I waited each time I talked with a rep I gave them my email address where the shipping label was to be sent. I still didn't receive it. This started out on Thursday, I called back on Sunday got the same rude service rep and I told her she told her me my shipping label would be to me in 24 hours and I still haven't received it. she has the nerve to tell me it was ordered and they can't keep sending my shipping labels and the would have to mail me a label I told her to transfer me to a manager and had to explain this again for the fifth time and I told her what email address are you sending it to she give me the address and it was wrong so I really got upset and it was the same email that they sent the first one to. The young lady Enchinea is so rude and does not need to be a customer service Rep!!! I will never order anything else from this company again. I really liked the shoe and I have ordered before with no problems but the customer service was horrible

  • I agree with you on that one about the stores cutting hours and sending coworkers home early when there is nothing coming in but when they have work and there busy they still do the same thing I know cuz I work for one of the stores and it's ridiculous. And yes certain people get to do and act howevet theybwant.And they do treat people unfairly,most times well certian people do anyway. No point in talking to the bigwigs of the store cuz there not going to do anything about any of the problems people have with others or management. I've had friends who tried to get help in that department and nothing happens same old same old I brush it off like its nothing good luck with your endeavors and trying to figure out what you gonna do hope it works out.

  • Boscov's used to be a very family oriented store and it was a pleasure to work there. This was the only place I worked that I actually looked forward to going into work. We smiled, we laughed, we got along with everyone, even the executives. But ever since the bankruptcy incident, the store has changed for the worse. Working Thanksgiving Day a family holiday, the executives have become so self absorbed with themselves. Their big yearly bonuses, their yearly vacation trips given to managers and assistent manager and their partners, are all given off the backs of the sales associates and the department managers. Its amazing that all that can be given to the execuetives AND their partners but the stores are short staffed and spread so thin, some department managers are carrying way more than just one department with very few sales associates. There is something wrong with this Mr. Boscov maybe you should look into the situtation in some of these stores. I believe in Customer Service as this is something I look for when I shop other stores, but how can this be done by your sales associates when they are the only one on the sales floor? Mr. Boscov you have some very hard working employees, who really put their heart and time into what they are doing, but moral in the store has come to it lowest point. Employees not caring about what gets done, calling out, attitude of "I'll just go in and do only enough to make it look good". There was a time when I can remember that many employees would go that "extra mile" for the store but not any more. It's a shame but that's how it is today. Yes, we can be terminated, and you can hire new associates, but in today's day you will never get the associates that really care like the few that are left in the store. This is proably falling on deaf ears and blind eyes but it needed to be known. So customers when you come into the store remember, it is not the associates fault that no one is at the register or on the sales floor or cleaning up the dressing room. Instead of writing and calling complaining about the associates attitude, that you created because you were disgusted with the service let Mr. Boscov know it is unfair to the employees and the customers that the corporation is allowing the store to be so short staffed that it is impossible for the associates to attend to the customers needs.

    • I agree with you on that comment the stores today dont care about their coworkers and employees like they used to. It is true that people who do nothing wrong at the jobs get picked on anyway. The one that always do something wrong they never get in trouble then ever get caught they get away with whatever they want. And you're right you never find any good hard work is like you said to replace them or not because a lot of people today don't wanna do that kind of work I just want to slack off and do nothing. I've known a few people in my day at work I work with that got away with whatever they wanted and did whatever I wanted and nobody said nothing but the good ones that you are now write him up and get them in trouble anyway.maybe if managers of the stores want too so strict and so rude maybe there be more co workers wouldwant to stick around and do their jobs they feel like they're not being treated correctly and that's wrong. I've had friends in the job world I've gotten fired first stupid things that they didn't even do wrong but corporate don't care and managers don't care sold out what they want not what their employees want so I agree with you on these, all the way.

  • I have been a long time customer of the Boscov's located in Christiana Delaware. I could not believe the condition of the dressing room I entered into. I have to use the handicap dressing room and it was so filthy that I just left the clothes I was going to try on right in the room and left. I did not want to take off my shoes. Stains all over the carpeting, holes in the wall, it had a musty odor, writing on the walls and even 2 empty candy wrappers. Clothes everywhere. I just do not understand this. It would be an inexpensive fix. I feel that this shows very little respect by the department store for their female customers. I went back about 2 weeks later thinking to myself, "they had to have known about this mess and cleaned it up", right? Nope.

  • Boscov's Store in Butler,Pa.
    I purchased a sectional sofa( a item that was on sale) on Sept 15. I was told by the salesman that it was on back order and would be here in 2 weeks at the latest. 4 weeks later I still did not hear a thing from them about my purchase. I called on a Saturday and spoke with a saleslady and she assured me that it was due to be in by the following Tuesday, She told me that she was going to personally check on Tuesday and call me either way. Well she never called me all week so the following Saturday I went there to check on it. I ws very upset because I already had made my credit card payment on the item and still did not have it. I was greeted by the same salesman that sold me the couch and I asked him if he could check on my purchase because I felt that waiting 5 weeks was unacceptable. I explained that i was already paying payments and interest on something I did not recieve yet. He got very smart with me and told me that he has done that before, how he had to make payments on stuff he bought and never recieved and it was no big deal. He then proceeded to tell me that it was not his fault I didn't have my sofa that t was the warehouse fault. At this point I really did not care who's fault it was I just wanted what I paid for. I never intended to cancel my order but that salesman was so rude about it and acted like he just did not give a crap about me or my sofa that I ended up canceling my order and getting my money back. I feel that I ws treated poorly. If he would of said I apologise and what can I do to make this right I might have waited a little longer. i have worked in the business field and with the public for a long time and I am sorry to say but I have never heard of waiting 5 weeks for a sofa. They could have made several of them in that time frame.He did go check and said it was due in the following Tuesday but it was too late at that point. I would have canceled it if he would of taken half the money off. You should really get sales people who care about customers. I spent alot of money in your store but I will never spend another dime in there again,

  • Fredrick,Md store #77 as far management , store Manager & HR, Assit Manager & LP biggest bunch of losers that act like children & the most laziest bunch of people i have ever seen. Somebody higher up needs to wake up and smell the coffee. These people get rewarded for other coworkers success, dedication & hard work.

  • I have been trying to resolve an erroneous charge on my mother’s Boscov account unsuccessfully for four months. Each representative has been polite and apologetic but ineffective. I have been given inaccurate and misinformation multiple times. I have been told to expect a return call within two days that never occurred. Now, four months later, I am caught up in the Boscov “process” that seems to drag out with the sole intent to frustrate the card holder. When my elderly mother first disputed the charge, she physically went to the Boscov store where she occasionally shops. She spoke with the store manager who, without using these actual words, called her a lair. He was rude and treated her with utter distain. The store where the charge originated was in another state over 225 miles away. She eventually received a copy of the sales receipt and the signature on the sales receipt was not her name. Boscov has done nothing to research the account to see if the number was manually entered incorrectly by the sales clerk. We are now waiting for Boscov to mail their fraud forms to us to complete and return. After that, she was told it will take up to 60 days to possible have the fraudulent charge reversed. I understand there is a process, but waiting months to resolve a billing dispute is outrageous. Because this was only $25 charge, I’m convinced Boscov intentionally made this process difficult in the hopes that the consumer will get tired of fighting, give in and just pay. My mom will never shop at Boscov again.

  • BOSCOV at the Centre at Salsibury in Salisbury Maryland…

  • From: Kim Dragan

    This is a Reply to all of the above issues as a fellow human being, ex-employee and customer.

    Unfortunately, in this world there can ALWAYS be someone or something to complain about!

    To the number one comment – Your sister stole from Boscov's; what happens from that point on is because she stole something.
    I can sympathize with her because I stole a tube of lipstick when I was about 12 years old and I wasn't thinking of the consequences. I took the unused lipstick back to the store manager and he just gave me a warning. I learned my lesson though from that; but then I told my parents and they punished me. Stealing is wrong and anyone who does it should have to pay for the consequences of it. Stealing these days is a more serious offense; especially if you are old enough to know better! …………………………………….
    As for the Anonymous comment on Dec 28th, 2012 regarding the store director berating an employee – If you were that upset over it you should have asked her name and reported her to the Human Resources Dept. and they would have addressed it. Yes, you shouldn't have witnessed that. But, it is not your judgement or mine or anyone else's except for the HR Department.

    I was an employee of Boscov's back in 1999 and I regret that I left there. I received a great recommendation letter from them even though I quit the position………….

    Boscov's IS a Great Place to purchace quality products. When they go on sale – and a lot of their merchandise does; I will buy something, because Boscov's Is reliable and will back up their merchandise if there is a problem; no questions asked!

    • Since the female store manager left granite run boscovs the store is going into the toilet. The store has so much merchandise in the isles you can barely get through, if you're elderly or disabled, good luck. So many new faces that seem to just be putting in their time. Get rid of the new store manager, get the previous manager back or close this location.

  • I wouldn't spend another dime in the Granite Run store. I personally witnessed the "store director" berate long time employees in front of customers. Whom ever she is, she belongs in the unemployment line…I even tried to call about it a few days later and WAS HUNG UP ON by the same women! Check into it Mr. Boscov, or she'll be the end of your company!!!!!!

  • don't forget she is from Jordon which makes her a Palestinian and Boscov's is owned by a Jew….. I guess he is punishing her from old History that dates back to Biblical times!

    • Being from Jordan doesn't make you a Palestinian, it makes you a Jordanian.

      Israel and Jordan have remained at peace for quite some time now.

    • 70% of the people in Jordan are Palestinains. The Queen of Jordan is Palestinian. I think that makes Jordan really Palestine.

  • ur company disgusts me. my friends older sister is being deported back to the country of jordan because your company is upholding a $25 theft charge over 2 years ago. not only is she is in this country legally and paid the fines and done her time for that incident, but since that unfourtunate, lack of maturity moment, she has pursued a carrer in nursing. she was just starting to become a viable assest to this coutry and ur company has turned a blind eye on any foundation of family it had. my friends family has spent thousands of dollars on lawyers in order to correct this incident and all they needed was a pardon and an ok from ur company to forgive the incident and allow her to continue her new life but i suppose holding up a $25 charge to a teenager is more important. i know it would make more sense for ur company to get involved and fix this nuisance the right way, with a heart, and not a fist of anger.

    • maybe its just me and while i have other major issues with boscov's and taking into account that you seem to have problems spelling words, are you saying that it is right to steal? regardless if 25.00 or much more. Not to mention she should the visa application for an immigrant states she could be deported for any crime and she should be happy with that as in Jordan she could be looking at up to 3 years in jail just for a minor crime.

    • To All Boscov, pn addition to STEAMTOWN MALL, IN SCRANTON, getting WHOLEFOODS TO locatein former Bon Ton Store,PLEAS, try to score a location withTRADER JOE'S!!! These 2 together, will thrive!!! Either, by themselves, will not be in Steamton Mall Long!!!!! I hope u scored a TARGET AND WALLMART, Each to one floorand outdoor locations!! GODD luck , and PROMOTE Yourself, lime Boscvs CRAZY PRICES, Sunday and days between ads, yes Al WE, SCRANTONIANS, are always, looking for a Crazy Great Deal!!! ALL the time, not just the HOLIDAY SEASON, n your Scranton Store, needs much more Christmas Decorations outside the mall, and add a big door turning entrance, with free Valet Parking_ COMRE ON ALL! We are not going down, like old Lacakawa Ave didB-)

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