Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

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Kohls Corporate Office Headquarters

Kohl’s Address:

N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-262-703-7000

Fax Number: 1-262-703-6143

Customer Service Number: 1-866-887-8884

Email: n/a


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Dear Corporate Office: You have a toxic manager at your Exton, PA location. I have reported what I witnessed to Casey Loehr your store manager. I do hope the situation will be resolved. Your employees do not deserve to be treated so poorly by management.

Sounds like the Owasso, Ok store Manager. This guy needs some damn manners treating his employees the way he does. If he keeps it up he may be looking for another job!! Kohl's CEO makes 8 plus million a year and you think you are something special running this POS store.

My husband bought my engagement ring and wedding band at a kohl's store in Texas a year ago when he was told that BOTH rings were white gold and diamonds. Since then, we have recently been married in July and in August the wedding band started to turn my finger green. We had both rings checked by a jeweler to find out that the wedding band is not white gold and diamonds, but instead silver plated brass and cubic zirconium. Since we have discovered this we have been to a store TWICE, called customer service TWICE, only to be told that corporate is the only one who can refund us is the corporate office. When the rings were bought he applied and used your kohl's card and that is the ONLY charge on the account. No, he doesn't have a recent, its been a year and he didn't think there was anything wrong. No, he doesn't have his card, no one sent him one. We have a statement of the charge on the kohl's card of the amount that was charged to the kohl's card that he paid off right away. That being said we have called corporate THREE times only to get the run around. Selling something to someone saying, "its diamonds" and it not being diamonds is AGAINST THE LAW! YOU WILL make this right, and we WILL get a refund. We do not want to involve the authorities, but if you do not make this right YOU will be forcing us to!

Dear Corporate Office: I sure hope you can help me. I don't know where else to go. I worked at Kohl's from 2010-2015 and I would like very much to work there again, I have had my phone interview and they need to set up my orientation date, unfortunately I have my e-mail under Kohl's website so I do not have spam and they keep telling me they sent it to my spam folder and I can't find it any where.They said they sent it through and for look for it in my spam folder. I am desperate to get my job back and I know they want me back as well. My Associate # when I worked before is 2096801. Sincerely Flora Neff

So disappointed Kohls is joining the "cancel culture" that is pervading our country. I am one person that will no longer shop at your establishment.

We have been members of Kohls for many years ,family friends,church members ets.
Since Kohls chose to go against conservatives like Mike Lindell from my pillow and taking his products off their shelves we will no longer shop their stores and pass the word along.
I will cut up my credit card and send it back to them and shop elsewhere
Kohls chooses to follow the left and we will ho longer support them

sending my cut up card back. Cancel Culture at it's finest. My pillow pulled from shelves. At least his product is made in the USA and where is the majority of Kohl's? Goodbye.

Just a thought for next holiday season (2021). In the past month I received 200 in Kohl's Cash. I've completed my shopping and don't usually buy things just because I have KC to spend. It would be great if you teamed up with local or national charities and placed bins/boxes at the store entrances for toys and clothing for the needy. I could shop using my KC and help the community

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