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  • Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501-2746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-999-1009
Fax Number: 1-310-783-3023
Customer Service Number: 1-800-999-1009

Honda’s main competitors are Toyota, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Ford, Nissan Kia, and Hyundai.

  • Bought a 2022 Civic in late November 2021. Two weeks later spun out while trying to avoid animal in street. Just tapped the curb but airbags deployed. No damage to car. Honda body shop has had car for 6 months and cannot repair due to a seat buckle part which they apparenly can't get. Can corporate help me please?

  • Many years ago, I worked for Honda and Acura, now in 2022, I want to buy one new, the dealers are trying to rip people off trying to upcharge 10k on a civic. Corporate headquarter needs to stop this like Ford and Chevy is doing.

  • Dear Honda,

    Please get this message to your Design Team or CBOs. Please give new Honda Pilot's some style! People who buy SUVs do so because they DON'T want to drive mini-vans but they enjoy or need the space. Why then, do you design the Pilots further into mini-van land??? I love my 2010 Pilot, but I can't upgrade because the new ones look like eggs, and I don't want to drive a giant egg or minivan. There are so many ways to give the Pilots some style. Add some curves, some class, some angles, a sportier look, a meaner look, a distinguished look, channel the old-school boxy style again but update it – ANYTHING other than the minivan look! Make it functional for busy moms, comfortable enough for an older person, but stylish enough for a young adult. Is that possible? I think so. Nail that, and you could corner the market imo. Please keep the reliability and mechanical quality, but upgrade the exterior and interior, and offer useful features like the hands-free liftgate. The SUV market is growing because people don't want mini-vans. Differentiate or risk your customers deflecting to other brands that set themselves apart with non-minivan styling and advanced features.

  • I recently purchased a new 2020 Accord (my 4th Honda), and the seats have a design flaw which causes pain after driving for more than 15 minutes. The lack of support OR communication is enough to make me NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN. The case managers don't return calls and attempting to reach a supervisor is impossible.

  • Barb Jacques here… Just want to say I have owned 2 Hondas. One new and one used. They were the best vehicles I have ever owned! Both were totaled in accidents that were no fault of the vehicle or myself. I am currently in search of a replacement vehicle for my beloved Honda Fit that was totaled yesterday. I am only looking at Hondas as I feel they are the BEST, LONG LASTING vehicles on the market. Despite being saddened about my loss yesterday, I guess I will look forward to my next Honda. BIG shoes to fill, but I feel the Honda Corporation can help me be happy with my next Honda.

  • I have owned Honda Civics and Fits for 33 years and love their performance. I am ready to buy a new Honda Jazz Fit [hybrid],but have found out that it will not be available in the US. Europe and other places will have it. I am very disappointed. I also understand that Honda HQ has decided to no longer sell Fits in the US as of 2021. I believe this is a serious mistake.

  • Hi. I have a 2003 Honda Pilot that has 163k miles on it and it needs a torque converter. This will cost me thousands of dollars. Is there a recall on this issue? Because when I google it there are tons of people with this complaint. I thought Honda had cars with no issues. I've heard Honda cars lasting 200k-300k without major work needing. What's up with this?

  • to whom it concerns, I purchased a 2016 honda civic march of 2019. I bought it used. I also purchased a warranty. summer rolled on in and come to find out the air conditioner isn't working. it was blowing warm air so I took it to a honda dealership to have it repaired. I was told the problem was the condenser. this was almost 4 weeks ago. I live in Connecticut USA. and these are the hottest day's here. I have contacted the dealership that was supposed to do the repairs several times about the part they are waiting for ( the condenser ) and they keep telling me they are still waiting. they also said they have about 8 other customers that are waiting for the same part. I contacted a couple of other dealerships and they said they're having the same problem. I would like to know when you are going to resolve this problem! I'm starting to regret buying the car!!

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